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    Podcast #67: "The Price" review, Operation Storybrooke + news roundup

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    Join hosts Zach Van Norman, Amy Hood and Ashley Benson during their review of Once Upon A Time's episode "The Price," written by Andrew Chamblis & Dana Horgan/

    Ashley will also discuss her experience with the Once Upon A Fan event Operation Storybrooke in Steveston, BC.

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    Bryan Webber's Operation Evangelism - Episode 2 - Always

    in Spirituality

    Bryan Webber's Operation Evangelism - Episode 2 - Always 
    Pastor Bryan Webber Facebook: www.facebook.com/bryan.webber.562

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    Welcome to Operation Jericho Project Radio, the educational solution to Common Core.  We are blowing the HORNS of TRUTH in order to bring down the walls of the government indoctrination system we call 'public education'.

    Join me, Operation Jericho Project Founder and Host, Christina Michas on Sept. 4th, Thursday at 12:00 PM PST and my OJP Team Leaders, Debbie, Mary and Latasha for a roundtable discussion on homeschooling issues and ideas. We will share personal experiences that will hopefully enlighten and assist you to better understand issues of Homeschooling and what parents face when they first begin. It is so important to understand what to look for in curriculums and courses; when and how to's and simple things that are learning experiences for children that are not text book related. Hopefully this will encourage others to step out in faith and do what God is calling us to do.. edcuated our own children!

    OPERATION JERICHO PROJECT RADIO  - WHERE TRUTH TRUMPS LIES will challenge you to think with a biblical mindset. It is our responsibility to "train up our children in the way they should go". Join us each week and  find out why OJP is making this CLARION CALL and be sure to share the podcasts.  

     Visit our website and FaceBook page for solutions and alternatives to government education. Be sure to sign up on our website at: "Join Us" so you can become a part of Operation Jericho Project, God's solution. Operation Jericho Project believes we must "Rescue Our Children".. Join us and Help in this battle to save the hearts and minds of God's children who are on loan to us from GOD. We will be accountable! 





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    Operation yewtree and Abuse survivors

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    Mickey Summers and lee Sullivan,Child Abuse survivors,on the Common Law Court of Wales radio broadcast with host Darren Latham https://plus.google.com/u/0/+CommonLa.

    The Common Law Court Of Wales radio broadcast on United resistance radio on blogtalkradio

    The aim of the common law court of Wales is to provide an open forum. Discussing solutions for the injustices’ forced upon us all by an unaccountable government that no longer represents the interests of the people.

    Government instead represents odious private corporate interests which facilitate them in thieving our land, our resources, our labour, time and energy. Even our children are bought and sold

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    Ole Dammegård - US Murder Incorporated: Operation 40

    in Education

    Tonight Ole Dammegard returns to the show to talk to us about Operation 40 which is a professional assassination squad acting on behalf of the US shadow government.

    Ole will explain how Operation 40 came into existence with the murder of John F. Kennedy and how George H.W. Bush is a major player is this very dark business.

    Ole’s research is completely self-funded. So if you could take a moment after the show and visit his website lightonconspiracies.com and consider donating or sponsoring his work it would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Operation: Next Chapter

    in Military

    Operation: Next Chapter is “working with Soldier’s Angeles Project: Valour-IT to provided 100 voice-controlled, adaptive lap-top computers for military personnel who have lost the use of their hands.  Vietnam Veteran and author Cym Lowell will donate 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of his latest novel, Jasper’s War, to purchase these individually adapted computers which cost $500 a piece.  The laptops allow warriors who are healing from amputations, paralysis, eye injuries, burns and brain trauma to stay in touch with their family and their units during their recovery period.”

    Cym Lowell "was born in Montana to academics and spent his youth traveling the world. To put it politely, he was an undistinguished student, rewarded with assignment to the U.S. Navy at 18. After two years in Vietnam, college and law school were a challenge. Being a veteran in the political turbulence of the late 1960s and early 1970s taught humility. Raising three children in the Midwest and Texas brought love and responsibility. An international tax practice in the financial crises of the past 40 years provided insight into motivations of actors on the global stage. Friends, clients, adversaries, and colleagues, like victory and defeat, added color and context. The result is a writer with a treasure trove of experience to frame compelling characters enmeshed in heart-thumping challenges." Cym Lowell is the author of The Gift, Riddle of Berlin and Jaspar's War.

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    Operation Snuggle Up

    in Lifestyle

    Monday December 15, 2014  6:30 PM EST  5:30 PM CST  4:30 PM MST  3:30 PM PST  

    Haley Van Scoyoc of St Petersburg, Florida has Operation Snuggle Up off the ground.  Tune in and hear all aobut it.  It caught our interest, as it is very much like our own Project Warm Up.  It is winter.  It is cold.  And there are still a large number of working people that must sleep outdoors because their income simply isn't enough.  There is also another population that has no income that is in even worse shape.  Offering warmth--blankets, coats, hats, gloves, etc won't solve all their problems... but it is definitely a great outreach that can lead to them getting screened for benefits and employment, thus getting off the streets for good.

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    State Of Emergency, Tupac Is Back, Operation-Blueprint Explains!

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    We will have our very own Bro. King Shakum up with us this week. This brother has put into play one of the ways that we can start to evolve into the steps of becoming ready for the use of Operatio-Blueprint! This is a way to be ready for the for the Reservations for a Revolution. On the show he will brake down this operation and how to implemented if needed. We are ready to hear what jewels will be dropped. We are sharing many options that are available to us all as a melanin people. Each one teach one. So we all are ready for some type of task. This brother has a 2Pac energy about him. There is additional information on this topic in the event page prior to this Wednesday show. We will be ready mind body and soul. Hotep family Ase' your Sis Star Queen Latiqua!

  • SASDogs Episode S1015 08OCT15 SHTF Week Operation Pied Piper

    in Politics

    Join Joe tonight for Shit Hits the Fan Week day 4 leading up to 10/10 as “Operation Pied Piper” is discussed along Joes response to the antics of the last 72 hrs and the usual rantings and callers. Special guests to be announced. If the player doesn’t work, right-click it and open in mew window.  Sworn American Sheepdogs with Joe Sworn. Call in or listen by phone at 845-277-9220 SASDogs is an uncensored call-in broadcast for Americans who are like-minded concerning the direction of the country’s future and what we are doing right now to get it there. If you think that America is a social and political mess, then SASDogs is your kind of show. SASDogs is not politically correct so if speaking bluntly and frankly is not your thing then this is not your show.

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    WELCOME TO OPERATION JERICHO PROJECT RADIO...The Educational Solution to Common Core and Government Led Education...We will be blowing the horns of truth to bring down the walls of Government run education system..

    Join us Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 12 Noon PST for the launch of Operation Jericho Project Radio with OJ Founder and host, Christina Michas, and co-host and OJ Team Leader, Angela Bean.. We will be joined by Mary Black of Freedom Project Education (FPE).. We will discuss the problems in our schools today with Mary AND talk about the solutions and alternatives that Operation Jericho Project offers like Freedom Project Education, an online, teacher led classroom experience for K-12.. Mary will share how FPE is reaching hundreds of children with true Classic Education.. Not Governernment Led Common Core!! We believe it is time to RESCUE THE CHILDREN! Listen and find out why this is a CLARION CALL and how the churches can help accomplish this Biblical Mandate.. Parents, it's time to learn what really goes on when you put your child into the government controlled schools!

    Operation Jericho website:  www.operationjerichoproject.com

    OPERATION JERICHO RADIO link on our website:  http://www.natcure.org/ojp-radio/