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    The Romans A.D. Bible Ushered In Mental Down Syndrome Murders Increased

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    The American Psychological Association (APA), after a five year study on devoutly religious people, will now consider an unassailable belief in a deity or a higher power to a point where it impairs one's ability to make conscientious decisions about common sense matters, as a mental illness.  The study showed that deeply religious people often suffered from paranoia, anxiety, emotional distress and hallucinations. The study also states that those who had poor health conditions considered God cruel, and those who consider God kind usually did not suffer from mental illnesses. To give an example, Dr. Lillian Andrews, professor of psychology, said that the 'Jehovah Witnesses' will not accept life-saving donor blood under any circumstance and rather choose to die. According to the professor, such people should be declared 'mentally unfit' for decision making and saved using any appropriate method. The APA will persuade law makers to introduce legislation which would allow doctors the right to force life-saving treatment on those who refuse it for spiritual reasons. Dr. Andrews also considers people claiming to possess self-healing powers, ability to communicate directly to a God and power to see spirits, as signs of a mental break and a loss of touch with reality. The new classification of archaic beliefs as mental disorder is treated as a step towards positive direction by the APA.  More details about the study will be made available to the public in APA's upcoming journal that is expected to be released in August. 

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    Vince DaCosta “Influence, Persuade & Win”.

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    Thursday, September 5 @ 7:00 PM Guest: Vince DaCosta Subject: “Influence, Persuade & Win”.   Vince DaCosta is an Author, Professional Speaker and Corporate Trainer specializing in Communication and Leadership techniques. Vince's  clients include, General Motors, Chrysler Corp,, I.B.M. & Loblaws. He has presented workshops and seminars at leading colleges in Ontario, Canada.  His program on “Conflict Resolution and Negotiation” was presented at Humber College and his book Influence, Persuade and Win was used as the text for the course. Vince DaCosta can be reached at (905) 472-5367& vhdacosta@rogers.com and www.vincedacosta.com    Join Ronald and guest Vince DaCosta on Thursday, September 5th at 7:00 PM to focus on negotiations, potential conflicts and dealing with difficult people.
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    Moral humiliation forced on proud Black people illustrated in British conquest

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    The moral humiliation  forced on proud Black people was illustrated in the British conquest of Ashanti.  The reigning  Asantahene had never beenconqured His armies hat repeatedly driven back the British, but the British finally triumphed after five years by breaking their woud and overwhelmed him by numbers and superior weapons. They promised him peace and honor, but they demanded a public act of submission. **Tim says, I have to ask "Why do whites hate, demonize, fear and look down on blacks?"   {Amel Larrieux says: Whites not even material self-interest. After all, plenty of poor whites are racist. About all they have to show for it is this: “At least I’m not black.” And that gives it away: it is about white self-image.  My current understanding of the white self-image: Narcissism means to not having no true sense of self-worth; they put up a false front to persuade the world, and most of all themselves, that they do have worth. They mainly do this through money, but also by putting down others to make themselves look better. Deep down they know the whole thing is a lie, which makes them all the more desperate to uphold the front.

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    "Don't settle, just wait"

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    Don't settle because your clock is ticking. Don't settle because he/she is cute. Don't settle because you're lonely. Don't settle because you have a huge sexual appetite.  Know who you are in Christ.  Don't settle because he/she can quote scriptures. What kind of fruit are they bearing. Don't let the power of words persuade you or move you. Stand strong, and stand for something. Isaiah 40:31 says " But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wing as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. Let's talk about the previous verses 

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    OT: Exclusive Interview w/Bestselling Author of Talk Like Ted, @CarmineGallo

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    Carmine Gallo's Talk Like Ted is one of the best audiobooks I've ever listened to.  It's changed the way I think about presenting and speaking and I know it will change for the positive for you as well.

    Listen as we dissect proper/powerful speaking/presenting habits and methods to get your point and message across in a lasting way.

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    Background on Carmine:

    Best-selling author, Carmine Gallo is also a former reporter and anchor for CNN and CBS. He has sat down with many of the most dynamic and respected business leaders of our time. In these interviews, Carmine gained insight into what makes a great leader.

    Great leaders are also great communicators.

    He formed Gallo Communications with the mission of helping business leaders discover and apply the untapped power of effective communications. Communications is a multi-faceted art form. From internal relationships to press conferences, from rallying investors to counseling employees, from inspiring greatness to managing crisis, managers need to educate, motivate and persuade.

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    12082015 Toning down the Word

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    Join Bro. J.O. Sparks at 11:00 PM (EST) as he preaches a message titled, "Toning down the Word". The reason we are not seeing more people being saved today is that we are toning down the Gospel. We are not saying, "Thus saith the Lord". But we are trying to sneak people into the kingdom. Jesus said in John 10:9- I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture. It still takes a preacher (Romans 10:14) and the message of the Cross of Calvary. To those who are being saved it is the Power of God (1 Corinthians 1:18). God chose the foolishness of preaching to saved them that believe (1 Corinthians 1:21). We are commanded to Go into all the world and preach the Gospel with every creature not share the Gospel. We have toned down our preaching and as a church lost the power of the Holy Ghost to persuade men to be saved.

