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    VertiKal Bistro talks to Playwrite T.Y. Martin

    in Entertainment

    Join Hosts Celeste Duckworth and Norm as we sit down and see what our friend, Award winning Playwrite of the Year, T.Y. Martin has been doing. 
    T.Y. Martin began his career as a comedian bringing laughs to everyone he met for over 10 years.  He graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in fashion merchandising and has since been taking his talent as a playwright and director to a whole new level for the past 16 years.  
    Now a world renowned playwright, T.Y. Martin's stage plays have been performed all across the United States as well as Italy & Canada!  And he has been given the opportunity to direct two off-Broadway Plays! 
    Dial In/SKYPE 1 (714) 694-4131 to listen or ask questions
    8:00PM to 9:30PM EST - 7:00PM to 8:30PM Central - 5:00PM to 6:30PM Mountain/Pacific
    Join Chat @  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/vertikal/2013/08/06/vertikal-bistro-talks-to-playwrite-ty-martin

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    New play about Tallulah Bankhead. Meet the playwright on Authors on the Air

    in Books

    Authors on the Air Host Pam Stack welcomes Actress, Spolin Master teacher, award-winning playwright Jeanmarie Collins and theatrical producer and executive director Mike Putman.  Jeanmarie and Mike are here to discuss the upcoming Tallulah Bankhead Tribute theatre production commissioned by the Tallulah Bankhead Foundation.  Here is some of the information playwright Jeanmarie Collins has shared about the original play she has been commissioned to write:  "I got to work reading every book I could get my hand on, went to the family's burial area in Jasper, al. ( she is not there) went to the Bankhead home, the Bankhead foundation, Sunset ( which was her grandparents Victorian home), and, spoke with people in their late 80's who still remember her. She was born in Huntsville, but, grew up in Jasper and Montgomery."  For more information please visit http://www.tallulahbankheadtribute.com/.  Mike Putman will be producing and directing the theatrical stage production. He'll discuss the mounting of such a production including all Tribute and festival events.

    This is a copyrighted, trademakred podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.  Visit us on the web at http://authorsontheair.com. Follow us on Twitter @authorsontheair.  

    Corporate underwriting provided by Michael Lowndes at michael.lowndes@pmledia.com. Visit them on the web at  http://pmlmedia.com and http://authormarketinghub.com.


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    Conversations On Creativity With Susan Block and Guest Donna Blue Lachman

    in Writing

    Donna Blue Lachman is a lover of all things theater. She has worked as a playwright,actor, director and teacher  for more than 25 years. She was the founder and Artistic Director of the Blue Rider Theater Company in Chicago for 14 years where she wrote and performed 9 one-woman plays, leading to two Joseph Jefferson awards for best performance, several Playwright Fellowships and awards from the Chicago Artist’s International Program which allowed her to research and tour her production to Venice, Italy, Berlin and Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Her numerous awards include an Emmy for a television show for the City of Chicago. Her teaching credits include the  School of the Art Institute, master degree programs at Chicago’s Columbia College and has served as Dramatist-in-Residence for the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs. 

    Susan Block brings with her a vast knowledge of the arts and creativity. She is LaPorte County Poet Laureate Emeritus, playwright, writing workshop leader, art exhibition curator and cultural arts advocate. "Conversations On Creativity" is the brainchild of Block.

    Series co-producer is Mary E. LaLuna, executive producer/creator of ArtSees Productions and host of “ArtSees Diner,”  

    Music for today's show was provided by Keenan Baxter.http://keenanbaxter.com

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    Milling About with Jonny Orsini

    in Entertainment

    Jonny Orsini (Broadway's The Nance, MacBeth) makes his Off-Broadway leading debut in Almost Home playing a marine who returns home to uncertainties and challenges after his tour of duty. Jonny tells host Robin Milling he went the distance for the role taking on the physique of a marine with lots of pull-ups and push-ups consulted by former marines, co-star Joe Lisi playing his father and playwrite Walter Anderson who based the play on his own experiences in Vietnam. He also had to be mindful of his vegan diet so he reveals the 'eggs' he eats on stage every performance prepared by his mother, played by Karen Ziemba (Bullets Over Broadway), are really tofu scramble made to look like the real thing. Jonny has an affinity for men in service, playing a marine before in the film Cigarette Candy. He says he deeply admires their sacrifice and contribution and is honored to bring their stories to light.

