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    Via Page Yoga Tune Up® and Yoga for Bonebuilding

    in Health

    Join Jules Mitchell and Via page as they have a chat about Via's classes at the South Bay Yoga Conference. 
    Via is offereing trigger point therapy and myofascial release from the Yoga Tune Up® system.  If you haven't tried it, you would love it.  Via teaches classes like this all over the South Bay including El Segundo and Redonod Beach.
    Her yoga for bonebuiliding class is good for anyone and everyone.  While yoga is an excellent therapy for osteperosis and osteopenia, it is also a preventative measure.  Via will teach you all of this and more, leaving you empowered to continue practicing after her class.

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    The dangers of high fructose corn syrup

    in Health

    Join Dr Eno Nsima-Obot, a board certified Internal Medicine Physician & ICF trained life coach as she shares why it is important for women to make wellbeing their number one priority. By doing this, they are able to be more resilient, experience less illness and reduce the effects of stress in their lives. Dr. Eno is well known for her easy to understand way of presenting information. She is passionate about impacting women's lives for the better. So turn off the 10 PM news and join Dr. Eno every sunday evening. Your Monday mornings will thank you for this!! For more information about Dr Eno visit her website www.askdoctoreno.com/blog or join her on facebook at www.facebook.com/askdoctoreno
    In this episode Dr Eno highlights the dangers of high fructose corn syrup and how this is linked to diseases such as diabetes, osteoporsis, tooth decay etc