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    Wizards Caging People/Dr Pat Holliday/Dr Sabrina Sessions/Marshall Perot

    in Religion

    Satan’s Agents SATAN AND FALLEN ANGELS The powers of Darkness (Satan and fallen angels) use human agents who band together and operate in pacts, such as witchcraft, occult, cults, secret societies, false Christian churches. These groups commonly use a circle for attracting and amplifying what they call “energy”. The things that they are calling “energy” are demons or bewitching spirits manipulating modern technologies. They are caging the person in the circle. Eternal rings and triangles do not have breaks. There are objects in their circles that attract and hold the desired they call “vibrations” but they are demons. [i] Examples of the caging circles would be a sketched circle, pentagram, hexagram, and a triangle. The supernatural law is that the geometric figure will lock in and enslave the willing subjects within in the circle.

    Unknown. Wizards Caging People (Kindle Locations 62-71). Unknown. 

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    Shredding Metal Beasts

    in Film

    41th Show! Full of Insanity, Drunken Fun, Crude, Crass, Rude and DEFINITELY OFFENSIVE! An intense filled metal show featuring artists such as: Mortillery; Radioactive Murder; FireForce; Gaia Epics; Randomic, Raven; Strike Master - that's just the 1st 30-minutes. THEN Sean Horror, Al B Damned; EJK! Death Metal Time: 7 Bands! Skarthia; Carnalation; Carnivora. 

    Final 30-minutes HAILS Black Metal! Winds of Mayhem (WOM); Inquisitor; Frostland Darkness and Inverted Pentagram!

    So much more for all the METAL FANS!


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    Shredding Metal Beasts

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    36 Show! A Thrashing Powerful Opening, featuring MORTILLERY from Naplam Records! A Return of PUNK for the fans with music from The Order of the Fly and a treat for Psychobilly/Horror-Punk The Crimson Ghosts! OFFENSIVE SHOW! With Sodomizer & Desecresy. Black Metal Reigns Supreme last 30-mins with Necroblood and WOM and Inverted Pentagram. Music from Inferno Records; Torn Flesh Records. MORE MUSIC! MORE OBSCENE! 

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    TCH Ep. 63: Director Scott W. Perry and Scream Queen Debbie Rochon

    in Film

    On this episode, we are going to have the Director of the "In Fear Of" Series Scott W. Perry as well as legendary Scream Queen Debbie Rochon! We shall ask them both about the "In Fear Of" series, in particular 2012's episode "Monophobia: The Fear of Being Alone" and 2014's "Glossophobia: Fear of Speaking in Public" (which is nominated for a Rondo Award!). We will also ask Scott more about the series and his upcoming projects, and will talk to Debbie about her career and where she thinks the "Scream Queen" title is headed in the future!

    We will be reviewing Scream Factory's Special Edition Blu-Ray Release of The Babadook as well as Olive Films Blu-Ray Release of Ticks!

    We will also be featuring Pentagram Chile and their most recent CD The Malefice in our Metal Blade Spotlight!

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    The MisEducation of The Negro, is Actually Carried Out by Other Negros prt I

    in History

    Shalom, Salaam, Htp, Raahubaat. This evening show will be a look at how back in 1933 a Black historian and author named Carter G. Woodson born December 19, 1875 – April 3, 1950, wrote a first of it's kind book: The MisEducation of The Negro.

      The thesis of Dr. Woodson's book is that African Americans of his day were being culturally indoctrinated, rather than taught, in American schools. This conditioning, he claims, causes African Americans to become dependent and to seek out inferior places in the greater society of which they are a part. He challenges his readers to become autodidacts and to "do for themselves", regardless of what they were taught:

    This evening show will be part I of what will be a II or III part topic so I want to point out my own observations of how the miseducation of the Negro is carried out by the Black and Mulatto (cia) Intelligencia of society.This show is about showing we how we continue to stay trapped in a square and why we cant seem to get out. Sorcery and majic is afoot sistuhs and those working these majic rituals are part of a elite and ancient order of wizards, witches and peons who dedicate their LIVES to keeping the Eloim beings, the LITE ONES aka renamed negro, BR or AA eternally trapped in their Pentagram drawn (webs) of deceit, secret orders, subertfuge and misdirection. 