    Born in the small town of Cheshire, Connecticut Jonny gave up the saxophone to pursue sports and that fell by the wayside when acting became his passion at college in Boston. Music will always be a part of his artistic expression. He recalls the night when Ethan Hawke picked up the guitar in MacBeth to appease the audience after a technical glitch canceled the show.

    Next Jonny is looking forward to starring with Larry David in A Fish In The Dark starting rehearsals in December.

    Click here for a free audio book! www.audibletrial.com/millingabout



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    God I Want My Rib Back- An Interview with John Matthews

    in Religion

    Join us for an in-depth interview with Gospel Playwrite John Matthews of Boston Maryland who is featuring his latest featured play entitled "God I Want My Rib Back" this fall.  Ordained Minister, Writer, Director, husband. and father.  John has been involved in theatre since working behind the scenes with his family in the Drama Ministry in Church.  Drawn in by the performance of his youngest brother, it amazed him so much that it encouraged this shy kid to get more involved.  Performing in and helping to turn a powerful skit performed at Mount Pleasant Ministries in Baltmore and turning it into a full length stage play called "Find A Life," performed at the Power Of Faith Church in Baltimore, Md. He knew that he had found his calling.  He and his sister, Faith, brought their gifts together and formed, Meaning FULL Media Productions in 2011.  God continued to bless, giving dreams and visions with the ability to put them into words in the form of Stage Plays and skits that would touch lives for the glory of God.  John currently also serves as the Director of Fine Arts at Manifested Glory Worship Center in Towson, Md. 

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    Wielding the Sword of the Spirit - with Alisa Boykin

    in Religion

    I'll be chatting with Alisa Boykin, another co-host of The Christian View about what she'll contribute to that talk show.

      Here is Alisa's bio:

    Savvy trendsetter and innovative business leader Alisa Boykin has impacted thousands of children and adults through her creative work in the arts and education.  Alisa created, wrote, and co-produced one of South Carolina Educational Television's highly recognized and effective workbooks and video series, Pygg E. Bank Economics, airing in South Carolina public schools since 2007 to teach financial literacy through the arts.

    Her careery began as a 17-year-old New York City model fresh out of high school.  At 19 she opened a modeling agency and acting school and established the non-profit Educational Arts Programs of America.  Alisa and her husband Lonnie facilitated performing arts programs in Georgia's afterschool and summer camps, and they currently own T21 Entertainment Group, an artist development, public relationships and consulting firm.  Since 1984 Alisa has worked in the entertainment industry as an author, playwrite, songwriter, and consultant and has received over 100 awards for developing talent.

    Alisa earned a Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies from Jacksonville's Truth Bible College and is currently working toward a Bachelor of Science in Economics Degree at Strayer University.  She serves as Vice Chair of The Snellville Arts Commission to preserve and advance the arts.  Her advocacy as a public servant for famliies and youth gives her a right perspective for community growth through the empowerment of God's Word.

    Alisa and Lonnie Boykin are the proud parents of seven wonderful, talented children.  The Boykins are active members of World Changers Church International.

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    Hourglass Brides - Forever and a Day - The Fairytale Romance of Toni & Gene Bua

    in Romance

    Join us for 1 hour at 4:30 PM Eastern.

    Host Nicole Brandon is one of the most sought after speakers in the world today. From Health, and Wellness to Wealth and Ultimate Success her seemingly unlimited well of information is simply mind boggling.

