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    Thursday Night: Petey Plastic and the Fantastic Plastics

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    Tonight: An interview with Petey Plastic. Pop culture chat with Kerrie Childers.  An interview with The Fantastic Plastics. To round out the night, Richy Starr talks Ep 3 of Forever Hold Your Peace 

    Petey Plastic

    TWITTER: Http://www.twitter.com/peteyplastic

    SOUND CLOUD: Http://www.soundcloud.com/peteyplastic

    WEBSITE: Http://www.peteyplastic.com

    iTUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/petey-plastic/id424331008

    The Fantastic Plastics

    TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PlasticsBand

    FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TheFantasticPlastics

    FOR EVENT INFO: https://www.facebook.com/events/391500700981284/

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    Dedicated to my new Granddaughter coming in January 2016

    in Music

    Playing Forgotten Music of the old 78 records      Techstoryteller

    Peter Pan records

    Henny Penny

    The Little Red Hen

    Little Brave Sambo Parts 1 &2 edited and merged

    Dedicated to my new Granddaughter coming in January 2016

    (I cannot wait) 



     All credit due to the artist, musicians and Record Companies. No profit or income derived from this podcast. Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at: www.facebook.com/s3productions2 or curthahn74@yahoo.com

    Musical Nursey tales

    Peter Pan records

    2251 A Henny Penny

    Sung by Dick Edwards and Toby Deane

    Directed by Vicky Kasen

    2251 B the Little Red Hen

    Sung by Dick Edwards and Toby Deane

    Directed by Vicky Kasen

    2239 (A-B) Little Brave Sambo

    Narrated by John Bradford & Bobby Hookey

    With the Peter Pan Chorus and Orchestra

    Directed by Vicky Kasen

    Peter Pan Records is a record label specializing in children's music. The label was introduced to the public in March 1948 The label was owned by the Synthetic Plastics Company of Newark, New Jersey until the 1970s.

    The label became one of the largest and most successful children's specialty record labels in America, manufacturing unique, quality Peter Pan enjoyed their greatest success as a children's label during the 1950s. Many of their most famous releases were issued on 78-RPM 7-inch records and on 45-RPM 7-inch records. Releases credited a variety of performers, including Dick Edwards with the Peter Pan Chorus and Orchestra, the Singers, The Peter Pan Players and variations on these titles.


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    Interview With Jim Holm Of The Clean Oceans International

    in Environment

    Jim "Homer" Holm, co-founder and executive director of  The Clean Oceans International a nonprofit organization working to clean up marine plastic pollution through new technology, education programs and advocacy projects. The organization is creating partnerships throughout Santa Cruz County to pursue local plastic recycling, beach cleanup, and environmental research.



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    Sea Salt Good or Bad? Host Paulette Young 6pm-8pm pst 858-769-4936 press 1

    in Health

    Scientists have discovered some brands of table salt contain plastic pollution called plastic micro beads. They are not sure if this will effect our health. The salt with the highest amount of plastic is sea salt. These sea salts sold in China and the US,  contain the highest plastic pollution. Micro plastics are dangerous due to their small size and ability to absorb organic pollutants. We presently do not know the damage these plastic microbeads is doing to our bodies. Shell fish also, contain micro plastic. How does plastic plastic end-up in our food supple? Our oceans, rivers and lakes aare treated as a rubbish bin. Are we using too much plastic?. We have plastic bags, forks, knifes, spoons, plates, cups, trash cans, garbage cans, storage contains etc. Join us tonight on America's Health Crisis. Host Paulette Young and Selena Lindsey (Sowing Seeds For Life npo). 6pm-8pm pst. Call 858-769-4936 press 1.

    www.mylifevantage.com/pauletteyoung  web-site to order Protandim (natural herb, powerful anti oxidant with Nrf2 protein). Call 909-622-8856 for more information

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    "Let's Get Reel" with Joe Minor - Zipper Worm and Case Plastics

    in Sports

    Join us on "Let's Get Reel" with Joe Minor, Monday, January 12, 2015 at 7pm EST as we are joined be Case Plastics and Zipper Worm Company's Jeri Toner. Jeri is pro staff and marketing manager of Fishing Complete, inc. Which owns Case Plastics and Zipper Worm Company. And The original O Wacky tool.

    We are going to be talking about fishing shows and marketing products pro staff management, and bass fishing!

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    Decipher the Plastic Codes: Which plastics containers are safe and which aren't?

    in Family

    "ENCOURAGEMENT IN THE KITCHEN" with Donna Miller of Millers Grain House

      "Preparing you and your kitchen with tools, tips, skills and encouragement."

    Today's show...

    Decipher the Plastic Codes: Which plastics containers are safe and which aren't?

    Have you ever looked at the bottom of a plastic item and wondered..."What's that symbol? What's that number mean? Who decides what to put on there and why?" 

