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    ODM grassroots elections.

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    Cabinet Najib Balala has been locked out of the on-going ODM grassroots elections while two ministers from the Rift Valley were elected in absentia as the polls move to the locational level.Incidents of violence, complaints of rigging and confusion went on for the second day as the party conducted the polls to rid it of rebel MPs and officials.In Mombasa, Mr Balala skipped the elections and stated that he would be vying for the senator’s seat in the next elections.Contacted, the Tourism Minister was non-committal stating that the grassroots were not important.Disqualified himself“I am here in Lamu addressing issues of security and the deteriorating tourism. These are the two most important issues to us now. Other things (ODM grassroots elections) are not important and I would rather not talk about them,” he said.Nominated councillor Abdulhamid Abdulrahman said the minister had disqualified himself as a delegate.“We don’t know why he has opted out of these grassroots polls but whatever his game plan he is not one of us,” he added..More info click here

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    Western MPs ask Mudavadi not to quit ODM

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    If Deputy Prime Minister Mudavadi had not made up his mind on quitting Orange Democratic Movement, then he could either have been thrown off balance or forced to walk the tight rope.This is because after a fortnight of keeping his supporters waiting for his ‘comprehensive statement’, and sending signals he already had one leg out of the party, half of Members of Parliament from Western Province made it clear he was on safer ground in ODM.
    They also looked to have decided to strike at Mudavadi, as he got busy organising for his ‘major rally’ in Kakamega this weekend, where he is expected to tell his supporters what he would do.But the 12 ODM from theprovince, including Cabinet members Fred Gumo, Wycliffe Oparanya, and Paul Otuoma, at the same time appeared to warn him he could get out of the party, but he should not count on their support, something he has been banking In what could be delightful news for Prime Minister Raila Odinga, and his supporters in ODM, because Mudavadi is the last of the 2007 high-profile ‘ODM Pentagon’ club remaining in the party, the MPs also seemed to said if the DPM leaves, it would be by his own volition and not by being pushed.on by courting western Kenya political elite.
    But as the MPs sent mixed signals to Mudavadi’s supporters especially in western Kenya by asking him to stick to ODM and fight with Raila for presidential nomination ticket, they also intentionally or coincidentally looked like they were endorsing Raila’s position in ODM – especially since some of them were, in fact, not considered as Mudavadi’s supporters.It could also be argued their action may be a sign that Raila could still remain with a stake in western Kenya even if Mudavadi leaves.
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    PNU differs with ODM on ICC Issue

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    The Kenya Coalition partners ODM and PNU have are on different sidesover the summonses issued to six individuals by the International Criminal Court. PNU: challenges the ICC jurisdiction to handle the cases and still wants deferral. ODM: Mixes responses and termed their press brief as “partial” expression of views by two ministers. Instead, ODM said it will hold its National Executive Council next Thursday to discuss the ICC process and whether three of those summoned should quit their public offices. It will also deliberate on its “position” in the coalition government. Secretary-general Anyang’ Nyong’o said: “Two Cabinet ministers spoke and I do not see that as any official position of government. I take it as their partial expression of views, which ODM does not support.” Addressing journalists at Orange House, Prof Nyong’o added that the government should have convened a Cabinet meeting to come out with a shared position on the summonses. He said Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka, who is leading second phase of shuttle diplomacy to lobby for deferral of the ICC cases on Kenya should return to the country. “Three UN Security Council permanent members have said they would not support the plans. His (Mr Musyoka’s) mission looks unpopular,” Prof Nyong’o said. On Thursday, eight PNU MPs led by Cabinet ministers Kiraitu Murungi and Beth Mugo accused the US Government, which is against deferral of ICC cases of double standards. Secretary-general Kiraitu Murungi questioned why Washington was keen to have the Ocampo Six tried at the ICC “yet a few years ago, they exerted pressure on Kenya to sign an agreement to protect Americans who might be wanted by the court.” Today, we look at the implications of the failed "Shuttle Diplomacy" assisted by ICC Approved and Nairobi-based Attorney, Mr. Arthur Igeria. Call in to listen and also questions or comment using +1.323.927.2930. International Callers can use Skype. Remember, You Snooze, You lose.

