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  • 02:06

    Brotha Haroon, Dolla Phil & Tron... The StreetGroomers!

    in Politics

    Salute Aaron Bridges aka Haroon Wakil, President and Dolla Phil aka Phil Chambers, Vice President!

    Tune in with the Brothas tonight along with Brotha Tron Antoine Suttersout of Chicago... THE STREETGROOMERS! Building Bonds and Business Between Brothas! They will be joined by Brothas of Growth & Development, The Moors Community, NOI and others to discuss the upcoming action on Sunday November 15, 2015

    www.blogtalkradio.com/str8uprealtalk or call in to speak with the Brothas @ 347-677-0917

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    Dem Boiz in Da Hood! In Conversation w/ Daphne, Dolla and Brotha Haroon!

    in Education

    Tune in to Str8up RealTalk Network for Say It Loud! In Conversation w/ Daphne, Dolla and Haroon! Tonight at 8pm cst/9pm est!

    Join us tonight for "Dem Boiz in Da Hood"!

    It's no coincidence that Black communities are now plagued by militarized police and other agents of colonialism while the so called 'violence' among the people and police terror against the people in the hoods has increased..

    Who's causing the rutcus? Who are the terrorized and who are the terrorist? Is it Da Boiz in Da Hood or Dem Boiz n Our Hood..

    Log on to www.blogtalkradio.com/str8uprealtalk

    or call in to listen/comment/question @ 347-677-0917

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    Business Not Bullets! Say It Loud! w/ Daphne, Dolla & Brotha Haroon!

    in Politics

    Tune in tonight for Say It Loud! In Conversation w/ Daphne, Dolla & Brotha Haroon!

    Tonight We'll be speaking on the new campaign initiative of Brotha Haroon, Business Not Bullets! How important is it that we stress knowledge and production? What can be done and who are the willing that can lead our communities from being riddled with bullets and black bodies to being riddled with Black Business? Join Us tonight for another hot conversation of uncensored, uncoated dialogue as we continue to strive toward the restoration and liberation of Our People!

    Log on to www.blogtalkradio.com/str8uprealtalk at 8pm cst/9pm est

    Comments or questions? Dial in to speak with host 347-677-0917

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    Music Tuesday

    in Hip Hop Music

    Introduction as usual

    Address our first episode and any feedback given for our podcast. We plan to review Big KRIT's It's Better this Way, Justin Bieber's Pupose, Logic's The Incredible True Story, Ty Dolla $ign's Free TC, Jeezy's Church in these Streets and any other project we can think of that may have dropped. We will also discuss who has more pressure for their next project Meek Mill or Drake and why. Lastly we will close with a question posed by my friend Niyah. The question is "What's more terrible, a person who had their peak in high school or college?" 

    So stay tuned for whatever else may occur only on 1000 Jumpers.

    Music contains explicit content

    Jay Z Imaginary Player | Purchase this at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/in-my-lifetime-vol.-1/id384373

    Jay Z What More Can I Say? | Purchase this https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-black-album/id358057502

  • 02:02

    The StreetGroomers! Ghetto Passes & White Privileges ..The Best of Both Worlds!

    in Politics

    Tune in tonight @ 7pm cst with The StreetGroomers! Brotha Haroon aka BigA and Brotha Dolla Phil outta Atlanta, along with Brotha Tron outta Chicago!

    Tonight's topic, Ghetto Passes & White Privileges ..The Best of Both Worlds, will speak on Whites who live separtated lives in Black Communities...Also, Racism in Retail, who shops where and with whom? Join Us tonight for this discussion... If you're looking for the answers, you gotta ask the questions!