    Today's show is vital for your food safty and storage.  I'm going to address:

    Toxins and chemicals from each type of plastic
    What's safe and what's not.
    Should you reuse certain plastic containers or not
    Microwave safe plastics? Really?
    The BEST type of plastic for long term food storage

    If you'd like free recipes plus more encouraging tips each month - Sign up for our NEWSLETTER

    Millers Grain House YouTube Channel

    I hope you'll tune in to learn how to decipher the plastic codes!

    Best Blessings,  Donna Miller

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    Eco-Conscious Travel with Green with Tiffany Host - Tiffany Paige

    in Travel

    There are many reasons why those with a wanderlust spirit love to travel. For the co-hosts of Travel Talk it is to marvel at the natural beauty, to experience local cuisine and immerse themself into the culture and history of a particular destination. However, pollution, plastics, toxins, chemicals and poaching are having devastating effects on our eco-system. For example, research now suggests the chemical oxybenzone found in most sunscreen causes coral bleaching.

    Los Angeles native Tiffany Paige is the host of "Green with Tiffany" a blog and webisode series educating people on how they can make simple modifications to their daily routine to reduce their carbon footprint. Ms. Paige will share simple eco-friendly travel tips we can all implement.

    Be sure to connect with Surge Nation via Facebook and Twitter!

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    Beating Stress, Environmental and Financial Stress

    in Health

    We're going to continue where we left off last week, dealing with the ruinous effects of stress on our bodies. There is one source of environmental stress that it nearly ubiquitous, the chemicals in the plastics of bottled water and household detergents and cleaners. We talk about how to avoid them and the problems they produce. Then we tackle the deadliest form of stress, the Number One cause of death in the US and probably the world, financial stress! 

    I believe I am one of the few Holistic Health Practitioners that addresses this problem. But if we are going to talk about health, how can you ignore the Number One killer?  How do we, the student burdened with college debt, the young family struggling to make ends meet on two salaries, the soon to be or already retired person, afraid that they will run out of money before they run out of life, make more money to eliminate the fear, worry and stress that can sicken and kill us?

    To that end, we have invited Winston Thompson to host a Seminar in Philadelphia, Pa next Saturday, the 7th of November. Winston was a Corporate CPA with one of the legendary, Big Eight accounding firms in NY, Arthur Anderson. He then left to start his own tax and accounting firm. Winston Thjompson and Co.which he has grown into one of the top tax firms in Brooklyn, NY. Winston will share his expertise and his experience in starting and running a small business, even examining Franchises,in which he is also an expert, to help fledgling business owners avoid the many misteps and pitfalls so many of us make when startingn our own businesses.

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    Plastics and Other Environmental Toxins and YOUR Health with Tom Malterre

    in Health

    Tom Malterre joins Elevate Your Energy radio to talk about what environmental chemicals/ toxins actually do so that we feel compelled to take action without being overwhelmed. 

    We will cover:

    - turning genes on and off with lifestyle

    - once you start eliminating toxins, do you actually see a difference in gene expression

    - toxic scents - febreze, laundry detergents - how bad are they really

    - I think we all know BPA is bad for us... but why.. what does the research say it does? 

    - BPA-free - not better, what's in it, what do we know about it?

    - for someone just taking first step toward a cleaner lifestyle - what are your suggestions?

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    Valentine's Day Fun with The Plastics! - Asked w/Riv & Landin #194

    in Entertainment

    Special Guests: Riley Nixon and Megan Washington, the Plastics will join us on this Valentine's Day Special to play the first ever Newlywed Game with Riv & Landin, hosted by our good friend Krispin - because he's an expert on the art of love & romance.  Will it end in divorce? Probably!

    Crazy current events we'll discuss include PETA trying to make a monument to honor dead chickens killed in a car accident?  Why the TNA Wrestling logo got a kid suspended from school - and did Dixie put him up to it?  Also how come there are so many dogs in the news and why are the Taliban so excited about it?  Cobb County, GA decides they want to give "Florida Men" a run for their money this week!   If Philip Seymour Hoffman died of an overdose, why are people being arrested for his death?  Has anyone been arrested for Shirley Temple's death yet?  Is Jerry Seinfeld racist? Which former Miss Teen USA contestant is appearing in adult videos THIS time?  South Korea starts a new "food fetish" webcam trend.  Why is photobombing hazardous to your health in California?  All this along with crazy callers, randomness, and a little bit of advice for any of you who might be just a little too lonely on Valentine's Day.  It's all in a day's work for the most hated podcast on the entire Internet, Asked with Riv & Landin!

    Ask for advice, ask for our opinion on weird going ons in the current events, politics, entertainment & more on http://ask.fm/AskedCSTC - Call us at 646-727-2364 to become part of the show and answer questions with us!  If you're live-tweeting the show use our #RivAndLandin tag! Check out articles, exclusive content, clips and all the previous episodes of our show on our site: http://listentothisshow.com