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    Saving the Planet with Poop Bags

    in Pets

    It's All things Toby Thursday at PAWSitive Radio.

    We'll be talking about a Toby Tested Toby Approved Product we love!  The Original Poop Bags.  Your go to show  for living a well life with your pets!  

    Join Host Charmaine Hammond, business and leadership expert, professional speaker, bestselling author and Toby the dog's pet parent.  Guest Paul Cannella is owner and founder of The Original Poop Bags - they have been saving the earth for more than 10 years! The Original Poop Bags are also partners on the PAWS Across Canada Tour.  Charmaine will also be talking about how to build powerful pawsitive collaborations that make a difference!

    Follow Team Toby's PAWS Across Canada tour live as it happened via Team Toby's Twitter Feed To find out about PAWS Across Canada Visit our Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/TheOriginalTeamToby   To order a copy of Toby’s books

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    TLS Show:What's the Poop?

    in Education

    Join Jennifer M Hatfield MHS,ccc/slp when she discusses what poop has to do with appetite & picky/selective eaters. Learn what the common symtpoms are, why it occurs and what you can do to move forward with helping with the issue of constipation. This may be an uncomfortable topic but we NEED to be talking about it in order to help our kids thrive and often, it is the KEY to solving some of their eating struggles. 

    Join our discussions on FB & Twitter too. 

    Please share the show if you like the information. TWEET THIS:http://ctt.ec/1db01

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    Design for poop? Yes. Let's talk litter boxes and diaper pails.

    in Design

    We're tackling the much under-talked about design dilemma: How do you design for litter boxes and diaper pails? 

    So we're asking the question: When it comes to litter boxes and diaper pails, where do you put the poop without compromising design?

    HGTV designer Genevieve Gorder is sharing her perspective on the unglamorous quandary. Genevieve designs for her new series Genevieve’s Renovation. You can also catch her on Dear Genevieve, HGTV Star, A Hero’s Welcome Home, and hosting HGTV’s White House Christmas Specials. Off air, Genevieve designs for a diverse group of clients and companies ranging from her collection at Capel Rugs, ships with Royal Caribbean, hotels, restaurants, private clients, and her new lifestyle web series A Well Designed Life on ulive.com.

    Married designers and founders of AphroChic, Jeanine Hays & Bryan Mason, are experts at design that embraces culture and the unique admixture of the traditional and the contemporary that helps to define us all. Jeanine and Bryan have been featured on Good Morning America, and in The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Washington Post, Elle Decor, EBONY and more.

    Dinah Wulf is the creator of DIYInspired.com, mom to a 3-year-old daughter, and loves to repurpose and decorate. She's contributed to magazines, named one of Mashable’s Moms Full of Inspiring Advice, and partnered with some fabulous brands including Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts, Home Depot and 3M DIY. She's also a part of Martha’s Circle, a network of DIY blogs chosen by Martha Stewart’s Editors.

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    The Drama of the Poop

    in Parents

    This week's episode we'll START talking about poop. What makes pooping so crazy? Why do some kids hold it?  How to stay calm in the midst of poop craziness? Poop and potty training can cause some parents to come close to crying. This subject is the longest chapter in oh crap. potty training, so there's lots to talk about. I'll be taking caller questions throughout the show.  Questions need not pertain to only poop.

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    CBM With Merlijn and Greg- Step Out Of The Poop, and Step Into You!

    in Fitness

    Step Out Of The Poop, and Step Into You!


    You say you aren't standing in poop?

    Well, how is your lifegoing? Are you living it for you, or someone else?

    What have you created for yourlife? Where have you created it from?

    Wanna start living for you?

    Step out of the Poop!!!



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    Repetitive Problems, Albert Einstein and a Big Chunk of Poop…

    in Self Help

    Repetitive Problems, Albert Einstein and a Big Chunk of Poop…

    Thursday October 9, 2014 @1 pm… Healthy Mind & Body radio asks this question… WHAT DO THOSE THINGS HAVE TO DO WITH ONE ANOTHER?

    The answer is two-fold. They have absolutely nothing to do with one another and yet, they HAVE EVERYTHING TO DO with one another.


    Join me today @ 1pm and let’s chat about how REPETITIVE PROBLEMS will stay with you or even BECOME GENERATIONAL PROBLEMS or what some peole call FAMILY CURSES unless you DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM.

