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    with videos popping up everywhere and more and more people having bad experiences with the police has the time come for better training and tougher penalties on crooked cops. When is enough and what do we do join us to talk about it

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    Who will Police the Police? America Police problems continue.

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    It has become a broken record. I thought my ancestors and those that have came before me suffered enough but, the suffering continues. You seen the video of police officer Michael Blagger shooting the Walter Scott. The deaths of black men at the hands of police officers keep adding up. All the marching in the world hasn't changed enough has it? What america needs is a change in the way these police officers are being trained. Otherwise this volcano will begin to errupt soon or, The aftermath that will follow will be monumental. What is clear is that the police are brainwashed like much of the majority race and media. Why is it so acceptable that Black men to be killed?A Texas Bill will make recording police illegal unfreaking real!!!.

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    Hollywood Police, Chief Frank Fernandez

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    On Latino POLICE Radio, our guest; Hollywood Police Chief Frank Fernandez 

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    Let's Talk About Police Abuse! LIVE Call-in Show! With Fernando Smith

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    Barney & Janel encourage you to call in with your stories of police abuse! We'll talk about this and a recent upsurge in protests across the country against police abuse.

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    Police in america , is more psychology testing needed in police forces.

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    Should the psycholgy standards be brought up to higher standerd? The metamorphosis of the badge  and policing are one topic now  being dicussed in some lawforcement back rooms. Cities that incorperate police forces should now demaand camera on ploice , since lawsuits are prevalent .

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    On this weeks episode of FRESHANOMICZ RADIO we are discussing the effects of police brutality on our communities nation wide!!!!! Are they hurting or helping our communities?

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    Law Enforcement or Police Brutality?

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    Internet BlogTalkRadio: "Authors of the Round Table." April 16, 2015 at 8pm. To listen or comment call TOLL-FREE (323) 792 2931. Where does one draw the line between law enforcement and police brutality. Is beating a suspect necessary? "Shoot to kill." Should that always be the rule? What happened to common sense? Join us and let's discuss. Sponsored by afewgoodbookspublishing.com

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    Putting an End to Police Brutality

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    There is a reoccuring problem in the united states of america and that is police brutality. We have seen the police through out the years beat, steal, and commit crimes against the people who they are suppose to protect. We are all tax payers and I think the police have forgotton that we pay their salaries. I think its time to make our voices heard. Join us in this call session to discuss this problem. Me and Hubert are taking ideas and also giving our own. You dont want to miss this topic.Tune in and be amazed with us discussing how to do away once and for all to police brutality.

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1070

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    Tonight's special guest is Sharyn Anderson-Campbell, a survivor, activist and author "The Cry No One Heard," Campbell's story of overcoming physical and sexual abuse. In her book Sharyn reflects on the difficult growing years of her life where fear of rejection was paramount and her cry for help fell on deaf ears, especially within her family. She explains how prayer, forgiveness, and studying the Word of God delivered her from the bondage of anger, shame, and depression. A big believer in advocating for children of abuse, Sharyn supports Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). She's a Minister at Salt & Light Church of God in Fowler, Kansas. Sharyn is currently seeking a Bachelor's degree in Christian Ministry and Leadership at Liberty University Online. Sharyn has 20 years in the Loss Prevention field, 2 years as a Correctional Officer, and a year as a Police Officer, which taught her the importance of working well with others. In prior years, she worked for the Army Air Force Exchange as a Exchange Detective. With more two decades of combined experience in Security and Law Enforcement, Sharyn has contributed to the reduction of shrink for various retailers, including Wal-Mart, Kmart, and H-E-B. Her recently published book, "The Cry No One Heard," has been inspirational to survivors of abuse, as she shares her personal story of childhood abuse and how she has overcome the pain thereof. Sharyn loves people and has a passion for those who are hurting. To contact her please email: thecrynooneheard@yahoo.com

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    The People Are Afraid Of Police

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    This episode we will be talking about the problems that come with police violence throughout the U.S. People are starting to become more and more afraid of the police as time goes on, it almost seems as though there is not going to be an end to the violence. We have former State Police Sgt. Stacey Marshall and Crpl. Regina Stafford calling in to get both sides of the spectrum.

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1073

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    Tonight's special guest is Stacie Kelly from Victoria BC, an abuse survivor and activist who's serving as the Coordinator for 1st Annual #NoMoreShame Conference 2015, being put on by Trauma University which will be held June 26, 27 & 28th in Portland, Oregon. It's described as "For Survivors. By Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse." Born and raised an Oregonian, Stacie describes herself as, "an exceptionally positive individual who enjoys staying busy." But, she explains, "About three years ago I was diagnosed with Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). I am a survivor of a decade of incest - an unfortunate multi-generational pattern of abuse that extends as far back as three generations ago. I am on bi-daily antidepressant medication(s) and am currently in weekly somatic counseling." She says, "Childhood trauma is still a relatively new field of study and it is often overshadowed by Veterans and/or people with Traumatic Brain Injuries. My hope is to shed light on the daily life of someone struggling with mental wellness and provide insight on the impact of sexual abuse and silence." And true to form she's not just sitting back waiting for others to make further developments in the field. "I am currently working in a volunteer capacity as a Conference Coordinator for Trauma Recovery University. I speak every day to survivors around the globe who are interested in participating in our conference. It is survivor led and born out of passion to break the cycle of shame, silence and abuse."

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