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    Janet Wilson - Occupy The Roads

    in Lifestyle

    While Occupiers set up camps across the U.S., a woman decided to put her life in "Occupy" gear by purchasing an RV and taking off to Occupy The Roads. Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes Janet Wilson to the show on Thursday, February 7, at 11 a.m. Eastern Time. Janet and her traveling buddies have racked up more than 24,000 miles visiting more than 144 cities and towns since November 2011. Dedicated to educating the public about the movement and working toward social justice, Occupy The Roads' crew talks to people everywhere the 31-ft. billboard a.k.a.. the “V” stops. They promote a better future that is free of corruption and bought politicians. Occupy The Roads stands in solidarity with people who know that "another world is possible." For more information on Occupy The Roads go to the FB page. For an expanded slide show of the “V’s” travels go to the Talkupy.net photos page.

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    Psalm 1 Theme: "'Life Two Roads'' Rev. Frankie Dorsey

    in Religion

    Scriptures; Genesis 39: Jeremiah 17:7-8 : Romans 2:

    We invite you to join us this Wedensday @ 10:00 Am Est. For the teachings of God's Word. Listen in

    @ 347-237-5593 or join us on in the chatroom @ www.blogtalkradio.com/in-his-presence-ministrywe 

    May God richly bless you!

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    OCCUPY 3.0: One Million Masked March On Washington With General Strike

    in Politics Progressive

    Featuring: ZEVIN X. CRUZ-AN INTEGRAL PHILOSOPHER, ARTIST, ACTIVIST & AUTHOR As an "Integral Metamodern Philosopher" he founded “Neo-Transcendentalism,” a holistic approach to art and activism (“Integral Artivism”).

    THE SUM STRATAGEM is an integral approach to art, activism and fundamental social change through a Nonviolent General Strike of social, political and economic noncooperation. It would begin on Monday, November 7, 2016.  This will be made possible by the Cultural Creatives’ Convergence of political third parties, the Green Shadow Cabinet, Move To Amend, the 2015 U.S. Social Forum, Transition U.S., the Occupy Movement, Religious Liberals like the Unitarian Universalists (UU), Society of Friends (Quakers) and the Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP) that includes Tikkun readers, in addition to conservatives.

    The one year countdown towards a nationwide general strike begins on Nov. 5, 2015. We will announce a massive mobilization of civil society. Nov. 5, 2016, A Million Mask March to our nation’s capital will take place where the CC 3.0 will march to and set up a mock parallel government encampment with disgruntled war Veterans, religious leaders, students and unions to kick off the nationwide, general strike on Nov. 7, 2016. 

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    Raw Conversations - SixEyes, Roads and Paige

    in Politics Conservative

    Conversations between friends about various topics that most would never share with the public.  

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    bad roads

    in Entertainment

    the condition of roads

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    Americans Unite to Stop Toll Roads and Save the American Freeways

    in Politics

    Attention American Transportation Leaders - It is Time to Stop Toll Roads and Restore our Freeways!

    Guests: Terri Hall - Texans for Toll-free Highways

    Patrick Hand - Stop  the Tolls

    Americans know there are better ways to fund highways than TOLL TAXES.  We know everyone's cost of living goes up with the cost of transportation. We know everyone benefits from transportation regardless of how many miles they drive on the highways.  We know it is wrong for our local, state and federal representatives and quasi-governmental agencies to sell-off public infrastructure to foreign corporations. We know "Public Private Partnerships" are nothing more than a major source for governmental corruption.  We know these individuals/representatives, quasi-governmental agencies and P3s are NOT working in the best interest of the American people. We know it is up to us to demand changes in transportation. 

    The time is now for Americans to come together to shut-down toll roads across the U.S.A.  We can shut-down the toll roads if we work  together.

    Here are some of the grassroot groups working to stop toll roads:

    Louisiana  http://www.stopthetolls.org/
    Texas http://tollfreehighways.com/author/thall/
    Texas http://www.texasturf.org/about
    Florida http://rollbacktolls.com/
    North Carolina  http://wideni77.org/
    Texas  http://texansagainsttolls.com/
    North Carolina  http://www.stopthetollroad.com/index.html
    Illinois - Indiana  http://www.openlands.org/illiana
    North Carolina http://www.notollsi95.com/position

    If you are ready to take back our country and our freeways, contact these groups and get involved!