    If you’d like to ask a question or be on the show CALL – 818-668-5406 
    To leave a voicemail question – 214-702-3774 
    Send me a email – drm@drmichaelharris.com 

    I’ll talk to you then, 

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    Misogyny, Inc. , or, "I'm a Poop Smokin' Man"

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, on a gamy edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network, we close out another week with some more time on the soapbox. First up, today quasi-feminist blog Jezebel made an outrageous move with the offering $10,000 for pre-Photoshop images from Lena's Vogue shoot. The reason being that they don't believe the images are natural and somehow, they believe they're entitled to proof. We'll talk the numerous hypocrisies and why no one hates women more than other women.

    Next, two weeks ahead of the Super Bowl, half of American sports fans say they believe God or a supernatural force is at play in the games they watch, according to a new survey. Fantastic. We'll talk about how some people actually believe that if there's a god, he's more concerned with point spreads than with saving lives.

    Later, because you need more reasons to be horrified about surgery, we follow up last night's heart burning tale with news of a lawsuit claiming that a patient has been left in a vegetative state after his doctor walked out in the middle of his open-heart surgery to attend a lunch. We'll share the story of the unfortunate man who has yet to wake up from surgery, and likely never will.

    And finally, ladies, are you still looking for the man of your dreams? A rugged, outdoorsy type? Well have I got the man for you: Amou Haji has not washed for 60 years, because he believes being clean will make him sick, and his favourite food is rotten porcupine. Oh and I forgot to mention...he likes to smoke cow poop. We'll learn more about this Iranian Pig Pen, and hopefully one of you out there is ready for some pungent love.

    All this and more, tonight on the Never Daunted Radio Network!


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    Poop Bags

    in Comedy

    It Doesn't Matter You're Gonna Die with Comedian Dave Arena

    Every Monday (7-8 PM ET) the IDMYGD.com website becomes live on the radio!

    Visitors to our site either leave their EFF OFFS (rants about what is stressing them out or angering them) on our message board throughout the week and we pick out the best ones to discuss on air or they can call into the live show where we provide feedback & advice.

    We will of course chime in with our own EFF OFFS as well! It’s like a “don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff”, self-help meets comedy type of concept. Let It Go!

    Don’t waste your chance for Instant Stress Release with your host and fearless leader NYC comedian Dave Arena and co-hosts comedians John Wellington and Tim Cornett (we can save your life). You also never know which friends of comedy and/or personal development experts may call in!

    Learn More

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    Dogs That Poop Money: Big Ideas and Cheap Talk in an Age of Possibility

    in Technology

    In response to Neil deGrasse Tyson's suggestion that we should develop fully hack-proof systems, one Twitter user quipped that we should also develop umbombable cities and unkillable people. Blogger  Iowahawk joked that we should also be working on a dog that poops money. He didn’t know how that would work; let the scientists work out the details!

    Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon discuss the merits of grandiose ideas that are much easier to dream up than to implement. Are they always a waste of time or could there be some merit in Tyson's idea? Or even Iowahawk's?

    PLUS: Phil and Stephen introduce some big ideas of their own.



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    Gut and Mood with Dr. Carri Drzyzga

    in Health

    Showtime:  March 25, 2015 at 6pm PT / 9pm ET

    Do you experience any of these symptoms:

    • brain fog

    • anxiety

    • depression

    • mood swings

    Your GUT may be the culprit! 

    There is a closely linked connection with your emotional wellbeing and your digestive health.  Join Dr. Lo as she interviews Dr. Carrie Drzyzga, naturopathic doctor and chiropractor about all things GUT AND POOP (Dr. Lo's favorite topic!). 

    You'll learn the role of probiotics with mood, the candida and depression connection, the main foods that affect depression, and more!

    Hosted by Dr. Lauren "Lo" Noel, owner of Shine Natural Medicine

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    The Poop Show

    in Family

    A repeat of a show from our ON THE AIR DAYS at 88.1  KFCF in California! 
    I Speak with Dr. Don Fields of Yosemite Pediatrics and Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy..Imagine and entire episode dedicated to all things Poop! Yes, POOP! The weird thing about being a parent is just how much poop becomes a huge part of your life. #2 is the number one problem or most questioned topics by new parents. Learn more about poop than you ever though you wanted to know. 
    What's coming out says alot about what's going on inside.
    Learn about your baby's digestive tract, and probiotics role(s)...

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