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    100 Pennies: Poverty, Sexual Abuse and a Childhood Abandoned

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    100 Pennies is the story of a young girl living in Quebec, growing up in such poverty that she often fantasized that if she could get people to give her pennies; 100 pennies in fact, she would be rich and could change her life and the lives of her family forever.

    An autobiography in the works, the Voice of Leadership's guest is Gaetane Martin, author of 100 Pennies, who graciously and with intense vulnerability, shares her story with our listeners.

    Gaetane sheds light on her work, speaking to educators and therapists about the importance of listening to children, and the indiscriminant scope of poverty and hunger, and its impact on our future: our children. 

    This is part one of 100 Pennies: the beginning. Part two airs next week and takes our guest through to a life that is savored and sends a message of love.

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    100 Million Pennies!!!

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    Have a plan for all the money you get.{Live:}}From The CyberHooD with Shi.Getti

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    100 Pennies, Part Two: A Life to Be Savored and a Message of Love

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    PART 2: 100 Pennies is the story of a young girl living in New Brunswick, Canada, growing up in such poverty that she often fantasized that if she could get people to give her pennies; 100 pennies in fact, she would be rich and could change her life and the lives of her family forever.

    An autobiography in progress, the Voice of Leadership's guest is Gaetane Martin, author of 100 Pennies, who graciously and with intense vulnerability, shares her story with our listeners.

    This is part two of 100 Pennies: the awakening and takes our guest from a life that is distanced from itself to a life that is savored and sends a message of love.

    Part one aired last week and shares the beginning of a childhood abandoned by poverty and abuse. 

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    Author Steven Manchester talks PRESSED PENNIES on Conversations LIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Steven Manchester back to Conversations LIVE to discuss the success of his new book PRESSED PENNIES. 

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    Foods, Drinks, and Holiday Traditions

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    Sweet bread, a cross between a rich bread & dessert, is made from yeast dough, thus requiring home bakers to work like elves all night long to mix, knead, & bake the breads. The sweetness comes from a combination of sugar & dried fruits, while spices typically include cloves, nutmeg, mace, cardamom, & cinnamon. Some bakers combine dried fruits like raisins, currents, & prunes in a large bottle & steep them in rum or brandy for several weeks - or months - before adding to the batter. Whole pieces of dried fruits, including candied red & green cherries, are artistically laid in the top of the dough to make a signature design.

    Traditionally, even neediest families had a big ham at Christmastime. This was either purchased from pennies saved or as a gift from a thoughtful neighbor, employer, or even shopkeeper. Decades ago, it was common for Virgin Islands' grocers to hand out hams to their customers in appreciation for their patronage during the year.

    Island residents today line up outside refrigerated trailers to purchase their Christmas pine imported from the U.S. main-land. Long ago, they instead went in search of an inkberry tree or the brown dried stalk of a century plant or agave that had flowered a few months prior. Both of these grew in the wild; the inkberry in the islands' forests and the century plant or agave on the arid eastern end of the islands. The trees or stalks were brought inside, propped up in a rock-filled container & decorated with items such as small candies, crepe paper or bits of fabric.

    Courtesy of www.virginislandsthisweek.com/articles/virgin-islands-holiday-traditions.html

    Download free recipes from: http://webpac.uvi.edu/imls/ces_uvi/hmeco/holidaycooking.pdf

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    End Institutional Racism Before Racism Destroy America

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    Racism in America is not like racism was a century ago. Once upon a time Blacks accepted being treated as property. I'm not referring to the days of slavery. I refer to the time after slavery was abolished. Blacks most definitely was referred to as a lot of things none of which we'll talk about here. After slavery Blacks were acceptant of names, and adjectives to describe their actions. Blacks were told what to do and when to do it. Racism was a way of life  for Whites and Blacks. Blacks were oppressed and just staying alive and not being beat was a successful day. Through all the troubles of daily life Blacks kept the faith, did the work, and made the necessary changes to gain respect of the people they now slaved for scraps and basically pennies. Change wasn't easy for Blacks nor the majority race then nor now. Even when we want change, when others fight against the change or just refuse the change it is most difficult to change. America we must change our actions toward one another. We must end institutional racism before racism  destroy America. Racism is real. Racism is visited upon Blacks daily by Whites. There is no Black racism. Skin supremacy exist but today it is more money than skin

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    How to live well, by living clean, eating healthy and being happy

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    Trainer, Donna Nealy Fitness Coach and  Chef Inetta Cooper, Personal Chef talk about how you can live well, healthy, happy and fit. How you can afford your own private trainer and personal chef, for pennies a day

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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

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    My guest on Sunday Nov. 16th is author Stephanie D. Singleton. Stephanie will be chatting with me about her book, The Hair Between My Legs: The Path to a Woman's Heart and Soul.The book is scheduled to be released in January 2015

    About the book:

    When a woman sells her Soul for Love; the love she gains may not only cost her a scorned heart but can leave her with an empty soul.Young, Beautiful, Classy, Intelligent -- describes Mya Evans --the Survivor !  Mya a divorced college professor in Petersburg, Virginia struggles with finding the balance between Love, Trust and Faith. When one fails her --- the other is sure to find a way to make life worth fighting for. Its when life takes an unexpected turn, her heart will detect the Lies - but The Hair Between Her Legs will reveal the awful Truth!

