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    Satan's Pope

    in Religion

    Pope Francis has the nation and world going crazy, but he represents the Roman church that blasphemes the truth of God's holy word. Why are people calling the Pope Holy Father? Did the Pope defend God's word at his Congressional address? Join us as we prove by scripture the Pope and his apostate church are not called by Jesus.

  • The Pope in America

    in Business

    It’s no secret that Pope Francis has captured the world on his visit to America. Over the last couple of months Johnnie and Daniel discussed what the Harvard Business Review called the 15 Diseases of Leadership according to Pope Francis. Join us again as we discuss in detail what millions of people have experienced with the Popes current world visits.johnni

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    "Scandal: Why Black Women Love Olivia Pope"

    in Radio


    Did you miss our classic special on "Scandal: Why Black Women Love Olivia Pope"? If so, tune into "The Dedan Tolbert Show" TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST for a special rebroadcast. Listen 7 nights a week by calling 646 200 0366 or online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com." REAL Radio that Matters".

  • Civil order - The Pope

    in Politics

    Ron March and Beverly D discussion civil order - the pope ....Is the pope the  head of the religion corporate, England corporation, and the United States corporate....What was the true reason for his visit to Ame

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    Open Book: The Joy of the Gospel by Pope Francis

    in Spirituality

    If you haven't read ANYTHING by Pope Francis but have always been meaning to....if you want to share in the struggles of other people trying to understand and live the gospel message....if you have a few minutes to join us today, we promise you will settle right in to the discussion! 

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    in Politics Progressive

    The pope meets with Kentucky anti-gay marriage clerk Kim Davis and gives her an attagirl.

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    Welcome to the USA Pope Francis!!!

    in Religion

    Pope Francis is in the USA with a whirl wind.   The first Pope from the Americas came here to speak oh so softly, but carrying a very big stick.   Don't let his mild manner fool you; this Pope roars like a lion.    He had a conference with the President, addressed the Congress and the UN like a polished politician with an agenda that does not sound much different from Presidents Clinton and Obama.  Who is this powerful man dressed all in white?... Let's discuss the Pope, his views and all the other news and politics of the day.  Also, what are your feelings about John Boehner's retirement from Congress after 25 years?  Grab that cup of coffee and give us a call at 646-595-3275.

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    Pope - Morse Code

    in The Bible

    Discussing Revelations 13 and Revelations 17 in detail tonight and the visit from the pope to the US. Also the things we missed due to constant pope coverage. 7pm Central tonight.

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    Ep# 102 No Hope in the Pope

    in Christianity

    Ep# 102 No Hope in the Pope w/guest Michael Corral

    Wecome too G220 Radio, on this episode my guest is Michael Corral of the DC Evangelists. We are going to be talking about the recent visit to the US by Pope Francis. Michael as well as others have gone out and preached the gospel on the streets to the thousands upon thousands who have come out as the Pope has come to DC to meet with the President during this week of travel here by Pope Francis. There is NO HOPE IN THE POPE and we will talk about those outreaches Michael and others with him engaged in as well as some of the things Catholics believe and why that is a different Gospel and not Christian.

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    in Politics Progressive

    The US visit by the pope sparks a discussion of Kim Davis and the separation of church and state

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    in Politics Conservative

    I love my Catholic church. It was where I was baptized and took all the sacraments except celibacy and there is only one left. My father and mother's ancestors were murdered for being Catholic in their own native land. They were driven off their land  and starved to death if they stayed. I was an un molested choir boy and sang for God. He likes that. I took a vow to marry a wonderful heaven sent bride. I can't get into heaven without her. So for me a free Catholic grammar school education taught me right from wrong. My High School tuition was $12.00 a month paid for by my job.. Plus knuckle wraps and a few slaps and punches to keep me learning or die. When I hear the hymn Faith of our Fathers I recall the price others paid just to be Catholic. I fast forward to the Christians of the Middle East who lived at the time of Christ. PERHAPS WERE SUBJECTS OF HIS PARABLES. TO DAY AS ISLAM DRIVES THEM BEFORE THE CONQUERING HORDES INTO SANCTUARY CITIES I AM REMINDED OF HOW BARBARIANS OPERATE.

    Good Pope bad Pope it does not matter. When he speaks on matters of faith I listen. My favorite is the Polish Pope who got involved in politics to free the Polish people from communist slavery. John Paul was the best he even took a bullet for us.. He even led by example and few suffered as much. I still remember the field full of banners and Polish Catholics as he led them in song.

    We have all heard the comments about Pope Francis that he is a Marxist. The experts will tell us that Antionio Gramschi designed Catholic church infiltration to gain control of the poor. Well if the church is gone the so is our government. The evidence is overwhelming that the democrat party is the communist party. The democrats are arming Iran with nukes. The democrats bail out collapsing communist countries like Cuba and open new drug routes into the USA. They have no God , no country,  flag and no kids. GOD HELP US.