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    SPLAT, Prepping, and a Guide to Scary Viewing

    in Entertainment

    Donald Armsfield, Amanda M Lyons,and Michael Noe visit about the world of bizarro and splatter-gore. Anthology editor John Ledger jojns WLT to explian why we love our horror extreme and how SPLAT began.

    Jeremy Dick joins us to share hints for doomsday prepping and how we can save our own lives

    Full studio will discuss retro, old-school horror flicks and explain hwy those oldies endure and why we love them.


    Hosts: Essel Scott Pratt, Doc Ferrell, and catt dahman

  • 02:56

    Woe To The Wicked! Last Days Prophetic Breaking News!

    in News

    Join Pastors Ignacio and Anita Fuentes as we uncover and discuss the latest in breaking world news headlines MATCHING Bible Prophecy!
    - Multiple Active Shooters situations in campus community college nationwide as Obama touts stricter Gun Control Laws
    - Oil Reserves found in Israel, is this the hook in the Jaw that will bring armies to fight against Israel? Ezekiel 38
    - USS Roosevelt exits, U.S now has officially NO carriers in Persian Gulf!
    - China now openly challenges U.S. demands for U.S. not to go into "their waters"
    - Obama stops training Syrian rebels and decides to openly arm them
    - Obama seeks to disarm Americans, Hints at Gun Confiscation
    - NATO Prepares to send troops to Turkey to protect it from Russia "Threats" 
    and much, much, more!

    Please help support the work we do and donate! http://www.emoaf.org/Donate.html or mail: Evangelist Anita Fuentes, PO Box 9570, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701. God richly bless you!
    Your life matters to God: http://www.emoaf.org/Is-Your-Name-Written-in-the-Lambs-Book-of-Life-.html
    Join me also on my website: http://www.emoaf.org/index.html
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    Get a copy of Rob Smith's Anointed Worship CD, "How Holy Are You!" AVAILABLE NOW! http://www.straightfromgod.com/shop/

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    Helpful hints to enable you to live a more fulfilling and satisfied life.

    in Lifestyle

    Once again, we remind our listeners that while Felix's is in rehab, our new starting time will be 9:30. That being said, Felix and Dr. Marc will be reviewing some of the ways we can lead a more rewarding and satisfying life. We also hope to complete the list of 26 ways to improve our lives. We welcome any feedback from our listeners and wonder if any of you have employed any of our hints discussed thus far. Please call at 646-595-3275.

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    Clestine Herbert the Purpose Coach

    in Entrepreneur

    Clestine Herbert is the Purose Coach. She is an author, speaker, trainer but most of all a child of the most High. God purposed Clestine to impact the lives of others with love, humility and excellence. Clestine is also the CEO of a life development company called Divine Discipline. Below Clestine shares a small portion of her story.

    " I was born in Sheffield, England. Shy, insecure, but for a purpose. I had problems speaking to people one-on-one never mind large crowds! But I discovered that your ultimate destiny is written before you are born. Mine included. Life dropped me hints that I was created to empower people through speaking and coaching.Hint#1: As a little girl when I played with my friends, I always wanted to be the teacher. As shy as I was, I enjoyed getting up in front of my group of friends. Hint#2:An Elder of the church I attend told my parents I was going to be a preacher one day."

    Join me as Clestine shares more of her story and sets the stage for her upcoming event "Elevate."

    ELEVATE is a mind transformation experience to be held Friday October 9, 2015 @The Hilton Garden Inn, 10309 Highland Manor Dr., East Tampa, Florida, 33610.

    Get more info here... Elevate Retreat or The Purpose Coach



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    the A dwag & C dwag show of youthful dd impairments

    in Education

    adwag and cdwag will be talking about how helpfull hints on dd challenges and how they became brain injury servivers and they will be talking about groups they are a part of and events and news coming and may have a geust speaker

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    #240 Dave the Mystic with a Variety of Healing Hints

    in Spirituality

    Blog talk radio had major phone problems on the original date for this show, 8/17/15.  Both the host and guests were unable to connect.  We tried for 15 minutes and gave up so we are rescheduling this show for 8/31 per the notes below.  We will shortly be posting the showpage for our 8/24 guest Joyce Palamar.  Thanks for your understanding!

