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    "Communications from the Otherside" with Medium Anthony Quinata

    in Spirituality

    Join your host and Medium Pamela Marie Edmunds tonight as she welcomes to her show Psychic Medium Anthony Quinata.  They will be discussing Anthony's book "Communications from the Otherside."

    More About Anthony Quinata;

    Anthony was born on Guam, a tiny island in the South Pacific. Both of his parents were also from Guam, but with a father serving in the U.S. Navy, his family frequently moved and lived around the world and throughout the U.S. as he was growing up. His fascination and passion for all things paranormal began in childhood while listening to his aunt from Japan tell ghost stories from her home. He eventually became a paranormal investigator, specializing in hauntings, apparitions, and poltergeist activity. It was during this time that he discovered and developed his latent talents and began to embrace his work as a psychic medium.

    He is the author of, “Communications From the Other Side: Death is Not the End of Life, Love, or Relationships,” published by 4th Dimension Press, an imprint of A.R.E., and available on this website. It is also available on Kindle, the Nook, Amazon.com, B&N.com, and bookstores everywhere.

    He presents his uplifting and inspiring seminar, ”Lessons from the Other Side,” during which he shares what he has learned from communicating with the souls, nationwide.

    He has been featured, and is a featured writer, in “Visits from Heaven,” an anthology of stories and articles about after death communications, published by 4th Dimension Press.

    He was also featured, as a medium, in the independent film, “The Spirit of Stuff,” produced and directed by Rachel Perry.

    He studied Spiritual Direction at the Mercy Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, receiving his certification in 1999.

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    Activate Your Faith

    in Women

    Good morning all,

    Do you know that without faith it is impossible to please God? Join me this morning as we activate our faith.

    See you on the otherside!

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    in Spirituality

    Welcome to “The MIX: Channeling, Mediumship & Messages,” with me, Spirit Medium Laura.  Focus on Mediumship (otherside connections) for 1st 30 minutes. Mix of mediumship and messages after that. 

    NEW!  The 8 NO Wait!  DONATE $8 to JUMP the GATE! Want to jump to top of queue?  Have an urgent matter?  Then donate before the show using RSVP button on this meetup or at http://BookLaura.com

    WATCH READINGS on VIDEO:  @ #2 on web page http://SpiritMediumTV.com. 

    GET READINGS:  Call (347) 945-5849.

    WIN a PSYCHIC SESSION!  Be IN to WIN:  Join mailing list at upper right of website: HERE: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KWFIN6Q

    RECENT TESTIMONIAL:  Eileen Jason, Mediumship, “I had a great reading with Laura! The only bad thing I can say about the reading is that it was not long enough :-). Laura is very gifted and compassionate!”

    PREPARE for READINGS:  Uncross arms & legs. Breath deeply from abdominal area. Now ask your loved ones to come in or for spirit to answer your question for highest good of all in highest love and light. 

    ABOUT: Spirit Medium Laura provides EXCEPTIONAL, EVIDENTIAL & ETHICAL MEDIUMSHIP, MESSAGES, MANIFESTING, MENTORING & MEDICAL INTUITIVE INTELLIGENCE. Channeling Spirit 30+ Years, Research Medium "AfterLifeData," Featured "100 Top Psychics," Author, Host

    Spirit Medium Laura


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    Bobby Brown Bail and Beyond with Special Guest Jeff Mudgett - Part Deux

    in Entertainment

    Help us Welcome back the great Jeff Mudgett.  Call in or Skype with your questions 657-383-1205.  Tune in to hear all of the NEW NEWS and UPDATES .


    Learning at forty years of age, my great great grandfather was the most evil man to have ever lived. Perhaps the devil. Finding out the previous books and stories about HH Holmes were all wrong. Historically and factually incorrect. Burning inside with a need to know the truth about not who, but what I was, I gave everything up, all that I listed above, in order to determine the truth, and now, after years of intense research, being on the verge of solving the most infamous true crime mystery of all time.

    Jeff Mudgett's Bio:

    1979, Bachelor of Science Nautical Industrial Technology
    Honorable Discharge Commander United States Naval Reserve
    1986, J.D. University of San Diego.
    California State Bar, Federal Appeals Court, California Supreme Court
    Vice President Sales Chemoil Corporation
    President Links Marine
    C.E.O. Marin Tug & Barge
    Owner, The Law Offices of Jeff Mudgett
    Owner and a Editor, The Maritime Executive Magazine
    Author, Bloodstains

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    New Music Inferno w/ Jonny Polonsky & Royal Psalms!!!

    in Music

    Jonny Polonsky - LA based Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer/Songwriter...New album "The Other Side Of Midnight" ft. the singles "Lay Down Your Arms" & "Chip Away The Stone" out now..Check out his music, tour dates & more @ www.jonnypolonsky.net

    Royal Psalms - Alternative Rock band from Brooklyn,NY...The band features Ex & Current Members of Daytrader, Crime In Stereo & Aficionado..Debut EP "I Could Have Been Anything" out now on Rise Records...Select dates w/ Fireworks, Turnover & Sorority Noise happening now...Check out their tour dates, music & more @ www.facebook.com/RoyalPsalmsband

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    in Women

    Join me today as we begin the process of healing and breakthrough challenges in the past and tackle those present challenges. What challenges have you been facing? How is this holding you back and keeping you stuck? See you on the otherside!

