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    PB 411 E 10-21-12 Debate Check Contraceptives & SS

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    On This Episode of Point Blank 411
    I dissect Presidential Debate # 2 The highs the lows and those ratings driving miscues. Who was the biggest loser?
     is onboard with distributing morning after contraceptives to students. Get the 411 and weigh in with your thoughts
    A Prostitution ring rocks an exclusive Maine Community.
    Natural heath tip of the week and whatever else manages to make it on the docket before this Episode of PB 411 airs live

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    Class of 09 - A New School of ENT!

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    Join BE Entertained Magazine (www.BE-EntertainedMag.com) as we premiere BE Talk Radio! This episode will BE showcasing some of today's rising talents as well as hit you with our choice of "Grad-Student Talent". There will BE crazy new music by DJ Plan.BE & of course you'll hear from the BE Team about BE Style, BE Politikin, BE Up Next, BE New York, & BE Active, & Bobby$World.