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    Police Brutality Part 2 - The Most Honorable Mr. Elijah Muhammad

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    We will be broadcasting "Police Brutality Part 2" ... by the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad Himself .... Thank you to those of you who uphold the teachings of The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad and for tuning in every week.. Call (917) 889-7969 to listen live from your cell phone.. Peace, Peace

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    Join us as we welcome Goddess Freedom Fighter Cece Mcdonald & Chase Strangio of the ACLU to the show. Chase has been heavily involved with the Monica Jones case in Arizona as well as helping myself handle some discrimanatory issues back here on the east coast. Cece spent about 19 months wrongfully convicted in the eyes of many in the public and the LGBT community.  Cece was in a Minnesota prison for defendig her life from a Transphobic attack. Join us as we break down the prison industrial complex as well as several high profile cases that Chase has been involved with. We will also give some helpful things to know for Trans folk on YOUR RIGHTS in the workplace, in the custody of the police, hospitals or in any setting. Join us!! 

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    Police brutality, Police or Libertarians to blame? Election Fraud and hot sauce

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    A customer told me today that it's my fault that more and more stories of police brutality are being reported everyday, he says I nit pick and that Libertarians and myself are to blame for the bad rap police are getting these days. Why report every little story he says? Police are just doing their job. I find this statement very interesting so I'm posing it to you. Is it the Libertarians fault is it the right wing's fault? Can we stop reporting every little incident and maybe focus on the positive?

    Also we will be talking election fraud in Sudbury and federal election news, I will be travelling to Ottawa Sunday March 1st so we will give an update on where and where I will be.

    And the fun part of the show, HOT SAUCE talk, today I got my shipment of Infusion hot sauce, can't wait to share it with you.

    Call in or post on the chat board or email, get involved and get with Liberty!!!

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    Police Brutality & The Black White Man

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    Join Brotha Haroon aka Big A in discussion on Police Brutality & The Black White Man!

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    Police Brutality

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    .Cops After Death Of Gregory Towns Jr. While In Custody


    ATLANTA (AP) -- The family of a man who died after Atlanta-area police used stun guns on him has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the former officers and the city, the family's lawyer said.


    The lawsuit, which was filed in Fulton County Superior Court, says East Point police officers used their stun guns as many as 13 times on Gregory Towns Jr. while he was handcuffed. The lawsuit claims former police sergeant Marcus Eberhart and former corporal Howard Weems used excessive force in the April 11 incident.


    "It's just heinous," attorney Chris Stewart told The Associated Press in a phone interview Thursday. "This isn't one of those cases where he punched an officer and they had to Taser him to calm him down."


    The lawsuit comes amid increased attention on police use of force in the wake of the fatal shooting in of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Following that shooting, local police in Ferguson donned riot gear and fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters who refused to disperse and, at times, broke into nearby businesses.


    While many police officers use their authority appropriately, there are some who view any act of disobedience as a call for extreme action, Stewart said.


    "In our case, it wasn't about color, obviously, because the officers were black," Stewart said. "It was about power. He didn't walk when they said walk. He didn't stand when they said stand. And he didn't move fast enough when they said move."


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    Join us right here to discuss this Brave King who went undercover to bring his niece back from a future, or lack of a future, in prostitution AND we'll be talking about body detoxification and colon hydrotherapy with Kalyca Dubose...

    You don't want to miss this show!!!

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    Remembering Jordan McDonald

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    On June 14, 2014, Canadian eventer Jordan McDonald suffered a fatal injury while competing at the Nunney International Horse Trials held at Southfield House, Whatley, Frome, Somerset, GBR.

    This tragic loss inspired Jordan’s sister, Shannon, who performs as Shanna Lynn in the country music duo known as Georgia Rain, with Damian Marshall (her husband), to record a rendition of his favourite song.

    A self-taught guitarist, Jordan loved “The Boxer” by Simon and Garfunkel. Shanna Lynn fondly recalls the times he would play it and ask her to sing along. She didn’t know the words then, but she is pleased to sing it for him now. “This was the hardest recording we have ever done. [It] tugs at the heart strings…very bittersweet for me,” said Shanna Lynn, “but I know he’s listening.”

