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    NWA Wrestling Revolution presents Battle Talk Episode 62

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    Tonight we have the results of last week's event "Adrenaline Rush" and we have all the latest for this week's most anticipated event "Showcase"! Also NWA Branded Outlaw Wrestling had their "December to Remember 2" event this past Saturday and Battle Talk has the scoop! Lets not forget Anarchy Championship Wrestling had an event "Delusions of our Childish Days" and rest assure we have the results! Plus we have a huge mega announcement regarding the NWA and so much more! 

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    NWA Wrestling Revolution presents Battle Talk Episode 61

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    Tonight we bring you everything you missed last week at NWA Wrestling Revolution "Power Surge" plus some interesting news regarding NWA Wrestling Revolution "Adrenaline Rush". We also have the results of last Saturday's "Tribute for Dino" event courtesy of the Laredo Wrestling Alliance. Texas independent wrestling has another exciting weekend of Wrestling including NWA Branded Outlaw Wrestling's "December to Remember 2" and Anarchy Championship Wrestling's "Delusions of our Childish Days". 

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    NWA Wrestling Revolution presents Battle Talk Episode 57

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    Tonight we have all the results of NWA Wrestling Revolution's "Pilgrimage of Pain" event plus you'll get the exclusive of what will be going down at tomorrow night's event entitled "Ungrateful". Plus we got all the latest from last weekend's "Fun Fun Fun Fest" courtesy of NWA Inpsire Pro and Anarchy Championship Wrestling. Speaking of Anarchy Championship Wrestling, they got themsleves an event coming up this Sunday entitled "The Lonestar Classic" and Battle Talk has got the line up on who will be participating! 

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    NWA Wrestling Revolution presents Battle Talk Episode 60

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    Tonight we recap the events of last week's "Gang Wars" courtesy of NWA Wrestling Revolution! Plus bring you all the latest from LWA's tribute show in honor of the late Dino Albeto Jaregue which will take place in Hebronville, TX this Saturday! Also Lucas will be stopping by and he's promised some questions for our host! We'll also be talking about the CM Punk/Colt Cabana interview, the Steve Austin/Vince McMahon interview this past week and more! 

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    NWA Wrestling Revolution presents Battle Talk Episode 55

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    Tonight we'll bringing in all of the fallout from last week's epic Halloween Hardcore Horror Event! Plus bring you the latest on tomorrow night's event entitled "Pilgrimage of Pain"! Also The Laredo Wrestling Alliance held their fourth annunal Legacy event and we got all the results! And it can't be a Texas Independent Wrestling without an exciting weekend of Wrestling coming up and that's exactly what you'll see this coming Nov. 7th, 8th, and 9th in Austin, TX when Anarchy Championship Wrestling and NWA Inspire Pro take part in Fun Fun Fun Fest! 

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    NWA Wrestling Revolution presents Battle Talk Episode 59

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    Tonight we give you all the latest for the upcoming NWA Wrestling Revolution event "Gang Warz" on Friday night at 8PM at the Historic Cine El Rey! Plus we give you the results from WWE Survivor Series and so much more! 

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    NWA Wrestling Revolution presents Battle Talk Episode 58

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    Tonight we have all the results from NWA Wrestling Revolution "Ungrateful"! Plus we have all the results from Anarchy Championship Wrestling's Lone Star Classic IX! Also with Survivor Series right around the corner, we'll take the time to talk about the upcoming PPV along with going back to the past to relive some of Survivor Series' best and worst moments! Lets not forget we have a special shoutout in store for a special little guy! 

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    Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 - Episode XXX - The Last Stand of 2014

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    Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 comes to a triumphant conclusion here tonight with Episode xXx! Even though this show has been around for a few years now, this is the first complete season we've done with Episode titles, the works! Having interviewed some of the best talents to come through Vendetta Pro Wrestling, this show has been a platform for some of today's top rising talents in Vendetta Pro. Many have used this show as a podium, or a pedastal... and 1 in particular thought he'd just take over the show when he felt like it. (looking at YOU Diskord!!) But all in all, this season has been full of energy and the key ingredient... talent! The talent really made the show, a BIG thanks to everyone who's called in this year. Takin this moment now to also thank all the fans an faithful listeners of Vendetta Pro Radio, and welcome you to join host Jimmy Ray as we do 1 last Episode for the year here tonight! 2014, it's been real, it's been fun... an yea dammit, it's been real fun!! You ready to ride? Let's DO this!

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    Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 - Underground, 12/6/2014 (The Recap Show)

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    Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 is comin at'cha once again! Wrapping up the year quite nicely, cannot believe we only have 1 MORE EPISODE of Vendetta Pro Radio 2015 left! And that Episode IS... not tonight! "Why?" do you ask? Well normally, when Vendetta Pro has one of it's big shows, we at Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 do a recap episode. For those unfamiliar with Vendetta Pro 'Underground', those are our smaller shows between our bigger shows that are exclusive to Santa Maria, CA. They are performed right there at our training center, Kayfabe College. This show is where all of our up-and-coming talent are showcased, some for the very first time. All with hopes an aspirations of making it to the bigger shows, and make their mark at Vendetta Pro Wrestling. WWE has "NXT", Vendetta Pro has "Underground". Very similar to APW's "Gym Wars" and PCW's "Work Farm Warz". The Underground show that took place over this last weekend in Santa Maria was so entertainment packed, it get's its OWN recap show here tonight! Some of the greatest Underground matches of the year, all in 1 night, including the first ever Ladder Match for the Underground Championship! Plenty of other firsts too! If you haven't already heard the buzz about what happened, tune in tonight with Host Jimmy Ray as we go over all the details we can cover in 30 minutes on the 'Greatest Underground of 2014'. What a year in radio? ...What a year in Vendetta Pro?! Join us for these last shows and help us all say farewell to 2014!

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    NWA Wrestling Revolution presents Battle Talk Episode 54

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    Tonight we bring you all the latest from last week's NWA Wrestling Revolution's "Cemetary Gates" event! Also be here when we run down everything you will be seeing tomorrow night at the NWA Wrestling Revolution 4th Annual Halloween Hardcore Horror event! Plus we got the results from NWA Houston Event #44 and the results from NWA BOW! We also got word that LWA will be having thier annual Legacy event this Sunday and more! 

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