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    #Americas Guns #Obama's mission #NRA response-Spokesper @CatherineMortensenNRA

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    #America's Guns #Obama's mission #NRA response my guest @CatherineMortensenNRA National Spokesperson with th NRA. Listen in america and Tell a friend...347-308-8988

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    Guns in America

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    “The gun lobby may be holding Congress hostage right now, but they can’t hold America hostage,Congress still needs to act. The folks in this room will not rest until Congress does.” Preisdent Obama

    To deal with our impoverished neighborhoods, it isn’t enough to get rid of the guns. The public squalor of our inner cities has to be addressed: schools modernized, affordable housing built, mass transit supplied, available jobs created. Dealing with entrenched poverty costs real money, but less than we spend on the police, jails, drugs, alcoholism, and chronic illness — the dysfunction that comes from poverty.Today’s politicians don’t want to spend political capital on guns or fiscal capital on poverty. They’d rather pay more on the back end from failing to act than risk the up-front political and economic costs of dealing with the problems. So the war on guns is lost; the war on poverty abandoned. And the hopes of millions are dashed by that failure. In the circus of the current presidential campaign, these are two fundamental challenges that ought to be at the center of our debate. Rev Jesse Jackson Chicago Suntimes

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    Truthsharks Radio Presents: Black By Color Only/Guns, Guns, and More Guns

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    Welcome to the WVEB presentation of Black By Color Only, a division of Truthsharks Radio. I am your host and friend, DJ Southeast Vince, comin' at ya' all the way from a place called Durham, NC. On this show, I will tackle the issues that affect today's black race such as politics, economics, morals, principles, and whatever. If you have a question or comment, feel free to call in and state your case, just be sure to season your comments well with respect. So come listen to a man who is black, Christian, and conservative.

    What is it about guns that drives liberals crazy? Now, Obama has activated an executive order that will make it harder for regular citizens to purchase a firearm. I'll discuss this on the next broadcast.

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    VanillaISIS, Guns, and Birthers

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    On the first episode of Liberal Dan Radio for 2016:

    A militia group has taken over a federally owned building in Oregon and has exposed many hypocrisies in politics and public safety. I will discuss those examples of hypocrisy.

    President Obama wrote an executive order expanding the amount of people required to hold federal firearms licenses and conduct background checks. I will explain why this is not him writing new law but instead dealing with an imperfectly written law that wont get fixed because of GOP obstruction.

    I will also be discussing Ted Cruz and his eligibility for President. Is he qualified? Are there hypocrites supporting him? I will go into all of the possibilities.

    Those topcis and more on Wedesday January 6th, 2016 at 8pm Central.

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    No more anonymous guns

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    With a mass shooting literally daily in the U.S., surely we've had enough. I wanted to avoid the subject, which has been pretty well covered. Yet, the several recent mass murders won't let me. I think they won't let most Americans, not any more.

    Sure, gun-rights absolutists (a.k.a. those financed by gun and ammo makers) have had decades of success with the slippery slope scare tactic. That is, if you further regulate guns in even the smallest way, you really are coming for everyone's guns. We jsut can't allow that, so they say.

    Meanwhile, we have a very conservative Supreme Court that has gone with the broadest possible support for Second Amendment individual gun ownership rights. An Australian-style combo buyback and confiscation of military-grade weapons is out of the question here. 

    And yet, let us keep some perspective. Some guns are outlawed. Think full-automatic machine guns, bazookas, rocket launchers and such. We have managed to do such banning without sliding down any slopes at all. I propose moderately annoying rules, annoying at least to those who feel they need a dozen or two dozen high-powered weapons and the right to display and carry them everywhere they go.

    For absolutism, we absolutely need to halt private, undocumented sales. We absolutely need to have a background check for every gun sold. We absolutely need to register every gun to its purchaser. We absolutely need to require insurance or bonds for every gun sold, along the model of automobiles. 

    The incessant multiple murders should speak louder to us than the gun lobbyists do to lawmakers at the federal and state levels. Gun crazies, political, religious or just unhinged, give us no choice.

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    Obama Grabbing Your Guns

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    PLEASE SHARE: Episode #344: Obama signing an unconstitutional executive order to trash the second amendment.

