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    Petition to Separate from California

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    state of jefferson white paper

    Since 1965, northern California has not had adequate representation in the state legislature. The most expeditious way to restore representation to the counties of northern California is to create a new state with those counties that want representation restored. The only viable plan to restore representation is the “Jefferson” state movement which is using the only legal method of engineering a state split through the formula required by Article IV, Section 3 of the US Constitution.i This formula necessitates a simple majority of both houses of the state legislature and Congress approve the split in order to create a state out of an existing state or states. This process has created four new states in our nation's history.

    In order for “Jefferson” to be successful, two tenets must be completed and one verified. First, counties that want to be part of the new state must give the Jefferson Committee some indication of support. Typically this is done by the Board of Supervisors affirming a Declaration and Petition to Withdraw from the State of California. This is not the only avenue open to a County. Second, the state and national legislative actions outlined above must achieve a simple majority result.

    Third, although not required by Article IV, Section 3, the Committees will illustrate the financial viability of the new State to its citizens.

    As of January 1, 2015, six counties have Declared and Petitioned to Separate from California and join the new state of “Jefferson”. Both the California Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) and an internally generated financial model have shown that “Jefferson” is a viable entity. By the end of January 2015, four counties will have had their Declarations filed with the Secretary of State of California which could initiate the legislative phase of state separation.


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    Alta Mira project, Save Landers Petition, Parade of Homes and more

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    Lauren Ell shares information about the Alta Mira housing project proposed in Joshua Tree, Save Landers petition, Parade of Homes, Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan, Project Bobcat and more.

    Learn more at Lauren Ell of the Hi Desert.

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    Petition Prayer

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    Petitioning God for a answer

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    How To Complete California Divorce Petition

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    In this show we walk you through the steps to complet the california divorce form FL-100 petition. Get your forms out and lets get started on your divorce.

    We will walk through this form and let you know what boxes need to be checked and what to write in the spaces.


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    The Woman behind A Petition against Internet Providers who allow Abuse

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    My goal is not about changing freedom of speech, it's about the abuse of the First Amendment and why laws where put into place to prevent such abuse.
    “It’s valuable to know the five freedoms of the First Amendment —religion, speech, press, assembly and petition —but it’s even more important to know how we can use them,” said Gene Policinski, chief operating officer of the Newseum Institute. “As a nation, we must better prepare our fellow and future citizens for the hard decision of defending core freedoms against those who would damage or limit them by violence or by law.”
    One woman with one challenge to make changes against cyber crimes. Barbara Farris the first woman ever, to agree with the destruction of her own name and reputation. Barbara spent several years traveling threw many States and Cities to prove how the internet characterizes a person. Barbara proves how social media and google have become a weapon to destroy many lives.
    Barbara Farris has recorded each event for the purpose to publish a book "Ripple Effect of America's Perception". Barbara entered into many towns under a different name letting individuals get to know her as a person.

    Once her identity became revealed when she was googled, Barbara was treated horribly by people. Even harassed by local authorities in certain cities which will be disclosed in her book.

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    American Disability Act Amendment & Priniciple Reductions & BRICS Petition

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    Our last show of the year shall feature amazing food for thought.  Special guests will discuss the topics. 2015 promises to bring more people into the awareness to assert their rights.  Its becoming a battle of the rich v. poor in every aspect of our economy and political system. Let's preserve what we have. Key COngressional meetings are being held to determine if Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac shall offer priniciple reductions. So the new year starts off with a bang! Be aware and do your Part. Peace, blessings and prosperity.




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    "Seeking Justice From Beyond: PFC Lavena Johnson Petition"

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    The tragic and unthinkable story of young PFC Lavena Johnson still rings loudly in a call for justice seven years after her death. The Department of Defense ruled her death a suicide, although numerous facts in the case defies that possiblity. Her skull showed a bullet which entered in a manner inconsistent with suicide, acid burns to her genitals, a black eye and loose teeth were also observed by her father and medical examiner during her autopsy. After much stonewalling of access to Lavena's medical records by the Dept. of Defense, the Johnsons managed to get some doors to open and her case attracted worldwide attention. To date, no formal permission to investigate her case as a rape-murder has been given. Join us tonight as we speak with LaQuay Juel, a citizen who began a nationwide petition in Lavena Johnson's honor to appeal to the powers that be, and Sky Grid, host of the Grid10 radio show, as we all share our thoughts on the case and spread more awareness to a call for action against discrimnation, rape and bullying in the military in wake of this tragedy. Both Lavena and her family need some much needed closure and justice in this matter.

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    Special: live broadcast on Chahta Petition to the Council

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    In the continuing aftermath of the Merida conviction of bribery and corruption as Senior Executive Director for the Chahta nation, revelations from the trial has prompted one Chahta Veteran to begin gathering signatures. We will do our first live broadcast at this event on Saturday, Nov. 29th across from the Choctaw Nation Headquarters between 4 and 6 PM. Al Chahta/Choctaw citizens are encouraged to come and meet us there.
    For more info and to join the gathering, go to https://www.facebook.com/events/949064645121199/permalink/952369994790664/?pnref=story

    This is a good time to hear what is on the minds of the Chahta people and it is a good time to get involved!

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    RIDICULE, their Favorite Weapon! Ronnie Prine Rebukes Kimmel ~ Sallie Elkordy

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    White House Petition to PROHIBIT LAWS MANDATING VACCINATION.  Sign it TODAY! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/prohibit-any-laws-mandating-force-and-requirement-vaccinations-any-kind/HW1B3YKz

    Guest Ronnie Prine: Artfinders.com, Eric Prine, Ronnie's Vaccine Injury and deceased son's video "He's My Son" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qtHDMqCPE8 

    Host Sallie O. Elkordy for NYC Public Advocate asks you to take this ACTION for a VACCINE FREE 2015: http://BillionToddlerMarchForSurvival.blogspot.com/

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         There is such a thing as spiritual slumber. It is really a spiritual coma that the venom of satan induce in the spirit of people. The poison is deadly and the only affective remedy is the blood of JESUS CHRIST. It is the most powerful anti-venom agent availabile against spiritual death. Many are calling on GOD right now for help. Let's petition heaven for GOD'S help for them in their desperation. Many will come alive today. It could be you, someone you know or anyone. It dos'nt matter the BLOOD of JESUS prevails. Join us today for live prayer at 6:00 AM Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963.

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    RFB Radio ~ Obama is Wrong About islamic Contributions to the West

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    Obama gave a "rousing" speech about islamic contributions to the West, the United States in particular. Lets set the record straight.

    Welcome  to the Red Fox Blogger with your Host, Kel Fritzi.

    My Show where I am left to my own incorrigible devices... No apologies, Folks, as I am always fed up about something...

    I’m the Infidel your imam warned about…

    Listen to selected shows of the RFB as well at Pundit Press Radio:


    Sign the Petition (if eligible) to Defend the integrity of Canada:


    Listen to Liberty GB Radio right here Mondays at 3PM EST

    "Mass islamity ~ Stop the Insanity.”

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