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    RA: Entrevista com o jurista e professor universitário - Albano Pedro

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    Radio Angola (RA): Teremos o privilegio de entrevistar ao vivo com o jurista e professor universitário Albano Pedro, para falar sobre problemas jurídico-legais: kalupeteka, caso jindungo, Rafael Marques, nova lei sobre o sistema de justiça, eleições autárquicas em Angola, etc.

    A entrevista esta marcada para Sábado, dia 23, às 9:00 horas locais de Washington DC, 14 horas em Angola, 13 horas em Portugal e 15 horas na África do Sul. 

    Por Florindo Chivucute

    Os nossos ouvitem podem também participar em directo no programa via Skype ou telefonar para 011(914) 338-0378 escolhendo a opção 1. As perguntas e sugestões podem ser enviadas para info@friendsofangola.org. A Rádio Angola – uma rádio sem fronteiras – é um dos projectos da Friends of Angola, onde as suas opiniões e sugestões são validas e respeitadas.

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    The Tailgate Show S4E22 Pedro Mancebo Heizer

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    A great close to the season on the road !!!!!!  Beating the Bigfoots is always a great!!!!! Even with the first half over we have so much to talk about. We will wrap up the first half with a great guest Pedro Heizer.  


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    O sonho do jovem activista Pedro Gonga e de ser jornalista

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    Radio Angola (RA): Talento Angolano: O sonho do jovem activista Pedro Gonga e de ser jornalista - Ele fez a sua primeira reportagem ontem, dia 3 de Abril, a partir de  Luanda para a Radio Angola. Durante a entrvista, Pedro Gonga abordo varios temas com os jovens activistas Davide Mendes e Baixa De Cassange.

    Por Florindo Chivucute

    Eu Reporto, e um novo espaço que a Radio Angola (RA) irá conceder aos angolanos e não so, para partilhar qualquer assunto (na tua comunidade, escola, cidade...) que achar oportuno e pertinente partilhar com os angolanos e o mundo.

    Perguntas e sugestões podem ser enviadas para info@friendsofangola.org. A Rádio Angola – uma rádio sem fronteiras – é um dos projectos da Friends of Angola, onde as suas opiniões e sugestões são validas e respeitadas.

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    Cuba: Facts and Myths with Victor Andres Triay PhD

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    Victor Andres Triay, PhD., is a novelist and historian. The Miami Herald referred to him as "a significant researcher of Cuban exile history."   Born and raised in Miami to Cuban exile parents.

    Victor's first book, Fleeing Castro: Operation Pedro Pan and the Cuban Children's Program, was published by the University Press of Florida in 1998. Fleeing Castro was the first book length historical work on the topic. Three years later he published, again with the University Press of Florida, Bay of Pigs: An Oral History of Brigade 2506,  a historical account of the Bay of Pigs invasion told through the eyes of  the exile invasion force. In 2005 he co-authored, with Teo Babun,  The Cuban Revolution: Years of Promise, a photographic history of Fidel Castro's war against Fulgencio Batista, Castro's assumption of power, and his establishment of a  Stalinist dictatorship in Cuba. Victor recently released his first major work of historical fiction, a series entitled The Unbroken Circle. Book I, The Struggle Begins, was released in July 2013. Book II, Freedom Betrayed, was released in January 2014. Book III, On Freedom's Shores, will be released in mid-2014

    Victor is a resident of Middletown, Connecticut, where he lives with his wife, Emilia, and three children, Victor Andres, Jr., Gabriela Elena, and Francisco Xavier.

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    Reach Out America: Opening the Vortex

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    Raquel Okyay will host tonight's show which will feature first hand accounts of CPS abduction of children and family court's tug-of-war of children for no good reason except to raise more money for divorce lawyers. Also we will have Pedro Taveras Jr. and Mimi Lyons who will offer practical solutions to parents in need.


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    Listen to some of the sounds of the Topeka statehouse as it closes the longest session in Kansas history.

    Also today Equality Kansas holds a morning rally on the 1st floor rotunda to 

    Join us this Friday, June 26 at 10am at the Kansas State Capitol for our Dignity and Equality Rally.  Our special guest speaker will be State Representative Valdenia Winn, who is currently being persecuted for speaking her mind in a committee hearing in March.  Rep. Winn, a long-time supporter of equality for LGBT Kansans, will be subjected to an inquisition and a hearing beginning Friday morning at 8:30am, with a break at 10am for the final session (“Sine Die”).  Once the legislature adjourns, the hearing will be concluded with a vote to either reprimand, censure, or expel Rep Winn from the legislature.

