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    The Darkness Within Vistits Romper Room

    in Paranormal

    There are some of us that are getting plain sick and tired of the threats, name calling and bullying within the paranormal field. This is the kind of stuff that causes this field not to have any unity within it. I am calling out those that keep stirring the pot with all their little remarks, false reports, threats, bullying and I could keep going on about this but I will save it for the show. I am challenging all of you that think you are better than anyone in the field to call in tonight and get this crap straightened out once and for all. Its a damn shame when you have to bully people that are terminally ill or are disabled. Shame on every single one of you that are doing this. Please come forward and face the music tonight.

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    What touches you from the OtherSIDE?

    in Politics

    The Consciousenss Shift with Gwendolyn H. Barry and Nicole Tomassini present an hour of self exploration and discovery through a lens of healing and spiritual Traditions from cultures across the planet.  Ancient and contemporary.  Using the tools of sensuality, meditation, journeywork, astrology and so much more.  

    Nicole is the host of Sprirt Therapy on Monday evenings at 7pm.  

    Gwen is host of The Sunday Show and the bi-weekly descrptive show for Daughters of Isis, OUTLAW METAPHYSICA.

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    The Darkness Within

    in Paranormal

    Come and join your host Judi Giramonti as she welcomes Padre Joseph and Matt Tierney as they tell us about their experinces with evil. They have worked together and are experienced in doing exorcisms. They have done many dangerous investigations as well. Padre Joseph has rid many homes along with Matt of many evil entities.

  • 01:19

    All Things Psychic

    in Spirituality

    Join Psychic Medium and author Hera Mackiernan to discuss spirit communication, and signs from your loved ones who have crossed into the world of spirit. Hera will also be taking calls from listeners, and possibly connecting with loved ones for those who call in.



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    "When the Angels Speak" With June Lundgren

    in Paranormal

    Over the last twenty years June has been keeping notes of the converstaions she has has with the other side. These writigns have been kept within her own mind and heart, on pen and paper until after much urging from the otherside she decided to publish her first body of work. A Mediums Guide to the Paranormal is the result of her first endeavor. Blessed with the psychic ability she continues to write and work with her primary profession helping others as a Nurse. Come to Listen to what will surely be a riveting conversation. .

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    Discover Who is Guiding You From The Otherside with Raven Many Voices

    in Spirituality

    Discover who is guiding you from the otherside. Explore messages from Angels, Ancestors and more. Recieve insights from amazing guest speakers

    Guest Speaker Annette McCoy  Listen in to Annette's beautiful wisdom and connection to the Angels.

    Open your heart and join in the wisdom of the Spirit Guides and their amazing messages through Raven Many Voices.

    Angel Heart Radio is heart and soul global radio with more for you. More Inspiration, more support, more opportunities to feel heard and cared about. Why? Because you matter in the world.

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    The Inmates Are Running the Asylum. Politically Incorrect- The Warren Markowitz Show, Dec 12, 2014

    in Politics Conservative

    So what do you get when you wake up and discover that nothing makes sense anymore? That extending ones hand of friendship and understanding is bitten off by the otherside, or that doing ones job means offending anothe person. Or, that you have finally realized that the government is working against you, not just getting in the way but actully working against you?

    Its Friday, so the gloves are off. Join me, it's going to be fun. 

    Politically Incorrect with Warren Markowitz, Its My World You Just Live In It.

    The Warren Markowitz Show, A soap box for Independent Ideas, current events and politics of the day.Join me for a no holds barred review of the events and people that make our world the place it is. 


    Podcasts at Galtspeaks.com


    Contact at Radio@galtspeaks.com 








    Support the podcast, use the next level of autonomy, cryptocurrency:


    BTC: 1Azen7A8rsEwQ84SCB3ZsbuYALpNCGgqNc

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    Tapping Into The Higher Realm

    in Spirituality

    Marie Langlie and Beth Jacobson, hosts of Divine Goddess Radio, will be joined by Jeanne Crescenzo who is is a Minister of Melchizedek, Psychic Medium & Channel, Usui Reiki Master, Advanced Theta Healer, and Artist. She been working professionally and with compassion for 10 years. She is a member of Best American Psychics and the Certified Psychic Society that is recognized nationally and globally  Her love of not only connecting to the Otherside, Higher Dimensions, but to the collective consciousness of the Galactic Council has helped countless she has come in contact with.  Jeanne will be sharing how she taps into the higher realm to bring that consciousness to those who need it most.


    Our website:  www.divinegoddessradio.com

    Our contact info:  divinegoddessradio@gmail.com

    Beth Jacobson 651-900-4136

    Marie Langlie 651-303-0555

    Our blog:  http://divinegoddessradio.wordpress.com/

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    POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES Angel Medium Carol Borkoski - Messages for You!

    in Spirituality

    Angel Medium Carol Borkoski returns - bringing you the loving & healing messages from the Angels!

    Angels are God's Messengers, Healers & Protectors.  They are divine creatures that want to assist you in all areas of your life. What do the Angels have to tell YOU?  In what ways will you be inspired tonight?  In what ways will you be healed tonight?  Loving messages from the Angels of Love tonight by Carol Borkoski.  Plus a short Angel Meditation!  Callers are welcome all show long!

    Carol Borkoski is a clear channel of love and light and a gifted evidential medium and healer. With 25 years of expierence, she brings forth messages from the otherside, painting vivid description of your deceased loved ones, archangels, or ascended masters to bring clarity and understanding to your life. Carol is the author of Loving Kindness Journal.  She is available for private readings.




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    we are here with all of us trying our best and family values

    in Family

    today on my show we will talk about family friend and loved ones that have past on and we need their strength from the otherside.  

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    Thunder and Lighting out of the community #9

    in Motivation

    Social isuues , petitions and crime in the community . Speaking from the otherside of the barell of a gun . My viewpoint and perspectives .

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