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    Move from FML to I LOVE my LIFE!

    in Lifestyle

    You're tired of feeling responsible for everything that is happening in your family?  You're concerned about your parnets and what you see them going through?  You want to feel free to live your life, without guilt and with relief, knowing that they will be ok? These 5 tips will support you to practice self care and direct your family toward the true support that they are in need of.  You get to put the burden down and start living your life!

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    batman/daredevil the same hero

    in Books

    people always wonder if batman and daredevil are almost the same person. i say they are. both bruce and matt lost there parents when they were kids when there parents where kill by crime. and both wanted justice in there city so when they grew up they both suited up as hero's and go after crime and there bosses. but batman from gotham city and daredevil is from new york hell kitchen which is like gotham. but during the day both of them wondering what going on in there city. so as a cover matt works as lawyler so he knows who to go after. and for bruce he works for his parnets company wayne enterprises. and that where they make batman new toys. that brings me to my point people think that ben is going suck as bruce wayne/batman cause daredevil suck. i beg the differents i think ben is going be a awesome bruce wayne/batman. and he going suite up as batman for man of steel 2 and the justice league and bale is not coming back it nolan free movie. the only batman movie i will watch with bale is the dark knight with heath ledger joker that only one. but for man of steel 2 i think ben is going rock as batman and there artwork out there on what his outfit might look like for the movie.

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    Total Education Q and A With Maggie and Neil

    in Education

    The Total Tutor and Maggie Stevens from the Parent Fizx will answer questions from parents.

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    batman origin

    in Books

    as young child bruce wayne witness what no child wants to see is his parnets being gun down by a street thug over money. then later on bruce vow revenge and train his body and built his body into weapon. went to collage and study law and science and other stuff. but for some odd reason he left gotham. and the years later came back. and pick up where he left off. so one night he went into the streets of gotham and try to put the fear into the people but it wasn't working he came back with bullets or stap wounds on him or even worst. so one day he was sitting in his room where he kept his painting of his parents and ask how can i strike the fear into the people then his answer came crashing through the window. it was a bat and landed on the painting. and bruce took it as a sign. found out where the bat came from and found the cave it was under the house so that became his hideout where he kept his outfit batmoblie and his high tech weapons and toys. so one night as batman he put the fear into gotham and only two people he had on his side was gordon and alfred. cause gordon knew what the batman was doing. going after the mob and crooked cops that work on the force that work with them. so the only person that batman can turn to is gordon. cause batman knew he can trust him. but people wonder who is the real bruce wayne. a million dollars person who runs wayne tech and dates models and moviestars. or the person who dresses up as a bat and put the fear into gotham cause he doesn't want a child go through what bruce went through when he was child. but that did happen with dick grayson aka robin. dick parents where kill but a mob hitman and bruce train him and took him under his wing. and call him robin.  so now he had gordon alfred and dick on his side. then later came the famous villains like joker,two-face and others. but bruce origin been told over and over in comics and movies.

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    in Religion

    The human heart contains many, many seeds of love.  And two of these seeds are called "compassion", and "concern".  Next on the AGF Radio Network (A Greater Family) will be the discussion of these seeds concerning our child(ren), with Christlikeness.  Join us us from 7pm to 9pm EST, 9/27/12. FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY! Click link to listen to the broadcast http://tobtr.com/s/3814723 or call in live @ (949) 272-9514. We welcome you to join our Christian ministry online @ http://www.eyokedinchrist.com/ 

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    in Entertainment

    one of most fear crime fighters in in gotham city. u say his name crimanals run. but as child bruce wayne witness most his parnets being shot down in cold blood in front him when he was child. years later he came back to gotham city as grown man and train his body in different fighting skills. and studying law. also sciences. but he wanted to become a symbol for the city so the mob know that they don't run the streets anymore. so he try out different outfits to but the fear into them. nothing work. until one day in his study hall. a bat crash through the window and that how he came up with the idea of becoming the batman. striking fear into gotham. but later on he meant other villains like joker riddler catwoman. but mean while bruce meant good friend harvey dent. who also wanted the streets of gotham clean of crime with gordon help. but later on during a trail of a mob boss. the guy threw acid into havery dent face and scare up his left side of his face. and call him self two-face. and ask years went on with batman more villains show up like bane. killer croc. scarecrow. but then he took on a side kick name robin. aka dick grayson who family was kill by the mob. cause the owner of the circus own them money. so bruce took him in train him mind and body. and how to use the weapons and call him robin. i think when bob kane made batman he wanted a hero that stand for truth and justice. but also wanted do it in different way. no powers just hight tech toys and kick ass car. come being rich and famous like bruce wayne in the day hanging out with beautiful women. then night become gotham worst fear the batman. and the only people that help batman is gotham police like jim gordon. the only person that believe what batman stands for. and now look what happen with batman video games,t-shirts,movies,cartoon shows,toys and many more the same with superman. but u ever think about that justice league is dc version of the untouchables. but with the heros of dc comics

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    teen suicide

    in Lifestyle

    advice for parnets and im taking advice

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    Sunny Monroe & Anthony Golden Presents: Coming Out

    in Entertainment

    Join us as we discuss the the problems gays face when coming out to their parnets.... Guest Co-Host include Kentrele, Sha Sha, and Jey Mo 

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    Why did God create marriage?

    in Religion

    The Institution of Marriage is God's first ordained union yet it has suffered from Adam and Eve to now. Some men have abused the Priestly rights God made available to man and some women have abused the position God ordained in the creation. Due to man's indiscretion and pursue of fleshly desires we encounter numerous examples of God's grace in the face of man's attempt to self destruct. Divorce rates are as high in Christian marriages as there are non-Christian marriages and the reason is that many marry before accepting Christ for the wrong reasons.

    We will discuss how Christians can lead highly spiritual and rewarding lives when love for each other is the focus of the marriage. Marriage should be a deeply rewarding experience filled with memorable experiences of identification, attraction, and fulfillment for both the husband and the wife.

    Children are blessed when parents create and nurture environments dedicate to the love of God and the respect of each other. During the marriage series we will discuss the following. (1) Why did God create marriage?
    (2) What should we look for in our mate?
    (3) How do we submit one to the other?
    (4) God's Plan for Commincating?
    (5) God's plan for spiritual maturity?
    (6) God's plan for physical intimacy?
    (7) God's plan for financial sharing?
    (8) God's plan for Single Christians?
    (9) God's plan for vocational development?
    (10)God's plan for children?
    (11)God's plan for personal ministry?
    (12)God's plan for the Blended Family?
    (13)God's plan for Joint Ministry?

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Omega Ministry Group