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    Pac Talk

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    Pac Talk and Hip Hop

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    Pac-12 ‘Serial’: How Kevin O’Neill landed Arizona recruit Matt Muehlebach

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    On the first edition of the Pac-12 Networks Basketball Podcast, hosts Mike Yam and Kevin O’Neill introduce themselves and all of the special storytelling segments you can look forward to in weeks to come including “Candid with KO,” “In the Paint” and “The Recruit.” 

    Kevin O’Neill outlines why he thinks 68 teams should be released in the NCAA rankings weekly as well as the necessity of being transparent about where teams sit throughout the season. He then starts out the podcast series strong with his storytelling on “In the Paint,” sharing the time he had his car stolen in front of his face on a recruiting trip and a holiday season game story during his time as a coach at Marquette. 

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    Homeowner PAC and Special Interest PAC Formation

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    Today on "It's My House" we shall continue our talks on form PAC's......Political Action Committees. Currently there is a desparte need to form "Homeowner PAC's", "Neighborhood PAC's", "Stop Smart Meter PAC's", and so many other special interest too numerous to mention.   In any event we shall discuss the fundamentals of PAC formation that can apply to any type of "issue", "personality", or "organization".

    Please feel free to call in and participate in our talks and remember to have pen and paper ready to take notes.


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    Message to "bubble" teams and KO's plan to eliminate halftimes

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    The eighth episode of the Pac-12 Networks Basketball Podcast with Mike Yam and Kevin O'Neill begins with KO's suggestion for the removal of halftimes as well as some other nuggets on how we could make the college game more entertaining. O'Neill also reveals his current No. 1 seed predictions for the NCAA tournament and what he told his teams when they were on the bubble.

    The duo move on to reveal KO's favorite rapper and he weighs in on the length of Mike's sideburns. This week on our serial segment "The Recruit," former Arizona standout Matt Muehlebach and former Wildcat assistant coach O'Neill recall the aftermath of Matt's refusal to redshirt and what that meant for how hard KO rode Matt in practices to ensure he was prepared to take over as Arizona's point guard in the following years. Let's just say the two had a fiery relationship that first year at Arizona. 

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    The Monstah PAC

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    Program Summary 7 Feb. 2015

    Shrot regional news announcements, calenders, etc.

    Meet David Griffith Eisenstein of the newly created Monstah PAC

    " ,,, To counterattack the ”dark money” 501(c)(4)s of Karl Rove and his ilk, and the conservative Super Pacs of billionaires Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers, Eisenstein created Monstah PAC,  a 'health and public safety' oriented Super PAC motivated  by the unleveled playing field created by the Supreme Court in the Citizens United case which opened the flood gates of dark money by ruling that individuals, corporations and unions could give unlimited amounts of money to Super Pacs.   Monstah PAC has many goals: they are determined  to be a leading voice against nuclear power, big pharma and big banking, and  in favor of remanufacturing heavy equipment including tractors and cars. Also on the Monstah PAC agenda: putting body cams on every police officer, requiring safety locks for firearms, and last but certainly not least, dealing with climate change and preparing for its future ramifications . Eisenstein’s mission is to alert the citizenry about the dangers of nuclear power plants and to spread the word that we are killing our own as long as these power plants exist. With  Monstah PAC help, the left won’t be left out again. And unlike the right wing super PACS, Monstah PAC intends to be totally transparent, ... "


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    Quackin The Pac

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    The regular season is over.  It's time for the Pac-12 Championship.  The Ducks and UCLA.  Not the best match-up but that's what we got.  Winner to the Rose Bowl.  Join us as we preview this game and touch on last weeks civil war game and the other pac-12 games. 

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    Quackin The Pac

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    Happy Thanksgiving!!  
    We talk about the Duck/USC game.  It's Civil War week but it doesn't feel the same this year.  Beaver Fans join the show and let's debate.   Will the Ducks host the first Pac-12 Championship Game.  And who will they play.  We'll give our predictions.  Tonights show is opened to get alittle heated.  So join us.

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    Quackin The Pac

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    It's our last show for this season and the Ducks are going to the Rose Bowl.  We'll talk about the Pac-12 Championship and the other champioship games.  We'll see who is going bowling this year.  Come join us for our last show this year.

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    Quackin The Pac

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    Tony is back!!  
    Tonight we talk about Oregon's great win at Stanford.  We'll talk about the upcoming game against USC.   We'll have our predictions and give Uduck his props for his picks last week!
    We'll talk about the rest of the Pac-12 games and bring up the possible BCS mess.

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    Quackin' The Pac

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    Tonight we breakdown the Oregon/WSU game.  And preview the show down with the Huskies this weekend.  We'll touch on the QB situation and the rest of the Pac-12 games this past weekend.  Also our predictions for this weekend.  

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    Over the Top Radio - Elite PAC Tour Finishers!

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    Tune in for a discussion with Elite PAC Tour creators Lon Haldeman and Susan Notorangelo as well as a number of riders who have completed the Toughest Two Week Tour in the World! 

    San Diego, CA to Tybee Island, GA

    Arrive: San Diego, CA Saturday, May 16th

    18 riding days 2,785 miles 160 miles per day

    The fastest transcontinental bike tour ever! PAC Tour's first Elite Tour was in 1995 and has been going strong ever since!

    Daily miles range from 140 to 196 miles per day. Riders completing 100% of the tour will qualify for the Race Across AMerica.This extremem cross country bike tour intended for the most serious riders who are looking for a very challenging ride across America.    All riders must routinely ride 200 miles in 10-12 hours in training. An Elite Team Division is being offered for two riders to share participating by individually riding 80-120 miles each day.

    This Elite Tour begins in San Diego, California with moderate daily distances the first three days while crossing the desert.  We hope all riders will be able to gradually work themselves into shape before they begin the longer days for the remainder of the tour.  The route will use a combination of good cycling roads we have ridden for many years.

    This is not an easy cross-country route following the boring flat lands of the Southern states.  We will intentionally climb many steep mountain grades in Arizona and New Mexico.  In the eastern states we will ride many hilly days including the notorious Talimena Parkway which includes many 15% grades.

    This cross country bicycle tour is only for the best riders. Do not come on this tour if you are looking for an easy ride across the country. Even the fastest riders will be tested to their limits on most days.

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