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    Cosmic Contacts with Pam and Dr.Honeycutt

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the Cosmic Contacts Show
    My guest Dr. Honeycutt, is the President and co-founder of NuTesla and the inventor of Rhythmedics, a patented technology using brainwave entrainment to reestablish Circadian rhythms. 
    James started using vibrational medicine in 1990 through Homeopathy.  He partly attributes his two-time survivals of cancer to this practice
    James has found a way to interrupt harmful Eletro/Magnetic Radiation, that we are all being bombarded with everyday.
    He has some powerful information for all of us, 
    Get on line early www.blogtalkradio/renford or Call 347-838-9142 if you have a question.

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    JA - James Honeycutt

    in Spirituality

    James D. Honeycutt, PhD is the President and co-founder of NuTesla, LLC, and the inventor of Rhythmedics®, a patented technology using brainwave entrainment to reestablish Circadian rhythms.
    We will discuss:
    ·         2013 is a year of awakenings on multiple levels.  There is a great deal of excitement and confusion regarding Schumann Resonance and the earth’s frequency and its rise over the past few decades. James would like to provide an understandable basis for Schumann’s theoretical resonance and this increase in frequency to help listeners determine how this change is affecting or may affect them.
    ·         The human mind is an amazing instrument and neuroplasticity is surfacing as a new buzz word in medical discussions.  James would like to discuss how neuroplasticity is being applied to help recovering stroke and spinal cord injury patients, and touch upon its application to enhance sensory capabilities.
    ·         Blending science and spirituality, James would also like to talk about his recent experiences in expanded awareness, utilizing the Out-of-Body techniques learned from the Monroe Institute, to connect with spiritual beings preparing for birth into this awakening world.  We are energy beings and energy implies frequency and learning to recognize the various levels of awareness as unique and definable frequencies allows one to journey into other realms of perception.

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    The Sandie Sedgbeer Show with guest James Honeycutt

    in Spirituality

    The Body Electric: Improving Health and Expanding Your Awareness with Resonate Frequencies
    Rhythmedics® is the science behind NuTesla’s resonant frequency therapies (NuTherapy®) used to harmoniously balance ourselves and shift our awareness into higher realms while interrupting harmful electromagnetic influences that are destroying our health, our homes and our planet.  NuTesla has extended the vibrational resonance discoveries of Nikola Tesla by developing Golden Ratio (Fibonacci Number based) instruments to resonate our minds, bodies and spirits allowing us to transcend the limitations impeding our progression on every level. 
    We’ll discuss how Rhythmedics instruments block manmade signals that are permeating our power lines, our atmosphere and literally every other area of our lives, as well as the importance of Critical Flicker Fusion frequency and how it can improve your resistance to these unwanted influences. Rhythmedics instruments are being used to dramatically improve sleep and increase productivity and are also assisting users with Lucid Dreaming, improved meditations and even in achieving Out of Body Experiences.
    James was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.  His interests in electronics and science began at an early age, due in large part to his father’s influence and employment at the Nevada Test Site and Groom Lake (Area 51).  James transitioned from telecommunications and electrical engineering into software development at Microsoft in 1994.
    After surviving testicular cancer and subsequently losing his wife to breast cancer James dedicated his time to developing affordable, effective bio-pulse instruments to reduce suffering and improve health. James has been using the latest NuTherapy instrument, Millennius, to help stroke survivors, spinal cord injury patients and others with previously ‘untreatable’ conditions.

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