    The song is now available on itunes. Proceeds will go towards keeping Jordan’s dreams and goals alive through his wife, Shandiss, and their horses.

    Visit www.rememberingjordanmcdonald.com

    - Story from Horse-Canada.com.

    Tune in to hear Shannon & Damian remember Jordan in stories and song.

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    Police Brutality, The Blackman & Psychological Effects of Slavery in America #2

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    American History Month

    This program will include a discussion on the effect slavery had on the psyche of America, from 1619 to 1865 and Jim Crow; separation until 1965 and the effect it is still having presently in the year 2015 on the children of slaves (Blacks) and the children of the slave masters and overseers (Whites) in this race conscious American society.

    Racism has distroyed America's dream of Freedom, Justice and Equality for all of it's people, by using old plantation tactics in these modern times, creating a servant, master society. Like the overseer and the slave in the days of old.

    Law enforcement was designed as a service to the people, to protect life and property of all American's, paid from the people's taxes, today law enforcement has become a servant of those in authority, the rich, the powerful. Their actions appear to be more military than their intended purpose. Althought we know that all Police and others in authority are not the bad guy, but in the people's eye the bad spoils it for the good, therefore the good have a responsibility to correct the bad, the same is true among the people. We can no longer allow police brutality within the police department. The bad image is bad for the department as well as the mistrust of the citizens.

    What is the solution for the oppressed Black man in America? Protesting, A Black President, Education, Jobs, Housing, etc. or a new sense of independence and true faith in God ... I choose the latter.

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    MXMGBTR - 03/19 "True Life Experiences" A Town Hall Meeting - "Police Brutality"

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    A show dedicated to "True Life Experiences," A Town Hall Meeting," to discuss the recent unarmed death cases in the news. The Town Hall panel will be lead by retired military, educators, activists, journalists, and motivators!

    The discussion will also cover the Presidents 21st Century "Police Task Force," and the panel will make suggestions and recommendations to the "Task Force,"  as concerned citizens.

    Mr. Ricky Jason (Film Director/Businessman/Activist), Ms. Dorothy Ladd (MXMGBTR Contributor/Journalist/Activist), Mr. Douglas Hodge (Retired Master Sergant/Actor/Speaker), and Ms. Ginger Patterson (Vocalist/Asst. Mgr of Minnesota HOTT Radio/Activist), with MXMGBTR Host Jazz' Jai.

    Raw and UnCut!

    MINGX - Motivating & Inspiring the Next Generation - X Media Group - MXMGBTR!

    Listen to MXMGBTR in your car, on your phone, at home and while working!! 24/7  

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    Cece Donoghue discusses hypoparathyroidism

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    Recent Research Shows that a Vast Majority of Hyperparathyroidism Patients Struggle with More Than 10 Symptoms, Including Spasms of the Hands, Feet and Throat, Muscle Cramping, Fatigue, Numbness, Trouble Concentrating, Anxiety and Depression

    Proper regulation of calcium in the body is essential to good health. Hypoparathyroidism is a condition that affects about 50,000 people in the U.S. It is a hormone disorder that leaves patients without enough of something called parathyroid hormone or PTH Without PTH, people cannot regulate the amounts of calcium (and phosphorus) in their blood.[vii] Patients with Hypoparathyroidism often take mega-doses of calcium and vitamin D, which has serious long-term risks.·         72% of patients report experiencing more than 10 symptoms despite treatment with large doses of calcium and vitamin D.

    ·         On average, patients report experiencing symptoms for 13 hours every day.

    ·         85% of patients report they are unable to perform basic household activities.

    ·         79% of patients report that they have required either hospital stays or emergency room visits due to Hypoparathyroidism.

    Hypoparathyroidism patient Cece Donoghue will be available to discuss the emotional and physical impact that the disorder has had on her daily life since her thyroidectomy in 2005. Cece will describe how she manages having a rare condition with the responsibilities of being a wife and mother of five children. She can also discuss her daily struggles managing her calcium intake, 

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    Rhymes & Resistance Revisited Police Brutality

    in Culture

    This was originally broadcast on May 30, 2010

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