    The first hour Hailed as a "Second Amendment Guru" by American Shooting Journal Alex Kincaid is a former elected District Attorney and the founder of Alex Kincaid Law, a law firm with the unique specialty of firearms law.  Alex has over 17 years experience as a successful trial lawyer and strategic planner. Alex has a new book titled Infringed on how to protect your guns from the government learn more at http://www.alexkincaid.com

    The second hour Backpack and Yoda hosts of Voices of Global Freedom discuss their plans for the new 2016 year and working closely with highest calibre VIP geo-political, counter-terrorist, military, intelligence, and special operations think tanks. We continue our individual safety and security seminars.  We bring innovative actionable tactics, methods and strategies to survive and thrive in these dangerous times. 

    Don't miss this high energy, entertaining, informative show covering current threats to our liberty and how to survive and thrive in these dangerous troubled times.  

    Check out our Voices of Global Freedom Archives.



    Backpack's new book 'Looking Glass Shattered' is on sell for $2.99 on Amazon Kindle:


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    Democrat Party Getting Your Guns

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    Please Share Episode #337: The Democrat Party is coming after your guns.

    First Hour: Voices of Global Freedom hosts Backpack and Yoda interview Erich Pratt with Gun Owners of America (GOA) s a gun rights organization with hundreds of thousands of members fighting for gun rights issues. Erich tells our audience how the Obamanation and Democrat Party is systematically step-by-step attempting to confiscate our guns and make U.S. citizens defenseless.

    Second Hour: Yoda and Backpack will update the audience on the border, national crime spike, black lies matter and caliphate takeover of Europe. We discuss plans for the 2016 year and how we are working closely with highest calibre VIP geo-political, counter-terrorist, military, intelligence, and special operations think tanks. We continue our individual safety and security seminars.  

    We bring innovative actionable tactics, methods and strategies to survive and thrive in these dangerous times. 

    Don't miss this high energy, entertaining, informative show covering current threats to our liberty and how to survive and thrive in these dangerous troubled times. 

    Voices of Global Freedom archives and Backpack's new book:



    "Looking Glass Shattered: Cubicle Commando to Constitutional Conservative Leader" is now available on Kindle.

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    My Paranoid Story About Guns

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    Three bills backed by the National Rifle Association may very well be passed by Florida Republican legislatures and signed by Rick Scott, Governor. The first would make it much harder to convict individuals of murder if their defense is "stand your ground." The second would allow any citizen who legally owns any type pf gun, assault rifles included, to openly carry them in public. They could carry them in the mall, the theater, restaurants, any venue of their choosing. The third bill would permit students, staff and visitors to carry guns on public college campuses. Let's picture it: any sudent could carry an AK 47 into his classroom and as long as the muzzle is pointing downward he or she would be in his or her legal rights to do so. The justification of these measures is to increase safety in our society and in the case of the last measure (HB4001) allow students to fight off terrorists, rapists and other dangerous criminals. I shall spend time tonight trying to convince you that these bills are real and not the paranoid fantasy of my title. I will create scenarios that I believe will certainly happen after these laws are enacted. I will then state my hopefully paranoid belief as to why the NRA is pushing these bills. I will try and end today's story on a positive note but I will need the help of my listeners. 

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    Seriouside: NRA, BLM Supporter beat, CPD shoots teenager 16 times

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    Good Morning and welcome to the Seriouside of the jrilshow

    SEGMENT 1:  Why is the NRA so powerful?

    SEGMENT 2:  Black Lives Matter Supporter beat at a Trump Rally.

    SEGMENT 3:  Chicago Cop shoots black teenager 16 times.

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    The Ignorance Equation- All For Guns, And Guns For All!

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    Does America have too much gun freedom or too much gun regulation? Do guns save more lives than they take? Is the epidemic of gun violence and mass shooting in this country preventable through more legislation? Once again we talk gun rights versus gun violence.

    Ventriloquist Jay Johnson (Soap and the Hit Broadway Show The Two And Only) joins our panel to talk about America's out of control gun culture.

    And on Kettle Of Fish, Artist and Comedian Matt Geiler stops by to talk about Cool Art, Funny Songs, And Dancing Pumpkins.

    So Join Dee, Saucey, Fern and Badger for all the Open Carry Politics we can Rebelliously Barrage into your 2nd Amendment EarHoles!

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