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    Cat Scratch Radio: Panthers 37 Packers 29 Edition

    in Sports

    A community call between fans of the Panthers discusing all the last scores and news

  • 01:30

    Cat Scratch Radio: Panthers 27 Seahawks 23 Edition

    in Sports

    Join us at 10pm ET to discuss all the latest Carolina Panthers news and game results.

  • 01:35

    MCM Radio: Tennessee Titans vs. Carolina Panthers Preview

    in Professional

    The Titans put togeher an impressive performance to win a shootout against the Saints in Mike Mularkey's first game as the new head coach, but getting his second win could be much tougher against the undefeated Carolina Panthers this Sunday. Hosts August West and Dan Ariks will be discussing this match-up and more with guest Greg Arias tonight at 7:00 Central!

    Join us live for all of the chatroom fun, and be sure you neve miss another episode of MCM Radio by subscribing to the podcast version via iTunes (or any other major podcast service).

    MCM Radio is the official podcast on MusicCityMiracles.com on the SB Nation Network!

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    2015 NFL SuperFan Series: the Carolina Panthers

    in Sports

    In continuing to rock the NFL "SuperFan" series 2015-style, I will preview the Carolina Panthers' upcoming season with Panthers' fan/UNC delusionist Kevin Weeden. 

    Topics to be covered include:

    What went wrong with the 2014 Panthers?
    Thoughts on the Panthers' draft?
    How much does the Kelvin Benjamin injury hurt?
    Does Cam Newton have anyone to get the ball to?
    How will the Panthers fare in 2015?

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    Carolina Panthers put perfect record on the line against the Green Bay Packers

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    The Carolina Panthers are one of four undefeated teams entering week nine in the NFL season. The Green Bay Packers were dominated on national television by the Denver Broncos, last Sunday. The loss was the first for the Packers as they travel to Carolina. They only passed for 77 yards and rushed for 90; however 31 of those yards came from the legs of Aaron Rodgers. The Bronco offense carved up the Packers defense for 500 yards. 

    After being punched in the face, the Packers face a tough test in Carolina. The Panthers rank ninth in yards allowed (342.6) and seventh in points allowed (19.4). Evan will tell you that the sack statistic is over-rated, and that could be the case for the Panthers. Although tied for eigth, in the league with 20 sacks it seems like there is always a Panther pressuring a quarterback. Rodgers was harrassed from the start, in Denver, and the offensive line needs to play better. Mike McCarthy and Tom Clements will have to find a game plan that will get the receivers into space.

    The Packers defense looked confused at times and need to concentrate on some fundamental defense. They have struggled against the zone read, and Cam Newton is a mamouth of man when he runs. In one week, the defense will need to figure out how to play discipline defense and realize their gap responsibility. The Packers defense is aggressive and have allowed other teams to look good when they miss tackles. The Panthers lost Kelvin Benjamin in the preseason and their leading receiver is tight end Greg Olsen (33 receptions, 518 yards, 4 touchdowns). Ted Ginn, Jr. is the Panthers leading receiver with 20 receptions. In comparision, the Packers have three receivers with more receptions. The Panthers will try to establish the running game with James Stewart, who has rushed for 505 yards and three touchdowns. 




  • 01:35

    Join ChabDog as he looks in on the 2nd half of Redskins-Panthers, 11:30 am pst

    in Sports

    Can the Skins continue their run back to, and past, respectability?
    Will the Panthers stay undefeated?
    ChabDog and B-man Abrams are on hand, live from Summers Sports Bar

  • 00:14

    Carolina Panthers Preview: SGP Two-A-Day

    in Football

    When I recorded this episode it was before the devestating injury to Kelvin Benjamin. Without him, the Carolina Panters will be struggling to the end zone. But, Jimmy the Panthers' Superfan on Next Fan Up still sees a lot of upside for this team. With Atlanta trying to rise, New Orleans make a ton of noise, and Tampa Bay with a new quarterback - is there enough for Cam Newton and the crew to survive?

