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    Preparing for Outrageous Success is Easier Than It Seems!

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    We all know that becoming successful is a journey. The challenges that come from being on this journey typically come from not knowing you are good enough and trying to do everything alone. Join Lisa Lamont as she talks to Dr. Anita Jackson about Preparing for Outrageous Success

    Dr. Anita M. Jackson is the Founder and CEO of The I Am Enough Institute, Outrageous Success Women’s Media Productions, and is the Sr. Executive Production of Outrageous Success TV.

    www.dranitamjackson.com    OSWTV www.oswtv.com

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    Outrageous living begins with outrageous expectation. Take the limits off! Exceed boundaries! Exceed expectation! Join me today as I provide nuggets to Outrageous Illimitable Expectation @ 12 noon @ Wisdom Wealth & Riches w/Jacqui WWRJ #BlogTalkRadio http://tobtr.com/s/6697777 or call in 917-932-1710.

    Catch Us if You Can or Catch Us on Demand 24/7

    Wisdom Wealth & Riches with Jacqui (WWRJ #BlogTalkRadio) combines kingdom wisdom with marketplace strategies to expand and broaden your mindset for spiritual, personal, professional and business success to seamlessly integrate spirituality with the reality of the marketplace.

    www.tsgm.org . www.themeplace.org . ohbreakout.org . showersblessings.wordpress.com



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    Get Ready for Outrageous Success in 2015

    in Self Help

    Do you typically wait until January to write your business and life goals for the New Year? Why not start right now? If you don't have your plan in place now, you won't be able to hit the ground running in January. 

    During today's show we will take a look at your EXCUSES and the BEHAVIORS that keep you STUCK right where you are (and maybe where you've always been).

    Do you make excuses for why you don't have enough clients?
    Do you have frequent cycles of wanting to quit or give up?
    What tools do you need  RIGHT NOW, to have a better life, a brighter future, and the success you SAY you want to have in 2015?

    You will learn 10 Top Strategies to help you create YOUR Outrageous New Year.

    We will use EFT Tapping to clear out the excuses and blocks, to make way for your Ultimate Success.

    Let 2015 be your year of ACTION and RESULTS. Plan NOW for your BREAKTHROUGH year!

    I’m making an incredible FREE offer to listeners of this show, whether you listen Live or to the Archive of the show. I have made time in my schedule to help 5 of you personally in December to plan your Outrageous 2015. That means 1 on 1, where we are going to roll up our sleeves and focus on your business for a full hour, FOR FREE! Listen to the show for the details, or send an email to judy@UnleashYourDreamBiz.com and enter Yes to Success in 2015 in the subject line.

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    Live Delicious! Live Outrageous!

    in Spirituality

    Take a leap of faith! Join me on the inaugural “My Deliciously Outrageous Life” Blogtalk radio show on Sunday, April 7, at 2pm CST (3pm EST).  I will start off the show with dolphin energy (you got to try it J) and then talk about angels, dolphins and everything in between on the first 30 minutes of the show. 
    If you believe you are living a “deliciously outrageous” life,  I REALLY WANT YOU TO CALL IN during the second half of the show and tell me how you are living a “deliciously outrageous” life and I will give you an angel’s choice message!
    Go to www.nukhets.com to learn more about Nukhet Hendricks, Angel Communicator

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    outrageous hunnies

    in Entertainment

    If you tryin go smakk or get on niggaz den come get wiff us;wildin nd real live

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    16Bit Assassins Ep 94: Cap'n Dunny and The Outrageous Fortune

    in Video Games

    Well it's Friday and the 16Bit crew is back with another episode of The 16Bit Assassins podcast. With the Tokyo Game Show kicking off this week we talk about some of the new trailers and news coming from our gaming friends in the land of the rising sun. Kojima and Del Toro's new Silent HIlls trailer definitely ups the creepy, Capcom swings for the fences with the beautiful Deep Down. Still a work in progress Dunny and Toaster talk some more about Destiny, including the Vault of Glass raid, and some fan theories that may leave some of you with a familiar taste. Also on this episode we have some comic book goodness going on, Deadpool movie finally gets a green light and a release date, Bruce Timm, announces a new Justice League, DC/Vertigo's Lucifer gets a pilot request, and Battlefront 3 looks like it's getting a release date. All this and more, brought to you with the usual 16Bit attitude, on Episode 94, Cap'n Dunny and The Outrageous Fortune

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    The Secret To Outrageous Results

    in Business

    Throw away the ordinary self-help books, seminars, and workshops. Instead, join me for a dynamic discussion with Dan Waldschmidt. We'll talk about the four characteristics of outrageously successful people. Get EDGY with us!

    Dan Waldschmidt is an international business strategist, speaker, author, and extreme athlete. His consulting firm solves complex marketing and business strategy problems for savvy companies all over the world. Dow Jones calls his Edgy Conversations blog one of the top sales sites on the internet. He’s been profiled in Business Week, INC Magazine, BBC, Fox News, The Today Show, and Business Insider, has been the featured guest on dozens of radio programs, and has published hundreds of articles on
    progressive business strategy. He is author of Edgy Conversations: How Ordinary People Achieve Outrageous Success.

