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    Escape to Patagonia with David Chu

    in Prepping

    David Chu, an ex-patriate citizen saw many people leaving the country because of the lack of reasonable government continuing as new leaders began to increase their strong-handed take-over of the country. David understood exactly how those people were feeling, since he had been born in China and had “flown the coop” when he saw “the handwriting on the wall!”

    “Like most people in the USA, I was pretty much asleep until 2003…I used to be a very conservative, right-wing person who believed in the American dream, the pax americana…so much so that in March 2003, I was helping organize rallies in support of US troops. This was at the beginning of the Iraq war…I was in Santa Rosa CA and we organized these rallies––thousands of people showed up! The Republicans were wondering how the heck did this guy bring out all these people waving flags and these giant placards that said Support Our Troops.  We had four rallies in Santa Rosa during that month alone!

    “So that’s where I started from. But then I went down the rabbit hole––very, very deep. To the point where I began to realize there were many problems with the 9/11 was the issue. It took me about a year to assimilate it and to digest it. I really, truly, like a lot of immigrants who come to this great country, I really believed in the good America, the Hollywood version, you know? And when I finally accepted the fact that the only ‘conspiracy theory’ on 9/11 is the government’s propaganda story…that took me about a year to digest. And once I assimilated that, my eyes opened up really wide, and I started to look at all sorts of issues.

    Get more details about the Patagonian paradise in his article at HERE.

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    Lost Arts Radio Show #33 - Guests Dr. Gabriel Cousens and Dr. Rima E. Laibow

    in Health

    We are incredibly blessed to have Dr. Gabriel Cousens, founder of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona (www.treeoflifecenterus.com) stop by to talk to us about the levels of health, what they mean and how you can arrange your life to achieve them. Dr. Cousens is widely known for his work in teaching the lifestyle and consciousness components of health in many countries around the world. More than just one of the most experienced raw food advocates in the world today, he is an emissary of peace with the background to demonstrate how it can be achieved first in one's own personal life and then spread to the world around us by example. Dr. Cousens, an Essene Rabbi and spiritual teacher to students of all backgrounds, is also known for his incredible work in the healing of diabetes and other degenerative diseases.

    We are also honored with the return of Dr. Rima Laibow, M.D. (www.drrimatruthreports.com) and Ralph Fucetola, J.D., who join us to discuss something most of us have never heard of, even those familiar with the nefarious intentions and crimes of Agenda 21. What is this new monster? Why Agenda 2030, of course. Attempting to condense this massive subject into a single interview is not really possible, but Dr. Laibow is eminently qualified to do the introductory lesson with us. Having worked already, through the Natural Solutions Foundation, to warn the world, educate us, and resist a multitude of lethal threats such as Codex Alimentarius, nuclear power, geoengineering, GMO technology, deadly drugs and vaccines, and of course, Agenda 21, Dr. Laibow is a precious rarity in many ways. For example, she has been a practicing psychiatrist for more than 40 years without prescribing any drugs. Dr. Laibow is also a radio host on Veterans Truth Network.

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    TERRANCE TALKS TRAVEL: Eight Über Adventure Destinations

    in Travel

    This week's show focuses on eight places most travelers have never been to or even knew much about. I'm going to reveal my list of the eight best adventure destinations, share some adventure travel tips, and reveal a litany of adventure activities that can achieved at each destination from abseiling to zorbing. A list of reputable tour operators and outfitters for these places can be found on www.terrancetalkstravel.com and my latest book, TERRANCE TALKS TRAVEL: A Pocket Guide to Adventure Travel.

    Terrance Zepke is a travel agent, travel writer, and host of TERRANCE TALKS TRAVEL. She has traveled to every continent and has enjoyed many amazing adventures including piranha fishing in the Amazon, dog-sledding in the Arctic, and hiking Machu Picchu. She is in demand as a speaker and has made numerous media appearances, including The Travel Channel, Good Morning Show, and Travel with Rick Steves. She has written hundreds of articles and posts, as well as twenty-five books, including THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CHEAP TRAVEL: SAVE UP TO 90% ON LODGING, FLIGHTS, TOURS, CRUISES & MORE!, COASTAL SOUTH CAROLINA: WELCOME TO THE LOWCOUNTRY, and TERRANCE TALKS TRAVEL: A POCKET GUIDE TO SOUTH AFRICA.