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    Bobby Brown Bail and Beyond with Special Guest International Medium Paul Francis

    in Entertainment

    I have been a professional medium for 20 years starting off like most people as a part timer doing readings here and there and when I could fit it in with my other work, but I always knew I had another journey and another part to the puzzle I knew that my current career had only been designed as a training tool or stop gap to get me ready to do what I was supposed to be doing, which is the light work. My training in the music and the music business gave me the confidence to be able to work on the big stage and as I'm sorry to say but you get noticed quicker there than working from your front room of which I was just like any other medium trying to do their best.
    I remember once sitting in a session with one of my teachers and she was doing an angelic reading for me, she started saying, "are you getting loads of ideas about how to integrate your psychic work with your music?" I said yes as it happens, she said the Angels are guiding you to make it happen, as it happens I actually did it, but it was my daughter who opened my shows singing for the audiences and it was amazing about how the audiences were so relaxed and ready for the work and I found the, to be so much more open to the process. … learn more on air about International Psychic Paul Francis.

    THIS IS A MOTHER'S DAY SPECIAL..free mini readings to all those who have lost a mom or mother figure as well as any mother that has lost a child and would like to hear a message from them.  Call in or Skyp 657-383-1205


    Strictly for entertainment purposes.  

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    What touches you from the OtherSIDE?

    in Politics

    The Consciousenss Shift with Gwendolyn H. Barry and Nicole Tomassini present an hour of self exploration and discovery through a lens of healing and spiritual Traditions from cultures across the planet.  Ancient and contemporary.  Using the tools of sensuality, meditation, journeywork, astrology and so much more.  

    Nicole is the host of Sprirt Therapy on Monday evenings at 7pm.  

    Gwen is host of The Sunday Show and the bi-weekly descrptive show for Daughters of Isis, OUTLAW METAPHYSICA.

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    What Everyone Should Know Before Visiting a Psychic Medium

    in Spirituality

    What you can do to make sure you visit a medium that is accurate and honest. What you can expect from a reading, and common fears people have about readings.

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    The Darkness Within Vistits Romper Room

    in Paranormal

    There are some of us that are getting plain sick and tired of the threats, name calling and bullying within the paranormal field. This is the kind of stuff that causes this field not to have any unity within it. I am calling out those that keep stirring the pot with all their little remarks, false reports, threats, bullying and I could keep going on about this but I will save it for the show. I am challenging all of you that think you are better than anyone in the field to call in tonight and get this crap straightened out once and for all. Its a damn shame when you have to bully people that are terminally ill or are disabled. Shame on every single one of you that are doing this. Please come forward and face the music tonight.

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    Tina Marie Caouette~UFO Investigator/Radio Host at KDWN 720 AM Las Vegas

    in Paranormal


    Tina's a native of Massachusetts, but moved to Las Vegas in 2008 with her three loveable golden retrievers. That moved was a significant turning point in her life for a number of reasons but, the biggest, her recent UFO as well as abduction experiences that occurred while living in the outskirts of sin city. These occurrences have completely transformed the way she lives her life today and directed her to writing her first fiction book Alien Deceptions in 2011. A novel, as she describes it, as fiction based on fact. It has also lead her on a path of discovering the truth or at least her version of it, behind this mysterious phenomenon. Tina spent a couple of years with the Las Vegas UFO Hunters, and started with them Majestic 12 TV.  Tina spent her off hours as a MUFON investigator. Living in Las Vegas gave her a unique opportunity to investigate local sightings.  However, many of these reports were very much explainable as local air traffic and Venus. It airs every Friday night at Midnight Pacific Standard time for two hours and now is the number one paranormal show in the Las Vegas Valley. Tina is also in the process of moving her show over to her own Radio Network KCOR Radio that you can listen to worldwide at www.kcorradio.com. This station has an array of programing from the paranormal, news, and music. Tina is in the process of writing her follow up book to Alien Deceptions called Project Deep Core, as well as her memoirs detailing her own personal UFO experiences titled We Are Not Gods.  Her first kid’s book, Case of the Missing Sneaker, released in March of 2015. Tina has also joined forces with The Otherside Press and will be writing a monthly article on their site called, Walking Up in Dreamland. In the summer of 2014 Tina was the guide to Area 51 for a UK Film Crew shooting a reality TV show called, Educating Joey Essex.