    Please join Dave the Mystic on Monday, 8/31/15 at 8PM MDT for a variety of helpful ideas and tips on alternative healing, diet and health.  Dave the Mystic collects these bits of information and will happily share them with listeners.  Thanks for joining!


    Dave the Mystic

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    1/2 hr of Hell (from the RV)

    in Sports

    A pivotful Week 3 in the NFL.. 9 teams face must-win games. I'll tell ya who does (we're looking at you, Seattle).. Also, Vikings feed AP the rock, and they win (wierd).. Marcus Peters is the real deal.. What's up with Indy's offense (two hints: Buffalo and Jets "D")?.. And all you Tom Brady haters must be loving him right about now, as he dropped 40 on the aforementioned vaunted Bills "D".. Mike Pettine should be fired (and I can't stand Manzeil).. And what does Dallas do without Romo and Dez (another hint: nothing)?.. Lot's to get into this week..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • Whole Healing Hour - Sep 26 - Show 2

    in Health

    Whole Healing Hour is a weekly glimpse at things you can do to improve your whole health, as well as get answers to health related cannabis questions and get helpful information from experts.
    Host Jennie Stormes, Cannabis RN,  features well known medical professionals and experts who provide insight into living your best, whole, healthy life. Jennie welcomes guest, Jeff Waters, who is a COPD patient and cannabis advocate who has saved his life with diet, exercise and becoming a medical marijuana patient. Join in to hear his amazing story!

    Discussions on exercise, diet, lifestyle, stress, meditation, cannabis and more.
    Helpful hints and quick tips for a healthier, happier you. Whole Healing Hour explores anatomy, kinesiology, biology in simple terms that help you understand how your body works and what you can do to get it working better!
    Whole Healing Hour will leave you feeling refreshed and motivated to be a better you, a whole you, naturally.
    Feel free to email your questions or for our hosts to
    Stay tuned for more details.
    MGBN broadcasts shows 7 days a week with full schedule of shows airing end of September!
    Follow us on Twitter @MillenniumGrown
    ?#‎WholeHealingHour? ?#‎MillenniumGrown?

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    RealTalk Radio: "The Truth About Intimacy: Men vs Women"

    in Entertainment

    What does intimacty mean to you? This has been an epic battle between men and women since the beginning of time. Join us as we discuss this topic in order to give you some truths and some hints on how to better manage your relationships.

  • Final Reflect Focus: Party Favours!

    in Radio

    This week on Final Reflect Focus: We will be inviting anyone and everyone who wants to come in and discuss your ideas for ministeries in the Gospel music Field. IF you have ideas, or want to share some ideas that you have tried and explain why it did/or did not work then feel free to call in and chat with us live. The part dont sto until the roof is on fire...or something likr that!

    Its time to bring it in. Gos bless, and keep the faith. See you there!!

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    “Irresponsible; What Surgeons Won’t Tell You and how to Protect Yourself”

    in Health

    Dr. Davis is a surgeon with 40 years of experience who has worked as an operating room safety consultant for the past 20 years. He has worked with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to develop patient and healthcare worker safety guidelines. He specializes in preventing a growing problem: the spread of HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C resulting from contaminated medical equipment and from needle sticks and other sharp object injuries during surgical procedures. 

    Show will air Thursday September 17 at 9:00 PM Eastern, 8:00 Central and 6:00 PM Pacific

    You can listen on line at:  http://blogtalkradio.com/dialysisadvocates or call into the show no earlier than 10 minutes before airtime at: 347-857-3961

    Future shows will air on the third Thursday of each month.