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    Adult Children of Alcoholics-How To Heal Our Toxic Vibrations

    in Relationships

    It is not uncommon for adult children of alcoholics to attract energy beings who are very similar to their parents.  It is quite common in fact for adult children to attract alcoholics as partners and to have children with drug and alcoholc issues.  I hear some wondering, "But how could this be? I did not drink, and I hated my father who was an alcoholic.  How could I have attracted a spouse who drinks and have children who drink and do drugs?"  The reality Dear One, is that we attract what we are on a vibrational level, and your childhood experiences have created certain emotional set points.  These set points are no different than a radio station.  So like moths to a flame, children who have been abused by alcoholics are tuned up for alcoholics.  Why? Because ACoA's understand the dysfunctional love language of an alcoholic, and or narcissistic, denial based being.  While a non-codependent being would avoid alcoholics whose actions might not match what is comign out of his/her mouth, and ACoA sees these beings as needing sympathy, help, or love.  In addition, because their idea of love is evasive, complicated and confusing, ACoA's match up their energies perfectly with beings who are more than willing to be evasice, complicated and confusing.  Taking a Toxic Vibrational Fast is a Fast Pass Way to Facilitate Emotional Healing.



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    Beware Anonymous Predators

    in Self Help

    In 2011, Karla Brada Mendez was strangled to death by Eric Allen Earle, a man she met at a 12-step meeting. Anonymity rules help obscure people with criminal records, and many new members, especially women, report being the targets of unwanted sexual advances. Dozens of women wrote to tell me what one study already showed, that a majority are harassed. Many are groped and some are raped. Some are even murdered.  

    Since the late 1990s, Gabrielle Glaser has examined social, cultural, and national health trends for The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, and The Oregonian in Portland, where she was a staff writer. She worked as a "County Lines" columnist at The New York Times, and her work has appeared in many publications, including The New York Times Magazine, Glamour,Mademoiselle, and ScientificAmerican.com. 

    Click here for Gabrielle's site http://gabrielleglaser.com/

    Click here for Gabrielle's article: Twelve Steps to Danger: How Alcoholics Anonymous Can Be a Playground for Violence-Prone Members

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    The Phenomenon of Anonymous

    in Spirituality

    The faceless cabal of hactivists and Internet bandits known as Anonymous possesses the power to bring websites to their knees, and it poses a quandary to the modern world: should we tolerate Anonymous or not? Is there a question of "tolerating" a group that appears virtually indestructible? Are they criminals or saviours? Should we fear or admire them? Do they deserve respect? Can they be said to have an agenda, and if so -- what is it? Can they be trusted? Will their effect be good or bad for humankind overall? Stephen & Steve use analytic astrology to probe at the roots and future of this mysterious, powerful group. 

    Also on the table for discussion are recent events on the global political scene, including the latest controversial Israeli action against the al-Aqsa mosque, and the unsurprising-yet-overwhelming GOP victory in the midterm elections. 

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    Pilots, the FAA, and Alcoholics Anonymous- extortion

    in Self Help

    One pilot tells his horor story of how the FAA and AA are  in bed with each other. Join Monica Richardson for a 1 hour show with a pilot who will tell what happened to him. Other pilots may be calling in as well. Did you know if you are a pilot and you have issues with alcohol you are forced to go to an AA rehab and see an AA pyshciatrist charging you $1,500.- $2,500. for an hour session? Did you know that you may be required to sign a 3 page contract if you are a pilot that treats AA, its meetings, its sponosrs  and its steps like a treament program , wrapped into a police watch dog type system. Its outrageous. Join us live in the chat room. 



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    Airline Pilot Coercion to Alcoholics Anonymous-The FAA involved...Part 1

    in Self Help

    Shocking new information ...How deep is this rabbit hole? This last spring I met with a pilot who told me his story. When we drove away I felt how depressed and sad he was that he may never fly again. Why? Beacuse he has a problem with alcohol? No. Because AA members have infiltrated every nook and cranny of our culture and world only to tell them ...do it our way..reliious AA or the highway. To tell even Nurses they have to go to AA for 5 years ...WOW...WOW.... I am outraged....How can the FAA force a Pilot to attend an AA rehab ($40,000) and see an AA psychiatrist ( for $2,500.)  to regain their flying abilities?  Money and AA dont mix? Bullshit! 