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    Ep #320 – Dr. Gabriel Cousens – How to be a Successful Live-Food Vegan, Tips For Diabetes, Radiation

    in Fitness

    Dr. Gabriel Cousens author of There Is a Cure for Diabetes, Conscious Eating, Spiritual Nutrition, Depression-free for Life and director of the Tree of Life in Patagonia Arizona joined us to talk about many fascinating topics. We talked about how to be a successful live-food vegan. It was a truly interesting show and one that […]

    The post Ep #320 – Dr. Gabriel Cousens – How to be a Successful Live-Food Vegan, Tips For Diabetes, Radiation, Staying Healthy For The Flu Season & Much More! – 9-22-2014 appeared first on Extreme Health Radio.

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    Programa 83 Nota al Sr. Leo Casanovas. El Turf en la Patagonia, Argentina

    in Radio

    Leo Casanovas tiene junto con amigos el Blog El Turf de la Patagonia, donde da noticias de todo lo que sucede en esa parte de la Argentina

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    Ron Morehead on Paranormal Geeks Radio

    in Paranormal

    Ron Morehead is an ‘adventurist’; a positive ‘someone’ who loves life, but often lives it on the edge. As a SCUBA diver, he swam with the hammerhead sharks, has been filmed in Mexico’s Pacific Ocean riding the backs of giant manta rays, and been a safety diver for the filming of Right whales in Patagonia.

    As a private pilot, Ron has flown his own aircraft from the Alaskan bush to the Costa Rican jungle. Besides traveling to the ancient Mayan civilizations in the Yucatan, he has also flown into a remote jungle area of Chiapas (Southern Mexico) on an anonymous Mayan discovery expedition. What he saw was thought to be one of the last remaining strong-holds of the Mayan people. He has ventured into Western Nepal’s Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve to help assess the tiger population, explored the jungles of Bardiya on elephants, and been in the wilderness of Siberia looking for evidence of the Russian Yeti, Bigfoot/Sasquatch experiences. He has openly shared his knowledge and accounts with others. He produced two CDs with actual Bigfoot vocalizations, focusing on the interaction he and others had with these forest giants.

    As a successful businessman, and a father of four, his entrepreneurism has afforded him the time and means to do many things. He doesn’t consider himself an active participant in a man-made religion, but is deeply spiritual, and yet he can be a classic ‘bad boy’. Besides being a gifted entertainer-musician, his incredible life as a speaker has taken him worldwide.

    Unlike most of our culture, Ron has learned to live with nature on its terms and not attempt to conquer it. His story about Bigfoot/Sasquatch is a chronicle that has drawn much attention over the last 40 years. It’s a true story and he says that it’s been the biggest adventure of his lifetime.

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    Travel the world without a plan & on a budget

    in Lifestyle

    "Most people go through life avoiding problems. I believe the bigger the problem you take on, the bigger your life," says Michael Trainer in this sixth edition of SRO Conversations. As the U.S. Executive Producer for the Global Citizen Festival, Trainer helped galvanize one of the largest gatherings of people in NYC to help commit to alleviate poverty. Over 60,000 people were in attendance in 2012 to listen to musicians like Neil Young to John Legend. An intrepid traveler himself, Trainer eloquently tells of his most recent trip to Patagonia and how he traveled without a plan and on a limited budget. Tune in here for the full discussion on the importance of retreating, being spontaneous, taking risks, and critically thinking about a life of service.

    To view all conversations, including this one, visit www.summerrayne.net.

    Direct any comments/questions for this episode on Twitter @sroakes with #SROConvo.

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    DSMA Live: Backcountry Snowboarder

    in Health

    DSMA Live with special guest Sean Busby, Co-host Scott K. Johnson, George Simmons and Cherise Shockley (Founder DCAF/DSMA) 
    Riding On Insulin founder, Sean Busby, is a professional backcountry snowboarder with type 1 diabetes who explores remote mountain ranges of the world on snowboarding expeditions. In 2004, while training for the 2010 Olympics, Sean endured a complicated diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. Considering leaving snowboarding all together, Sean was inspired by reading stories he found through JDRF's Children’s Congress. It was the stories of 5- 7- and 13-year-olds that inspired him to keep living his dreams despite living with diabetes. He founded Riding On Insulin—which is now a nonprofit organization—to honor all the kids who inspired him to keep living. Today, Sean's wife Mollie runs Riding On Insulin and Sean volunteers his time at the organization's global action sports programs (including ski/snowboard camps) for kids, teens and adults living with diabetes. Sean also continues his expeditions through his mountain guiding business, Powder Lines and chronicles his adventures with Mollie on their website, Two Sticks and a Board (http://TwoSticksAndABoard.com). His expeditions include trips to Antarctica (twice!), Patagonia, Iceland, Kyrgyzstan, Alaska, Tasmania, and mor