    Logon @ www.blogtalkradio.com/str8uprealtalk

    Questions? Comments? or to listen dial in 347-677-0917

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    Cartel Radio 2

    in Current Events

    Welcome to another edition of Cartel Radio!!!!!!! On this weelks show its the second round of our Radio Battles with a cash prize!!! We also will be bringing back the Bump IT Or Dump It RNB edtiion this week we Kev Benson going against Destinee Lynn!!!!!  Her are these week matchups

    1. 100K vs T.E.D  

    2.Cheeba vs Tactics 

    3.Bad News Dolla vs Bobby Pesos

    4. Shonuff Drama vs Coach Cannon


    Make sure you tune in  this a episode you dont wanna miss!!!!!!!!!!





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    Say It Loud! In Conversation w/ Daphne, Dolla and Bro. Haroon

    in Politics

    Say It Loud! In Conversation w/ Daphne, Dolla and Bro. Haroon

    Join us tonight on Say It Loud! for discussion on the who and what of our communities... and why we're still hurting as a people.. Will we ever get the heart to get free?

    Logon to www.blogtalkradio.com/str8uprealtalk to listen in
    Questions or comments dial in to speak w/ hosts 347-667-0917

  • 02:13

    The Breakdown of Black Men; Criminalization, Crack & Confusion!

    in Politics

    Tune in tonight for Say It Loud! In Conversation w/ Daphne, Dolla & Brotha Haroon!

    Tonight we will continue our series 'The Breakdown of the Black Man" with Criminalization, Crack and Confusion! Taking flight in the 80's, the war on Black men and the community was waged full fledged to detroy the fabric of the Black Community. We'll talk about the horror and destruction left in the wake of amerikkka's war on Africans in amerikkka as well as ask the question; How did Black people become major contributors to the genocidal state of our people? 

    Logon to listen www.blogtalkradio.com/str8uprealtalk

    Comments, questions or to listen 347-677-0917

    8pm cst/9pm est

  • 01:49

    Say It Loud! In Conversation w/ Daphne, Dolla & Brotha Haroon!

    in Education

    Say It Loud! In Conversation w/ Daphne, Dolla & Brotha Haroon!

    Logon with us tonight at 8pm cst/9pm est as we speak of the upcoming Streetgroomers Community Forum/Rally in Chicago Sept 19/20, as well as open discussion on the shit that is constantly breaking Us as a People and our continued struggle to expose the contradictions of our oppression why We continue to blame ourselves and each other for it! Tune in or join in but definitely be in this discussion!


    Questions? Comments? Call in 347-677-0917

  • 02:04

    Say It Loud! The Breakdown of Black Men; Why Aren't They Defending Black Women?

    in Politics

    Tune in tonight to Say It Loud! In Conversation w/ Daphne, Dolla and Brotha Haroon Big A!

    The Breakdown of Black Men; Why Aren't They Defending Black Women? We will continue this segmented discussion along with some Good Brothas joining us on the line to give us insight on this very important topic. Has the effort to defend Black Women decreased in Black Men and why? Are the Women to blame or is it another tool of our oppression? 

    Log on to www.blogtalkradio.com/str8uprealtalk

    Comments or questions or just to listen dial in 347-677-0917

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    Live Mixtape Stream & Interview w/ DEPZ

    in Radio

    Versitale Records and Northside Hustlaz Clic created DEPZ in 2015.  DEPZ has currently recorded three (3) single's; Ten Hutt Tha Movement, In Tha Club and Tonite!

    Ten Hutt Tha Movement was inspired by the events in Ferguson, Madison, Baltimore, McKinney, TX and South Carolina as well as the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

    Versitale Records and Northside Hustlaz Clic was created in January 1994 in North Minneapolis by Lloyd J. Rhoden.  NSHC consist of five members whereas DEPZ has four, (which three are pictured above). Three of the members from NSHC makeup DEPZ.  The members of DEPZ include:  Trey80, Philthy Money, Dolla Trill and Zeakey On The Beat! The genre of music for these two groups are Rap and R&B.

    Their music can be found on ReverbNation, CD Baby, iTunes, iHeart, Amazon and several other's!