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    Vision Boards, And Dreams Can Be Made Into A Reality

    in Spirituality

    Cassandra has a heart for inspiring women to never give up on their goals.  She is the Founder of Thoughtfulinspirations.com.  Her "Focus Cards" and books like "Never Give Up" help women achieve their most outrageous goals. She inspires women to make their dreams happen and shows them they have the courage to go after their wildest dreams.  With a successful family of six, an amazing business, and a Master’s Degree; She is proud to be able to successfully show women that you can be a great mom, wife, and live your dreams. She helps women find the inspiration to believe and to act on achieving the things they most desire. The time to start living is now! Make it happen.

    Award -Winning Author Sandra Elaine Scott is a Transformational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, and Life Coach who specializes in helping individuals turn their someday dreams into Today's reality. Sandra has an extensive background in strategic planning, management advocacy, fundraising, event planning, and corporate training. A gifted trainer, her stories are powerful and make a point that helps make a provocative idea unforgettable. 

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    in Current Events

    The United States has a prison crisis of epic proportions. With just five percent of the world population, but 25 percent of the world's prisoners, the United States has, far and away, the highest incarceration rate, the largest number of prisoners, and the largest percentage of citizens with a

    criminal record of any country in the world. what we are learning is that the United States is not just imprisoning people at an outrageous pace, but that men and women are dying in these prisons at all-time highs, often at the hands of guards, in the most awful and brutal ways imaginable


    Soledad Brother: reading Discussion - March 24, 1970 letter about " the psychopathic personality that searches out a uniform"

    Much to be discussed Enroll in GJU call or emaill:



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    She was nicknamed “The Last of the Red Hot Mamas” and hot she was. Bette Midler so revered her talent that she named her daughter after her. Who is “her?” Her name is Sophie Tucker, the Ukrainian-born American singer, comedian, actress, and radio personality. Known for her raunchy, rowdy, risqué delivery of comical songs, she was one of the most popular entertainers in America the first half of the 20th century. Joining Halli at her table on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Wednesday January 21, 3 pm ET are the authors of I AM SOPHIE TUCKER and the film producers of THE OUTRAGEOUS SOPHIE TUCKER Susan and Lloyd Ecker; producer, writer, performer, director TRAV SD, and a legend in his own right American radio and television host Joe Franklin.

    In 1973, Susan and Lloyd Ecker’s first date was a Bette Midler concert. They fell in love with one another, with the Divine Miss M and Miss Sophie Tucker. Forty years later, three children, the sale of a million dollar business, their obsession with Tucker still intact, they are a two-man band to bring The Last of the Red Hot Mamas to the Twenty-first century audience with their new book and film. 

    Trav SD is the author of NO APPLAUSE, JUST THROW MONEY: THE BOOK THAT MADE VAUDEVILLE FAMOUS, which Bette Midler calls the “best showbiz book.”  He writes and speaks on theater, arts and culture. His work has appeared in among other publications The Village Voice, American Theatre, Time Out New York and The New York Sun.

    Legendary talk show host Joe Franklin is an American treasure. His first show began in 1951. Billed as the “King of Nostalgia,” Franklin has interviewed such luminaries as Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Barbra Streisand, and Marilyn Monroe. He was a personal friend of Sophie Tucker’s. For more information visit Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.

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    Retired Navy Seal, Carl Higby, to appear on WOBC

    in Politics

    Ed Sunderland to interview Carl Higby.   

    I was born in April of 1983, and lived in southwestern Connecticut until I enlisted in the U.S. Navy and became a SEAL in 2003.

    As a U.S. Navy SEAL during two deployments in Iraq , I saw dozens of combat missions and was decorated with valor in leadership positions. Today, I am a man who has an ardent passion for this country, which takes me on a new mission.

    My heartfelt calling is to wake this nation to the stark reality of new enemies – bureaucracy, ineffective government, erosion of values and principles, and loss of “the American dream”. I have protected our country in some of the most dangerous areas of the world, and I foresee a new battle on the homefront that every American must fight.

    Now, I tirelessly work to wake this country up and challenge those who wish to weaken, diminish or downsell our great country of ours and put the credit and blame where it is deserved. As when I was a SEAL, my duty was to defend every American’s rights abroad and domestically, now my duty has evolved to embody a living declaration of what all Americans can and should do for themselves, with love, respect and honor for this country.

    Open phone lines.The truth is, we have collectively sat numbly by and allowed the destruction of our precious dream. We’ve let golden-tongued politicians, power-hungry government, and loud-mouthed liberals lead us down a rosy path of false promises, pie-in-the-sky expectations, and big government give-aways. Now we’re paying the piper with a stumbling Wall Street, outrageous taxes, galloping unemployment, escalating debt ceiling, and a myriad of other catastrophic disasters.

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