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    The Fear Of The LORD: Part Five

    in Christianity

    In 2Corinthians 5, we are told that Paul persuaded men, but why did he pursuade men? "Knowing therefore the terror of the LORD, we persuade men;..." Did you catch that it was his knowledge of the terror of The LORD, not the love of the LORD, not the goodness of the LORD, but the terror of the LORD that moved Paul to pursuade men. It is clear form this text that Paul was fimiliar with the fear of The LORD and it was his experience with The LORD that propelled him to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please join, James and David Pace as they dive into this New Testament teaching on the Fear Of The LORD.

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    Gotham Talk Podcast #34 - S 2 Ep 11 WORSE THAN A CRIME

    in Television

    James Gordon wakes in Edward Nygma's house only to learn from Oswald Cobblepot that he is now a fugitive from the law for assaulting Theo Galavan and never returning to the GCPD despite a documented arrest. Gordon and Cobblepot begin making plans to break into Theo's residence and save Bruce Wayne. After being questioned by Barnes on Gordon's whereabouts, Leslie secretly learns of Gordon's location from Nygma. After finding Gordon, Leslie attempts to persuade him to turn himself to the GCPD by informing him that she is pregnant. Nygma informs Alfred and Bullock of Gordon's location. Gordon, Bullock, Alfred, Selina Kyle, Cobblepot and his gang all arrive at Galavan's residence just as the Order of Saint Dumas is about to kill Bruce. During a clash between the Order and Cobblepot's gang in which the Order is defeated, Theo, Tabitha, and Silver St. Cloud begin to make their escape. After being bullied by Theo, Tabitha and Silver escape but leave Theo behind. Cobblepot convinces Gordon that Theo will never be convicted and the two take Theo to the docks and murder him. Later, Gordon finds Leslie and proposes to her. Theo's body is discovered by Wayne Enterprises, who take the corpse to Indian Hill, where Fish Mooney's body is also being kept. The scientists state that Theo's body is to be experimented on by Professor Hugo Strange.

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    7 Surefire Ways to Profit Online

    in Business

    Here are seven surefire ways you can turn your content into cash...

    1. Create Your Own Products

    One of the most profitable ways to make money with content is by creating and selling your own information products.

    2. Write Articles to Promote Affiliate Offers

    The problem with making money by creating your own products is that you're solely in charge of all the customer service calls.
    3. Become a Ghostwriter

    If you'd rather sell your services, then you'll want to consider becoming a ghostwriter who creates articles, products and content for other people. You can promote yourself by:

    Join the WarriorForum.com and list your services under the "Warriors for Hire" section.

    4. Use Your Powers of Persuasion

    If you have a knack for sales and persuasion, then you can make even more money (really good money ;-) by creating sales letters, ads and other sales materials for marketers (both online and offline).

    5. Start a Membership Site

    Instead of creating a series of related products to sell, you can create a membership site that you update with content daily, weekly or monthly (depending on your niche).
    6. IMag Your Way to Profits

    If you really enjoy writing, then creating an Inbox Magazine is for you. That's because some of the most popular imags are those where the owner write on a regular schedule - for sure weekly, but in some cases more.

    7. Create a Profitable Autoresponder Course

    Finally, you can make money by creating a multi-part e-course that's embedded with links to affiliate offers. Then you create a squeeze page to persuade people to join your e-course and start driving traffic to this page.


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    Terror in Paris and other national security stories of the week

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    Guest:  Barry Jacobsen, blogger and military historian, joins us for a look at the terrorist attack in Paris and its consequences......will France and NATO force President Obama's hand?.......will Congress declare war on ISIS?.....can President Obama persuade the US public that we must fight to defeat ISIS?......how much can France do with its bombing raids?.......what military options do we have today?.......how much territory does ISIS hold today?.......and other national security stories.....

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    His Holy Wrath is Revealed Against the Wicked and Ungodly in the Earth

    in Current Events

    I received this also from the Lord of heaven and earth, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    His Wrath is Upon Us           Though we have not yet been destroyed as Sodom and though we have not yet suffered the famines of judgment and though great plagues have not destroyed the people and though our streets are not filled with our enemies, the judgments and wrath of Almighty God, the Judge and Lawgiver over all of the earth will not linger much longer. Thus says the LORD God of heaven and earth; I have seen the sins of this nation and her departure from the law of God. I have heard the cries of my children in the womb and the forbidding of prayer in the schools. I have seen the mocking of heathen, broadcasting their sins of fornication and sorcery and thefts and murders. The wicked and immoral declare it is their right to do these things because they have made legal their lawbreaking and think that they are gods in deciding what is good and evil. Prophesy- 2005