    Other speakers include:

    State Representative John Carmichael
    Civil rights attorney Pedro Irigonegaray
    ACLU / Kansas executive director Micah Kubic
    Planned Parentood of Kansas CEO Laura McQuade
    Sunflower Community Action deputy director Reuben Eckles
    Interfaith Power & Light director Rabbi Moti Rieber
    Transgender activist Elle Boatman
    Daily Kos writer Chris Reeves

    The Kansas legislature’s final session this year will be Friday, June 26, at 10:00am. Equality Kansas has reserved the Statehouse Rotunda to rally for something that has been missing from their agenda for the past several years: Equality and dignity.

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    The Tailgate Show S4E12 Pedro Mancebo Heizer

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    With the exciting news of the jersey unveiling on Thursday night at The Funky Buddha we are moving the show to Wednesday night at the same Bat time of 7pm.  This week a huge THANK YOU to Pedro Heizer for still coming out and being our guest for the night!!!!  With so much on the horizon..... opening day, more signings and the jersey party who better to talk to then Pedro this guy knows soccer like no one else.  So tune in and call in with any soccer questions you might have. See you tomorrow night at 7pm!!!!   YES WEDNESDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Cornelius, the Righteous Roman Soldier bbc6-15-15

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    Cornelius, the Righteous Roman Soldier bbc6-15-15

    BIBLEBOOKCLUB: OT: 1 Kings 14:1-15:24, NT: Acts 10:1-23, Psalm: 133:1-3, Proverbs: 17:7-8

    In today's NT, scripture, Cornelius a Roman solidier was a godly man and a man of prayer, however, He did not know Jesus. One day Cornelius had a vision and in the vision, an angel of God spoke to him. The angel told him God saw him praying and saw his generosity. The angel instructed Cornelius to seek Peter and ask him to come and share the good news with him about Jesus! Peter came to his home and his whole family received Jesus. He was the first non Jewish convert to Jesus Christ! FRIENDS, GOD WILL SEND US PEOPLE WHO NEED TO HEAR THE GOSPEL. SHARE THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT JESUS, OUR SAVIOR!

    En la actualidad NT, escritura, un soldado romano Cornelio era un hombre de Dios y un hombre de oración, sin embargo, él no conocía a Jesús. Un día Cornelio tuvo una visión y un ángel de Dios le habló. El ángel le dijo que Dios le vio orando y vio a su generosidad. El ángel instruyó a Cornelio a buscar a Pedro y le invito a venir y compartir la buena noticia con él acerca de Jesús! Pedro llegó a su casa y toda su familia recibió a Jesús. Él fue el primer converso no judío a Jesucristo! AMIGOS, Dios enviará a los Estados Unidos la gente que necesita escuchar el evangelio. Compartir las buenas noticias de Jesús, nuestro Salvador!

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    Coming Apocalypse

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    Severe Weather is expected to hit all across America today with "Extreme Straightline Winds", also hail storms, tornados, and excessive rains and flash floods. Also in San Pedro, Chile a powerful 6.0 earthquake has hit with potential tsunami warnings. Also in Indonesia on Mount Sinabung a "Massive Eruption" sends ash, smoke, and fire high into the sky and causes tremors at the "Super Volcano" location near by. Also a suicide bomber expoded a bomb at the Luxor Temple in Egypt wounding 4 tourist. Also Al-Queada has declared war on a local Islamic State of Iraq and Syria jihadist group for killing their leader Nasr Akr in Lybia. Also Jebediah Bush endorses a "New Military Base" in Iraq. These and much more current news events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    Incredible yellowtail fishing, Fireman's Fish-Off 2015 on Backlash Radio

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    Help injured firefighter Pete Dern
    You can still donate to the cause

    It was truly a great night last night at the la city vs LA County Fire Department fishoff 2015. It was a very emotional night as all proceeds went to help injured fireman Pete Dern. Dave Marino joins Phil to talk more about it all. 

    Captain Mitch Christensen on his way home with another phonomenial day of giant local yellowtail on the Southern Cal and Don Ashley from Pierpoint Landing in Long Beach.

    John Woodrum live from the Pursuit out of 22nd St Landing in San Pedro with over 50 big yellowtail. 

    Erin Villareal from Cisco's reporting over 70 yellowtail on the Mirage and the Pacific Islander going tonight! 

    www.PFOMedia.com and PFO on Facebook

    Spanish coverage  www.AventurasAlAireLibre.com or Aventuras Al Aire Libre on Facebook

    Tune in to our Spanish outdoors program on AM 690 radio. Friday's 9-10pm and Sundays from 6-7am