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    ***Is Republican candidate Ted Cruz imitating Democrat William Jennings Bryan--populist Conservatism agenda?

    ***Historical audio of Bryan

    ***Democratic Presidential candidate  Hillary Clinton's connection to Huma's Mother--The mother is connected reportedly to the Muslim Brotherhood

    ***Bribery--Influence Peddling-Political campaign contributions-pay to play and profit-Land fraud in San Francisco

    ***Attempted assasination of US Attorney Francis Heney-Federal Prosecutor in San Francisco Public Corruption investigation

    ***Western Land Fraud federal investigation

    ***SUPERBOWL Boosters seek permanent San Francisco site for annual football championship playoff?

    ***Huma's mother--Muslim Brotherhood connection controversy--Huma is Hillary's "Great and good friend"

    ***Women major drug dealers  part One Rosario Aramburu--Bolivian Cocaine Connection--San Francisco School Board Member

    ***Racism which is overlooked in other sectors of American Life--

    ***Not only some Police but Judges-Lawyers-Doctors

    Feb 3rd--Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)  President Woodrow Wilson dies--Wilson promoted Federal Income Tax  &  the controversial Federal Reserve Banking System

    ***THE FOUR CHAPLINS--4 Chaplins on the Dorchester gave their life jackets to soldiers after that ship was torpedoed--One Catholic-A Rabi--Protestants

    ***Physics Klaus Fuchs was arrested--Connected to the Communist Rosenberg theft of American atom bomb secrets

    ***Horace Greeley  journalist--"Go West Young Man"


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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--San Francisco Mayor increasingly viewed by political cogosenti as"NERO LEE"

    **Ed Lee is the current controversial mayor of San Francisco--This is SUPERBOWL 50 Week in San Francisco.  However, disaffected citizens and taxpayers see Mayor Ed Lee 'mal administration as "Transforming San Francisco into  a playground for wantabe rich real estate racketeers and white privilege techies

    ****Bread & Circuses events in San Francisco are viewed as a"diversion as a substitute for political reform and political accountability
    ***San Francisco citizens and taxpayers feel increasingly disenfranchised while the poverty profiteers and  real estate racketeers transform San Francisco into a "CONDO GATE"

    ***Change is a smokescreen for ignoring political corruption , pedophilia, ography and prostitution

    ***The political machine in San Francisco is viewed as a "racketeering enterprise"

    But if you're coming to San Francisco "Don't wear flowers in your hair!'

    During the late sixties,in San Francisco there was"Friendship-Fun and Fraternity"   Today given the phony hate crimes, political bulying , media coverups , there is a malaise of "FEAR, LOATHING AND CONTEMPT"

    ***Women overlooked as major drug dealers--Rosario Anaya(Cocachumba Bolivia) The Medehin of Bolivia

    Political Lexicon--Origon of the Phrase "Kangaroo Court"

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS---Reschedule--Computer crash 1-29-2016--Special Program

    ***William McKinley--Last American civil war veteran to become President (January 29th birthday)

    ***Franklin Delano Roosevelt  Only 4 Term President (January 30th 1882)

    ***Sol Alinsky--Communist organizer connected to Al Capone--Chicago (January 1909)

    Historical Audio excerpts  Part 1

    AUSTRALIA Day   Official National & Unofficial National Anthems





    Australia Day---Australian contribution to the American english language


    Jan-30-31  Births-Deaths-events relevant to US(a)

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--William Howard Taft--Former US President then Chief Justice US Supreme Court

    ***Hillary Clinton proposing Obama for the US Supreme Court!----Another Clinton Con?

    ***William Randolph Hearst--Publisher & Political Candidate---Historical audio extracts

    Hearst on taxes--Citizen  Kane--Orson Welles film fictionizing Hearst as a crusading publisher

    ***Princess Diana--affair with Mohamed Fayed---Was Diana's death an accident?

    ***French Marshall Alphonse Juin--Algerian born defender of Keeping Algeria " French"

    Juin was also involved in French Indo China War

    ***SUPERBOWL 50---Personal Safety & Property protection tips--Northern California's worsening epidemic of Reckless bicycling-motor vehicle driving and motor cycle driving


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    ***Mahatma Ghandi Assasinated 1948 on this date--Assasination Plot Masterminded by a Homosexual

    ****Sidney Korshak--Chicago Lawyer connected to the Mafia & Hollywood

    ***Admiral Betram Ramsay--Deputy Commander on D Day  6-6-1944 (All Naval forces in the invansion of France)

    ***Roberto D'Aubisson--EL SALVADOR Right Wing Politician implicated in the Assasination of Archbishop Romero

    ***ELIZABETH CADY STANTON--First Woman to Testify before Congress--Woman's Rights Activist

    Amicusveritas  Youtube

    Carson -Verzola Historical Archives





     Lesbian Domestic Terroists blocked the San Francisco Bay Bridge on Martin Luther King Day--Did these self defined "Queer" activists guilty of violating the Federal Interstate Commerce Law by obstructing all commercial and personal traffic?