    About the author:

    Born and raised in Akron Ohio is where Stephanie D. Singleton found her hobby for writing while working as a licensed hairstylist and salon owner. She had first become intrigued by theatre in the early 90's after attending her stage Beauty Show by the Godfather of urban theatre Shelly Garrett. It was that moment Stephanie had become interested in attempting at writing very own stage play. Having a gift for learning by sight, a knack for creative spending then creating magic out of pennies. It was in 1998  this visually creative stylist took her limited funds and a big vision gathered a few of her hair clients, church friends and choir (United Baptist) and wrote, directed and produced her first gospel stage play titled Thank You Mama.


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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with One of Our Favorites: Slim Man!

    in Music

    Yes, you are correct - you have seldom seen the word "Favorite" in the title of the show :)  The most versatile Renaissance Man that we're featuring is the reason.  Besides being so staggeringly talented, Slim is also a friend.  And it's ALWAYS a pleasure to welcome him back!

    Baltimore born and bred, Slim (aka Tim Camponeschi) became smitten with music at the age of five.  That's when Dad took him to see "The Five Pennies" with Danny Kaye and Louis Armstrong.  So strong was the inspiration that Slim took trumpet lessons for ten years.  And he taught himself both guitar and piano.  Singing all the while.  Oh, thank God for THAT!  If you know our Hunk's voice, then you have heard Audible Silk.  Dean Martin without the dry martini :-D

    Seriously, this profile could wax poetic from now until showtime - that's how cool of a background we're discussing. From the first gig, singing Beatles' songs at the six grade graduation - to his middle school band, Momma Max - to his education at the Peabody Institute - to the Motown office of Roxanne Gordy in New York City where he signed his published deal (and a song on Angie Bofill's debut CD!).  There's more: Stiff Records (yes) signed him and "Boot Camp" had two of the 100 videos first seen on MTV.  A re-recording of songs originally done by another artist put Slim Man on the map - so did Bona Fide, the group he founded in the late 90's.  "X-Ray Hip" was a number one song that still get played all over the globe.  And Ronnie Dunn of Brooks & Dunn will never forget Our Guy - Slim was the one who discovered him via the nationwide Marlboro search.

    TV, screenplays, authentic Italian cooking - whaddya want?!  A new Kickstarter will launch his cookbook (days left!) and a BIG charitable event happens SOON - please welcome our Friend, Slim Man!

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    Suspense Radio One on One with Treva Hall Melvin

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    Suspense Radio One on One with Treva Hall Melvin. Suspense Radio One on One is brought to you by Suspense Magazine and in partnership with partners in crime tours. 

    Synopsis: Mr. Samuel's Penny

    It’s 1972 and fourteen-year-old New Yorker Elizabeth Landers is sent to the sleepy town of Ahoskie, North Carolina to spend the summer with relatives. Her expectation of boredom is quickly dispelled when police sirens and flashing lights draw her to a horrible scene at the Danbury Bridge. Mr. Samuel, owner of Samuel’s Lumber Yard, has driven his car off the bridge and into the river, drowning himself and his daughter. The medical examiner thinks it’s an accident, but the Sheriff finds fresh bullet holes on the bridge right where the skid marks are. Curiously, Mr. Samuel died clutching a unique 1909 wheat penny—a penny that is then stolen from the Sheriff’s office. Lizbeth witnesses Miss Violet’s grief upon learning that her husband and child are dead, and decides she will help by finding the penny.

    Her search involves Lizbeth in the lives of many Ahoskie residents. Like the owner of the grocery store, mean old Mr. Jake, who—as all the kids in Ahoskie know—hates black folks. Plenty of pennies in his till. Then there is Ms. Melanie Neely, otherwise known as “Ms. McMeanie,” who thinks the lumber yard should belong to her. And Mr. Samuel’s handsome brother Ben, who struggles to keep the business afloat after his more clever brother’s death. Lizbeth searches through the collection plates at church and in the coin jars of crazy old Aunt Ode, a strange old woman missing one eye and most of her teeth, who keeps a flask in her apron pocket and a secret in her soul.

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    Travel around the world for pennies on the dollar

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    Travel to place you could on ly dream of for little or less then nothing. 7 day cruise for $299. Hawaii for 4 days 3 nights $649 and much more

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