    If you or someone you know has been coereced and forced to AA dogma, has lost your job, lost wages etc we are rallying to discuss a civil class action lawsuit. Please listen and share everywhere. 

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    Election 2014 Wrap-Up, Anonymous Daze in Court, DiFi vs CIA, Benghazi Looming

    in Politics Conservative

    Join Conservative Report Radio tonight w/ founder, Patrick Swift Read.

    Special guest Sanguinarious on the self-professed "Anonymous Leader" Neal Rauhauser and his daze in court.

    ~=>Background data: Twittergate in 2010, Stop Rush in 2012 & Targetting Conservatives all along.

    Election 2012 - The people don't want NObamaCARE,  Obama's America Rejected & GOP Already Failing with Cromnibus.

    CIA - Clapper, Illegal Wars: Obama Knew About ISIS & al-Qaida allies.

    Rep Mike Roger's wife is Ex-CEO of AEGIS, who was providing *security in Libya during the 9/11 attack. What did the Rogers know & when?

    Benghazi Looming: What military response??

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    Rebelution Radio After Party

    in Comedy

    We will take your calls and open up a discussion about "The Fall of Anonymous"


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    Rebelution Radio Movie Premiere

    in Comedy

    Join us as we gear up for the premiere of "The Fall of Anonymous"

    We will get you ready for the premiere with all the info you will need to check it out.

    We will take calls and talk about the SONY hacks!

    Another show is scheduled for Midnight!

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    Episode 13: Two Alcoholics Walk Into A Room

    in Lifestyle


    In which the S.O.S meeting Jeff and Chris set out to attend is not the S.O.S. meeting they find. Which then leads Jeff to facilitate Chris’ second attempt at attending an A.A. meeting.

    Will he go in?

    Will he stay?

    Do they cast him out as an imposter?

    Do they welcome him as a brother?

    Is there coffee?

    Find out in this week’s episode…

    We also talk through Step 11. 



    Secular Organizations for Sobriety (S.O.S)

    Sisters of Sobriety (S.o.S) / How some women-only Alcoholics Anonymous meetings identify themselves.

    Headspace / Meditation app

    Andrew Kukes Foundation for Social Anxiety / We didn’t actually mention this organization but it has a lot of good info


    Southington, Connecticut. A meeting / Charles Fenno Jacobs / 1942 / public domain via Library of Congress


    DJ FM

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    The Road to Recovery with Dan Czuba

    in Self Help

    This is a show to help everyone and anyone that feels as though they have an addiction.   Share personal experiences, strength and hope.     Call-In, Email & Ask Questions  as we all work together to “Make It a Better Day” for everyone!!   There are so many avenues out there to explore that many of us are unfamiliar with. This show is there to help you and to support you on your way to a successful recovery and to ensure that you are able to stay focused. There is someone that cares for you. I hope you will join us and be encouraged as we hope to reach millions to minister and to support you on “The Road to Recovery”.   God Bless you for listening and join our discussion every Sunday from 7 PM – 9 PM.    Call 323-580-5755 or 800 - I Ask You (800-427-5968).   Write to me at Daniel@daare.com so I may be able to successfully assist you in any way that I can.   www.linkedlocalnetwork.com 

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    ADD Anonymous

    in Self Help

    Tune in LIVE this Sunday September 28th at 4pm PDT to the show ‘ADD Anonymous’.  Join Justine Ruotolo, aka Miss ADD, as she welcomes back to the show Chris de Baca.  This week’s discussion will be an open forum for you to call in and share, vent, ask questions, or release as needed regarding ADD & ADHD symptoms.  We’ll provide a safe, anonymous place for you to share your struggles, tips & suggestions, or ask questions.  Please call (917) 889-7025 on Sunday 9/28 between 4-5:30pm PDT.  *All previous podcasts are available on iTunes.


    Justine Ruotolo - ADD/Life Coach & MFT






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