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    Internationally-Known Author and Mystic Michael Roads Interview Tonight!

    in Spirituality

    Alijandra presents a recent, pre-recorded interview of best-selling author and mystic Michael Roads. They will be discussing his current book "Stepping Between Realities".  Although this interview was pre-recorded, the chat room and switchboard will be open, and monitored by host, Alijandra.

    Michael Roads says he is an ordinary man on an extraordinary journey 

    Many people talk nowadays of unconditional love, of awakening, and of metaphysical experiences. Few can say they have been on this path for over half a century. Michael Roads was born a farmer's son in Cambridgeshire, England, in 1937. From an early age he discovered that he could travel beyond linear space and time, and enter into deep communication with Nature. Since his spiritual awakening at the age of 49, Michael has written 17 books on his experiences. Since 1991 he has traveled yearly over five continents presenting inspirational and life-changing '5-Day Intensives' in a clear, compelling, humorous and no-nonsense format, enabling many participants to experience amazing shifts in consciousness. For many years, he has lived in Australia.

    Michael, the ordinary mystic, weaves his wealth of life experiences with the most extra-ordinary insights - insights that offer pathways to our deep spiritual relationship with Nature and with Self. He has the wisdom and ability to empower people to gain understanding of the true nature of reality, and assist them in their spiritual awakening to their Divine potential. His website in the US is www.michaelroadsusa.com

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    Random Thoughts with Random Excess Ep 3: The Cross Roads

    in Goals

    When talking with people I pick up on a quiet sadness and profound pain in their conversation. Or, more likely, I get "THAT" sense is since I identify "THEIR" personal stories so strongly with "MY OWN" personal descent into mental illness and abusive drinking.

    I lost my house, my job, my wife, my assets and my sanity. In retrospect I went from everything being "OKAY" to rock bottom about a year. I ended up in a crisis unit, intensive day treatment, and lived nine months in a half-way house for dually diagnosed people (substance and mental health). 

    If I had been able to articulate my life at the beginning of my fall I may have been able to make changes then before things spun out of control for me. Life would have taken me on a much different journey. Performance. Feedback. Revision. That Crisis was really an opportunity to be better prepared the next time I found myself at that crossroad.

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    The Great Pumpkin Faceoff III

    in Sports

    Live from the Mexican Food Factory in Marlton, NJ Mike and Kevin sample the best pumpkin beers in the world. Southern Tier, Shipyard, Elysian, Weyerbacher, Two Roads, Heavy Seas, Dogfish Head, Cigar City and Schlafly all kindly donated bottles for us to taste and determine which is the best pumpkin beer this year.  Calling in this week will be NBA veteran Chucky Brown to talk about the upcoming season.  Special guest beer expert and judge, Jeremy Brown will be joining us as well.  Tune in for an amazing show

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    Episode 30_ Was Occupy the City a Success? What's Next?

    in Politics

    It has been reported that more than 5,000 people showed up for the "Occupy The City" Rally... when these people go back into their neighborhoods, will anything change?

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    Brower Report: Thought Provoking Thursday with co host Barry Secrest

    in Politics Conservative

    Brower Report Radio Show talking politics and news and views you can use!

    Join the Brower Report Radio Show for news and views you can use!  We are live Tuesday through Thursday at 8 PM ET.  We also will take your calls to hear what is on your mind at 347-884-8627.  

    Tonight on the show Hillary in deeper trouble and why isn't she out by now, Dunkin Donuts getting heat for a cup of coffee, Libertarian candidate for US Senate in Florida drinking something that got him in trouble, Occupy Democrats strike out on Trump, ICE makes major arrest in Florida, sinkhole landing couple in hot water, Planned Parenthood in the news again, GOP house race heating up, Barry Secrest hot and trending from his website, and the feel good story of the day!

    Listen to this episode directly at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/browerreport/2015/10/09/brower-report-thought-provoking-thursday-with-co-host-barry-secrest

    Like the Brower Report on Facebook at www.facebook.com/browerreport

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