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    Ruto faces sack as Raila targets ODM rebels

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    Higher Education minister William Ruto could finally be headed out of the Cabinet as Prime Minister Raila Odinga moves to punish ODM rebels in Cabinet changes expected this week.Also expected to face the axe are suspended Industrialisation minister Henry Kosgey, East African Community minister Prof Hellen Sambili and Livestock assistant minister Aden Duale as Mr Odinga moves to clamp down on political rebellion on his side of the coalition.Highly placed sources within ODM confirmed that the PM had finally decided to use the opportunity afforded by the constitutional requirement to appoint a new AG to act decisively on rebel party MPs serving in the Cabinet.“If all goes according to plan, it will come next week. It will be about getting rebels and those with court cases out. The party top brass is working out the details,” said one of the Prime Minister’s advisers who cannot be named because, he said, it would be tantamount to pre-empting his boss.The changes are expected to come along with the constitutional obligation to replace long-serving Attorney-General Amos Wako by August 27. It is understood that the appointment should come in good time to enable Mr Wako to hand over to his successor.

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    The political storm stirred by the referendum settled fast inside main parties, but not in Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement. Though Raila has since after the resounding victory by ‘Yes’ side maintained a reconciliatory tone, Members of Parliament from his party who met yesterday made no secret that they want Higher Education, William Ruto, and his so-called ‘rebel’ group stripped of all party and Government positions they hold by virtue of their ODM membership.

    The accusation against them is that they donned ‘Red’ instead of ODM’s ‘Green’ uniform, and chose to play against their party in the referendum pitch. On the crosshairs are the 16 MPs, mainly from the Rift Valley, who joined Ruto in crisscrossing the country campaigning for ‘No’.

    In the renewed attack on Ruto and his group, which builds on the falling out with Raila over the PM’s views on handling of post-election violence cases and Mau Forest evictions, one question sticks out: Is this the end of Ruto and his group in ODM?

    Ruto, after all, is not an ordinary ODM member. He, like Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi, is also a national deputy party leader.

    Yesterday, the MPs who met under the umbrella of ODM Parliamentary Group were emphatic they want Ruto who was is in April relegated to the low-profile Ministry of Higher Education from Agriculture, sacked from Cabinet.

    In what appears to be a continuation of the unbridled rivalry between the side in ODM sympathetic to Raila, and that leaning on Ruto’s shoulder, ODM Secretary general Anyang’ Nyong’o told a radio station the party has its internal disciplinary mechanism upon which those who disobey would be dealt with.

    Hit new low

    Eldoret North MP William Ruto

    But at the meeting chaired by ODM Chairman Henry Kosgey, MPs were ardent the Eldoret North MP’s team must bear their own cross.

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    ODM softens stand on Ocampo six..What next..?

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    ODM rebel MPs led by suspended Higher Education Minister William Ruto have welcomed the move by the party to have the ‘Ocampo Six’ tried in Kenya if a credible local tribunal is established.

    Ruto, who spoke in the presence of President Kibaki, said the ODM position was welcome, as it would allow the country to handle the cases facing the six suspects, including him fast.

    "Now it seems everybody is reading from the same script as all partners in the ruling Grand Coalition Government have agreed that we need a solution good for the victims of post- election violence, and is fair and just for the six suspects," said the suspended minister.

    The Eldoret North MP was Speaking at Kenya Highlands Evangelical University sports ground in Kericho during the official granting of a charter by President Kibaki.

    National unity

    However, the President steered clear of politics and the ICC matter, and only called for national unity to improve educational standards and development.

    More than 19 MPs, among them two Cabinet ministers Franklin Bett (Roads) and acting Higher Education Minister Hellen Sambili, and MPs Beatrice Kones, Nderitu Mureithi, Kambi Kazungu, Charles Keter, Zakayo Cheruiyot, and Julius Kones, attended.

    Other legislators present were Benjamin Langat, George Nyamweya, John Muthutho, Isaac Ruto, Joyce Laboso, Maison Leshoma, Joshua Kutuny, David Koech, John Gitari, and Jeremiah Kioni.

    They said the country has mechanisms to handle ICC cases locally, and pointed out it would not augur well for the country to be mortgaged to the international community.