    Next Fan Up: BlogTalkRadio.com/NextFanUp

    Follow Jimmy: @757Six 

  • 01:13

    LA Kings Road Talk Radio- 1st of Two in Sunshine State vs the Florida Panthers

    in Sports

    Join the LA Kings Road Talk Radio Crew with Hipcheck, OC Hockey Legend Matt Sellwood, LA Kings Superfan Augie & Sexy Steve Soeffner as well talk all things Los Angeles Kings hockey as our beloved Kings take on the Florida Panthers in the fourth game of our five game road swing. Kings are looking to keep the road mojo going strong and potentially make it a Sunshine State Sweep against old friend and all around good guy Willie Mitchell. Remember, when it happens on the road-we will be here to talk about it all season long on the radio show you have come to know and love- the legendary LA Kings Road Talk Radio.

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    NFL Week 12: Panthers no respect; Pack back; Can Pats find players? USC Coaching

    in Football

    We will look at the Turkey Day games.

    The best team in football gets no respect.

    Could Pats actually run out of players?

    Injuries are getting worse it seems.  And some are non-contact injuries.  Is it hurting the fans too or helping the standings?

    In Denver, is Brock the new Peyton?

    And we will look at religion in football.  Is the NFL the No Faith League?

    And ESPN pissed at Johnny Football.

    And some coaches may be getting off on a Trojan horse or a Bayou Bengal.

    And what is up with the referees?

    As always our expert is Eric Snyder.  He is the author of a book on the Raiders and Raider Nation.  You can hear him on the Power Hour on 1340 Fox Sports Radio in Las Vegas.

    Let’s play Fraud or Real or Pretender Contender?  Packers Texans Cowboys

    Pokes get the 10-0 Panthers but the Cowboys at 3-7 are favorites over the undefeated Panthers.  As I said in the beginning, has anyone watched this team?  I got the Panthers in a romp.

    Bears go to Lambeau to play resurgent Packers.  Plus they’re retiring Brett Favre’s number.  I have to go with Pack.

    A number of new injuries are affecting games this week.  Peyton is still out.  Flacco is gone for the season – and maybe longer.  Are these injuries hurting the fans or helping?


  • 00:30

    Debut Episode

    in Hockey

    Talking about the recent game between the Panthers and the Red Wings. Red Wings 5-4. Who shined throughout the game? I'll let you know.

  • 01:50

    Football 2 Futbol: NFL Week 8 Recap & Colts vs. Panthers MNF Post-Game

    in Football

    Sorry for not having a Week 7 Preview Podcast, Sean had a major internet outage that made it impossible to do the show.

    But no worries, we are here to breakdown and discuss everything that occurred in Week 8 of the 2015 NFL Season.

    We begin by going over and discussing some of the major points that occurred in the over-time thriller between the Indianapolis Colts and the Carolina Panthers on Monday Night Football (4:00-9:00.) Are the Carolina Panthers the premier team in the NFC after this win? And are there more positives than negatives for the Colts after the loss? We discuss this and more.

    If you want to hear how the MNF game ended and a full post-game from the guys, check out that on Rabble.TV here (https://www.rabble.tv/broadcast/5624499e6e20da4857d6aea8/view)

    After that, we get into our full NFL Week 8 Recap (9:00-86:20 or 9:00- 1 hour and 26 mins) by going through every game, discussing questions about each team that played, who looks good, who looks bad, and we also delve into the Vernon Davis trade to the Broncos, the benching of Colin Kapernick, what do the Detroit Lions do and more.

    Randy takes everyone through the highlights of College Football Week 9, including the three of us talking at length about the crazy play at the end of the Miami vs. Duke game and the decision to suspend all of those referees. (86:20-95:40 or 1 hour and 26 mins- 1 hour and 35 mins)

    Finally, we transition things back to the NFL, for Gary's Top 5 Fantasy Football Pickups (95:40-98:55 or 1 hour and 35 mins- 1 hour and 38 mins,) the Top 5 Power Rankings (98:55-End or 1 hour and 38 mins-End) and our Player of the Week.