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    in Lifestyle


    What is the purpose of human life?Why do we hold certain beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world in which we live?

    Why do we act the way we do toward ourselves and others?
    What is actually happening in our world?
    Is there significance and purpose to the events that are occurring?
    Can we improve ourselves and the world in which we live, and if so, how?

     CALL # (347) 308 - 8131 Press #1 to speak..


    Events Before the Deluge /

    http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sitchin/esp_sitchin_0.htm /

    Dr. Malachi Z. York- 200 Fallen_Angels /

    http://youtu.be/jBmMFPXZfQg /

    Alfred Webre: Positive timeline transforms 2015 U$dollar collapse into Sovereignty,

    BRICS Golden Age /

    http://youtu.be/HuP7GXHZJMg /

    QUOTE - 

    “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” 
     Philip K. Dick, I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon

     Rob Sika ( blacks have Nephilim blood ) approx  last 7 mins of (pt 1 )

    Start @  ( 1:49:02 Mins)

    / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8dUQOaSmSE

    / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9nm7q1oh2M


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    Pentagram Ritual and Associate Member Program

    in Spirituality

    This coming Thursday, December 2nd, 2010, The Hermetic Hour's host Poke Runyon will describe and explain one of the first rituals we learn, and yet one of the most important in modern magick; the Lesser Pentagram. Following this instruction, we will discuss The Church of
    the Hermetic Sciences' Associate Member's course in Magick, and related subjects. The structure of the program, its requirements, purpose, and its goals will be outlined. What you can expect to gain from membership, and what will be expected of you. This program is already underway and growing. We are launching a new 21st century concept in magical networking; a combination of traditional and virtual association. Even if you're not ready to join us yet, you'll certainly
    want to know what we're doing, and how we're doing it. Tune in and get connected.

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    Sacred Symbols

    in Spirituality

    src="safari-extension://com.ebay.safari.myebaymanager-QYHMMGCMJR/8775fc44/background/helpers/prefilterHelper.js" type="text/javascript">
    Join Deb and Samantha as they examine the meaning behind sacred symbols and discuss how they can help you on your spiritual path.

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    Can Anyone tell me the other shape a pentagram makes???

    in Current Events

    Muhammed means to Praise and Worship....  Sabuh means ..Rising Sun 


    Obama's logo for presidency is the rising sun..

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    KTL RADIO presents BLACK PENTAGRAMS ft AA Rashid

    in News

    Join KNOW THE LEDGE RADIO as we return with another EXPLOSIVE episode. 

    The Qabala God AA Rashid will be returning to the program with a poignant message. Tonight's discussion will focus on exploring how ignorance stops us from dominating the physical world because of a christian induced fear of geometry.

    We shall show how your language is numbers and with numbers your psychology creates a king in your kingdom.


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    Psychic Visions of Dates by Understanding Occult/Satanic Ritualistic Numbers

    in Spirituality

    People are always asking me when something horrific like the impending tsunami will occur or when the end is coming. No one will know the date or time when that happens.  

    However, I will share with you the numbers which are sacred and magical used by Satanists.  This is important to know as these numbers have special meaning to the occult and are powerful in performing a ritual. 

    The Gates of Hades or Hell are now open and will remain open until September 3.  The Gates of Hades opened up on 7/27/2014 and if you add these numbers they will equal 5.  5 is the number which represents the Devil. It is represented by the pentagram.  The 5 sided star and when the horns are up this represents the Devil.  

    I will discuss all of this as well.  

    You may call in to leave a comment or ask a psychic question.

    Love and Light,

    Cindy aka Psychic Mia0899cs





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