    Nicole is known internationally for sharing her amazing secrets and remarkable knowledge on stage, screen, TV and in books throughout the world.

    Please visit Nicole's website:


    Nicole's Guest:

    Toni Bull Bua 

    Wife, soul mate, lyricist, partner & best friend - storyteller, guide, voice and scribe of one of the most Romantic Love Stories of all time - Her own.

    This passionate love story is a magical journey beyond the imagination.

    Her story is compelling, compassionate & creative. It’s a journey of ups & downs, pitfalls & promises, dreams, shear madness & nightmares. Her Love Story on & off the screen has touched millions around the world.

    Fans were so intense they had to be escorted by the police for their personal appearances. Sometimes fans would even track them down in restaurants & just sit right down and join them. Fans felt as if they really knew them.

    From Parkinson’s thru Cancer - From Broken Marriages to Promises of Eternity, their love story will touch every heart, move every spirit & inspire every soul to love deeper, better & more profoundly than ever before  Toni and Gene’s story will awaken the gifts & the magic of love.

    The results are wondrous!!

    True Love. True Commitment. True Care and a True Passion for Living!

    Forever and a Day is a True Romance from the Heart - The Life of Toni and Gene Bua







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    GOIN'N with Lisa Dixon

    in Spirituality

    Tune in TODAY at 7:00 pm, we will be disussing "Why women do not support one another." Goin N, you don't want to miss this enightening show. My guest will be two powerful ladies. Angela E Stevenson Author, Playwrite, Radio personality and ...a positive role model for women everywhere. And Ursula Albury Motivational Speaker, Mary Kay Consultant and a survivor of many of the things that are holding you down today, and a very powerful brother who has seen first hand how the effects of women not supporting women can be hurtful, Brother Marquez Alexander. tune in to listen live to these phenomenal ladies.

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    Say What?? Author Spotlights with Alretha Thomas

    in Motivation

    Say What?? Author Spotlights presents Alretha Thomas. A graduate of USC, Alretha is a successful playwrite and author.  This month we are featuring her novel, Baby in the Window.

    Say What?? Author Spotlights is a division of Say What?? Book Club.  We are a group of authors, readers and lovers of words gathered - HOW DIVINE!  Working tirelessly to level the playing field, SWBC offers opportunities to established and emerging authors who are serious about their craft and who excel in the literary arts.  Join the movement!

    If you are interested in learning more about SWBC, please contact us:

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/saywhatbookclub

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/saywhatbc

    Email: saywhatbc@yahoo.com

    Blog: http://saywhatbookclub.blogspot.com

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    The Ordinary Guru Project - Meet Jake Teeny

    in Self Help

    Jake is a poet, playwrite and much, much more! He's an Ordinary Guru with an extraordinay sense of humor.

    Jake graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in both psychology and philosophy and currently attends Ohio State University, working toward a doctorate in social psychology.

    When not conducting research, Jake continues to pursue his love of storytelling, script writing and poetry. Jake posts a weekly column on psychology and humor at his website as well as links to some of his published work. In his spare time, he plays basketball, composes music, and lists things in groups of threes.


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    Free Your Mind Friday- With Comic View Comedian Hadiyah Robinson

    in Entertainment

    Today on Free Your Mind Friday I am interviewing Comedian, Playwrite, Producer Hadiyah Robinson. Here is a little more infomation on this dynamic young woman and funny lady.

                 Hadiyah Robinson hits the comedy stage like a bolt of lightning striking audiences down with high energy and powerful punchlines. Her ever expanding routine and improv skills give her performance an air of spontaneity. Her television appearances include AXS TV’s Gotham Comedy Live, The Mo’Nique Show and the upcoming season of BET’s Comic View. She’s been featured in O Magazine & Time Out NY also mentioned in Stagetime Magazine & The Huffington Post. 

    This spring Hadiyah lends, over the top, relationship advice as a cast member of Centric’s upcoming series “According to Him or Her.” 

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