    World powers and a section of the UN Security Council have since rejected Kenya’s request to have the ICC cases deferred for one year.

    At an informal meeting held last week on the deferral request, the request appeared to have hit a dead end after members of the council failed to agree on the matter.

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    Constitution process jolted as ODM quits House team.

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    The process of implementing the Constitution was thrown off balance following withdrawal of Orange Democratic Movement’s members from the trouble-ridden House Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs.The withdrawal from the committee was provoked by unrelenting battle for its control between Party of National Unity and ODM MPs. The internal contest within the influential committee that scrutinises the implementation Bills, before they are brought to the House for debate and possible passage, saw one side of the committee force a vote-of-no-confidence motion against their chairman Mr Ababu Namwamba.The Budalang’i MP’s woes within the committee date back to last year when he gave a two-in-one ruling, one supportive and another contradictory, on the President’s nominees for key constitutional jobs that were eventually recalled....Whats next for wanjiku and the constitution implementation..?

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    ODM wants UN to oppose Kenya's ICC case deferral bid

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    Differences in the coalition deepened over the impending International Criminal Court trials with Prime Minister Raila Odinga's wing of Government writing to the UN to distance itself from the push for deferrals.

    The PM’s party accuses President Kibaki and PNU of proving, through their efforts to get a deferral, their unwillingness to punish post-election violence perpetrators.

    "The deferral request should, therefore, be seen as evidence that PNU and Kibaki are unwilling and cannot prosecute the six suspects for crimes alleged by the ICC," wrote Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o, party secretary general.

    In a letter to the UN Security Council President Li Baodong, Nyong’o also listed 16 grounds for the party’s opposition for deferral or referral of the cases.

    From 16 points listed by ODM, it is clear the PM’s party is strongly rebuffing reasons advanced by Kibaki in his letter to Baodong a few days ago.

    It is ODM’s view that contrary to President Kibaki’s fears that the trials could ignite chaos, the prosecution of the suspects at the ICC does not pose threats to international peace and security.

    "To the contrary, failure to bring to justice the perpetrators of post-election violence poses grave danger to Kenya’s internal peace and security," said Nyong’o.
    Nyong’o told the UN Security Council that the ICC process was unanimously approved by the two parties under the Annan-brokered National Accord, and the instruments that paved the way for the process were signed by the President and the Prime Minister.

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    ODM: Can Money Buy Love?????

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    Though this is a topic that must seem to know the answer to, it seems that Love is not nearly respected by most as it once was. May be due the the quality of life that most Americans are focused to live has allowed a NO to become a YES when it comes to responding to this question. 
    It is hoped that we can re-discover the value of love through this show and bring to light that which encourages others to sell their love to others in return for things that moneny can buy. 
    This show will be an open-call show, all listeners are encourages to  call in and share your view/opinion dueing the live broadcast. 

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    Uhuru launches TNA party as Raila launches ODM Reloaded:

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    Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta on Sunday launched The National Alliance (TNA) party which he will use to vie for presidency in the forthcoming general elections.Under the slogan ‘I believe’, the Deputy Prime Minister promised that TNA would incorporate the youth in its leadership saying it was time for them to lead the country.“For the longest time, the youth have been told to look up to their elders but now a time has come for the elders to turn to the youth, let us collectively carry the nation forward,” Kenyatta told his supporters.
    Prime Minister Raila Odinga was in Mombasa on Sunday where he unveiled the Orange Democratic Movement “Reloaded campaigns” at the Likoni grounds.The premier cautioned Kenyans to vote wisely in the coming polls to ensure that the leadership of the country was secured in the hands of reformists.He warned coastal resident that their threats to stay out of the coming polls were retrogressive to the cause of change because non reformist leaders could capitalise on the voter apathy to retain power.

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    ODM: When is it Time for the Village 2 Speak Up?

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    This show will discuss the role of the community within society with focus on WHEN the members of the community should speak up or take neccessary action. 
    We will discuss the following topics: 
    1. Child Abuse/ Molestation 
    2. Domestic Abuse/ Violence Against Women 
    3. Violence within the Community
    When should the village take action and when should the village mean business of their own?????
    During this show we will open up the line to hear from listeners LIVE!!!! 
    Tune In!