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS---Charles Curtis--Vice President Herbert Hoover Administration--Curtis was baptized Roman Catholic but converted Methodist

    ***Corazon Aquino  elected President of the Philippines--Widow of Benino Aquino  president candidate who was assasinated

    ***Convicted Russian Spy Martin Sobel(l)

    ***"SUPERBOWL 50 --Dateline San Francisco--part 2"If you're coming to San Francisco don't wear flowers in your hair!"Practical survival tips--Protecting your person & Your Possesions

    WARNINGS--The Club doesn't prevent your vehicle from being stolen~!!!

    Por Dispensary may be new lucrative source for robberys --The  escapees from Los Angeles Jail --one was involved in the torture -mutilation of a pot shop owner--

    ***Tortured--Penis cut off and taken by robbers to prevent re attachment

    ***What the late Haight Ashbury Switchboard taught tourists and newcomers about safety and survival

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    ***SUPERBOWL 50--"If you're coming to San Francisco, don't wear flowers in your hair~!"

    Warnings from experienced San Francisco citizen victims--Don't become a victim~!

    *(**How to protect your person & Possessions!

    ***"What's the Matter with San Francisco?"

    Author Jack Cashill--Some of the  things you --even Roman Catholics--don't or didn 't know about the Roman Catholic Church!--Read Cashill's Popes & Bankers'--This book is especially relevant lin view of the movie about the Boston Roman Catholic Archdiosese's pedophile priest & Bishop's coverup.

    Protestant Ministers(Amos Brown) and Jewish Rabbis also have and may still be involved in pedophile and other sexual misconduc


    January 22nd   Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)--Most interesting birthdays--

    US Supreme Court Justice Fred Vinson--Actor in Casablanca Major Strasser--Conrad Veidt--Sir Francis Bacon--Lord Byron--D.W. Griffith--Marcel Daussault--Rosa Ponselle--Mung Chung Korean Music Conductor-Pierre Du Pont-Graham Kerr-Guy Fier--Hjalmar Schaacht-Willa Brown Coffey-Joseph Wambugh-Rose Kennedy--August Stringberg--

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--Politicians-Propagandists--Immigrant politicians

    ***Schwartzenneger for President---US Senator Orin Hatch (Utah) first suggested Schwartznegger's candidacy for the President by changing the US Constitution --Non native born ineligible to be American President

    ****Arnold's illegitimate child will resurect the Grover Cleveland immoral issue

    Will the political campaign song begin "Ma ! Ma! where's my pa Arnold?   He's was in the California Governor's Office !  HA! HA! Ha!"

    January  11th Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)

    John Tyler  10th President ancestor of President Harry Truman--Daniel Webster Statesman

    1944 First Chinese naturalized as a US Citizen--Chinese exclusion Act repealed--Hear that Nikki Haley!  


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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--Paderewski  Pianist & Premier of Poland after ww one

    ***Sinisias--Roman Catholic Pope for 20 Days

    ***Pope John Paul 1--Pope for 30 days

    ***Mayor Rahm of Chicago--Growing scandal ridden adminisration

    ***Was Hillary Clinton outed during the last Republican Presidential Debate

    ****South Carolina governor Nikki Haley--Ignoranat No Nothing politician on the issue of Anti Race & Religion immigration to the US( Haley's parents are immigrants from India--SIKHS

    ***Haley's political fiction--Chinese exclusion Act --Restricted foreign immigration into the US

    Anti Catholic--Anti Irish--Restricted immigrants from Southern europe

    Live Interview--Patrick Butler --Illinois Politics--the most interesting in the US



    jAN 15TH Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS:Hubert Humphrey--Vice President 1968 Democratic Candidate--audio archive

    ****How America's most liberal(the politicians's claim)City treats its homeless

    ***Where are the"OCCUPY" POLITICIANS on this public policy issue?]

    ***Who really got legally and illegally federally funded housing and affordable housing?

    ***Where is Rose Pak-Chinese San Francisco resident and political consultant-- going to obtain a kidney?  executed chinese?

    ***On Russian TV--Associate conomics Professor  Jason Lindo at Texas A & M claimed  "Rapes of females increase-during college football season? 

    ***Male Rape! The topic that most media don't menition this crime

    *** Fuller Brush man  Canadian

    ****George Fox founder of the Quakers

    1-13- Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS-Hillary Clinton--Will San francisco government political corruption and federal trials--Shrimp Boy--Leland Yee--Amos Brown--london Breed--Mayor ed Lee etc affect Hillary's presidential ambitions?

    ***Alexander Hamilton---estalished US Monetary system US Treasury

    ***Francis Salvador--english merchant & first Jew elected to public office in America

    ***Benito Juarez--Mexican political reformer  ancestor of Attorney & public reformer Raul Vincente Almacen

    ***Sir John McDonald Canada's first prime minister

    ***Francis Scott Key--composed of the words to the Star Spangle Banner

    ***General Beast Ben Butler  Union Army general threatned New Oleans women for attacking Union troops

    ***1569 One of the first known lotteries

    Political Forcast for 2016 part One---Politicians --Media propagandists etc. who have embraced crotch politics  --will they be outed from their closets?

    **US economy a false prosperity?

    1-11- Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)



    Upcoming  How San Francisco really treats its homeless!



    Racial attitudes and practices of some of America's Presidents