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    Interview: David McGuire, Sea Stewards

    in Environment

    A marine biologist and ocean advocate, David McGuire, MPH, is the founder of the Ocean Health and Shark Conservation nonprofit Sea Stewards. As a Research Associate of the Department of Aquatic Biology at the California Academy of Sciences, David is conducting a shark research program that includes population studies, movements and fisheries impacts. 
    As Captain, Dive Master and filmmaker, David has explored the oceans on numerous sailing voyages, producing media with an emphasis on ocean awareness. Educated in Marine Biology, he holds a masters degree in Environmental Health and has worked in education and public health at the University of California at Berkeley for over a decade.
    David is the writer, producer and underwater cinematographer of several award winning documentaries focusing on sharks. David recently  produced a new documentary on the sharks of San Francisco Bay and has recently worked as cameraman on feature films such as 180 South with Patagonia and A Beautiful Wave. 
    Through Sea Stewards he catalyzed the coalition leading to the passage of  the California Shark Conservation Act in the State of California,the Shark Conservation Act, AB 376. The Shark Stewards project is dedicated to ending shark finning and the shark fin trade.  
    David is author of numerous articles and fiction and nonfiction books, including Surviving the Shark.  He sits on several boards of non-profits, including the San Francisco Green Film Festival and the Cordell Bank Marine Sanctuary Association. He has received numerous awards for his work ,including an award for Journalism with KQED for the investigative story Sea Horse Sleuth, the 2011 Hero of Marin Environmental Stewardship Award,  and an Emmy award for his work on the documentary Reefs to Rainforests.

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    Guest: Karla Olson

    in Books

    Charmaine welcomes Karla Olson to the show.  Karla is currently Director of Publishing for Patagonia, the iconic clothing company. She is also president and founder of Read Local and president of Publishers and Writers of San Diego, an affiliate of Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA). She has been in the publishing industry for over 25 years and is the founder of BookStudio, a publishing strategist and book packager. Before founding BookStudio, Karla was the Creative Director of Tehabi Books, the founder of Via Press, and Editorial Director of the Michael Friedman Publishing Group in New York and also worked in the editorial department of Putnam Publishing.  Before founding BookStudio, she was the Creative Director of Tehabi Books, the founder of Via Press, and was for 10 years the Editorial Director of the Michael Friedman Publishing Group. She also worked in the editorial department of Putnam Publishing.
    Host Charmaine Hammond is the author of On Toby's Terms (Bettie Youngs Books) which is being turned into a major motion picture (see www.ontobysterms.com). She also authored Toby The Pet Therapy Dog & His Hospital Friends, GPS Your Best Life and Toby Says Be a Buddy Not a Bully.  She has developed a program for authors, Your Book As a Business, where she shares her learnings, lessons and success about the business of books.  Website:  http://www.howtosellandmarketyourbook.com

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    Marvelous Mondays with Harry & Phil Guests Paul & Konomi

    in Lifestyle

    Positive People, Information and News! That is all you will find on Marvelous Mondays with Harry & Phil. Join us each and every Monday night as an alternative to the nightly news and to end your night on a high note.
    Paul Coleman and Konomi Kikuchi live in southern Chile in the small community of La Junta, Patagonia. In 2012 their sustainable home and gardens project in Patagonia won them the Wiser's Living Earth Day Award.  Paul is an environmentalist who has walked over forty seven and a half thousand kilometers through 39 nations, leading to the planting of millions of trees. He has been the ambassador to the "Culture of Peace" a UN designated Peace Messenger Initiative since 1994.
    Konomi is an author and award environmentalist, who is now working on her twelfth book, which will tell the story of their life in Patagonia. In 2010 she won the World Summit of Women's "Rural Woman of the Year" award.