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    Irrational rants and the NRA!

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    Irrational rants and the NRA!
    Host: Lynna "A Preppers Path"
    on American Preppers Radio! 
    Saturdays 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
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    What a convenient show title “The Last Word”… I just have to say, HARDLY, and where does this man arrive at his last word.  Recently Lawrence O’Donnell of the show hosted by NBC spouts off in an irrational rant about the NRA. In an attempt to insight knee jerk emotional reaction to achieve his ends, O’Donnell and others recklessly made statements about the tracing of gun powder thourght taggants and how the NRA has thwarted the current investigation through lobby. Really, like if I wanted gun powder I couldn’t make it? Again we see the use of irrational, emotional grandstanding at the expense of the victims of another horrendous act of violence. The media’s ravenous frenzy to shock and horrify us into mass hysteria is in full force.  Why must we compare apples and oranges and use the emotional toll of our own citizens to get our agenda. Join Lynna for a frank discussion about reckless decision making and what those who desire a safe and prepared life can do to sift through the BS and make meaningful contribution.

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    Is Charleston About Guns or Psychosis?

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    Gun control advocates, the media and the President are quick to try and use the tragic event in Charleston, South Carolina as a flash point to bring the issue of gun control to the forefront once more. And the President was also using code when, in his statement, he said that "once again communities such as this one" have suffered these killings.

    Al Sharpton was on a plane for Charleston faster than you can say "black lives matter" but for what purpose? To turn it into another Baltimore or Ferguson most likely. After all, he and the other purveoyrs of racial divide live for such moments.

    Let's talk about psychosis, breaks from reality, overmedication, evil and the other factors that lead such murderers to act. Let's talk about who will have guns if they become illegal?

    This tonight and more.

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    The Truth About Guns

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    Today on The Everyday People Show" we are talking about guns. Why are the gun laws less restrictive in the south than they are up north? Are gun the the best defense in a world where violence is the norm. Would the world be safer if every grown up carried a gun in public

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    Guns don't Kill People, Crazy-Deranged People Kill People!

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    "I'll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands". It seems the topic of "gun violence and gun control" continue to take center stage in the circus of the politically confused arena. In what world can a Crazy-Deranged person take the lives of 9 people praying and a president use the political-press-presidential pulpit to talk about taking the guns from law abiding citizens? Only in Washington while still backed by those who went into the voting booth twice and checked BHO. Here's an Idea, Mr. President how about you disarm your presidential detail, secret service and those that stand guard and watch over you!?! We will hit hard on this episode of The Larry Stevenson Show. Please tune in, call or chat, and tell a friend! 347-308-8988 

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    The NRA, which is only a small handful of people, runs this country from top to bottom. They control Congress like a puppet-master. Violence runs rampant throughout this nation with the unbridled distribution and sanction of hand guns and fire arms of all manner, especially high-powered military assault rifles!


    Wayne La Pierre ought to have his "Pierre" detached from his carcas! We live in a Banana Republic. Those so-called Banana Republics in South America actually have far fewer murders than here in America - the land of "American Exceptionalism".


    I think it's going to take a "Million Women" March on our nation's capital to ever stem the flow of this insidious death-producing madness!


    Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose! We have nothing to lose but our INSANITY!


    Come on Americans, Cowboy-Up ---- let's push back and strangle the NRA in its crib!


    Hell, the game is changing right in front of our very eyes – for today – Monday, June 22, 2015 – the Republican Governor of South Carolina – Nikki Haley – succumbed to the pressure to take down the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State House – and – while appearing before the cameras with a diverse group of South Carolina lawmakers – agreed to do JUST THAT!


    Next Stop – The NRA!

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    Mothers Against Guns Organize To End Firearm Sales

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    Mothers are tired of losing their children to gun violence. They are tired of funerals. They are tired of crying in anguish at the news of another young life snuffed out by a senseless shooting. They want the violence to end, and they are taking to the streets with the aim to close down the business that makes it all possible: gun shops. Mothers Against Guns is an organized effort to stop the flow of guns to depressed inner city areas where crime has increased due to desperation created by lack of economic opportunities. Drug sales have become the means of paying ones rent and groceries for too many families, which involves them in the ongoing turf wars with street organizations who strive to control the drug traffic and rake in the largest share of income from drug sales. It's a deadly war that requires firearms to protect ones right to sell on any given block, and often involves retaliatory shootings by those who seek to avenge past shootings. The cycle of violence never ends. Mothers Against Guns seeks to end the cycle by ending the gun flow. Last week, after protesters marched against Chuck's Gun Shop in Riverdale, Illinois, we explored the point of view of those who uphold the right to carry arms as a means of protection against crime. This week we'll look on the other side of the argument as Dr. JoAnn Roberts, one of the protest march organizers, explains why Mothers Against Guns is seeking to close the shops that sell the weapons which end up in the hands of those who are responsible for senseless shooting deaths.  

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    #117 - Pope's Climate Plan, Obama Demagogues Guns, Trump Trumps Candidates

    in Politics Conservative

    We now officially have our first Marxist pope in the Vatican. We knew it would turn out this way as soon as an Argentine was named pope. Remember that Ché Guevara was Argentine too! However, he throws the American left a curve by linking climate change to abortion. Another shooting will start the anti-gunners going crazy; no one will mention if there were someone in that group armed less people would have died. This guy deserves old squirty for sure. The Donald enters the race and some love, some hate. One thing is for sure, now the candidates are going to have to answer HIS questions too.

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    The "CHOP SHOP" w/ Radical & Professor [Burgers, Guns, Confederate Flags/ Ep 18]

    in Christianity

    In the wake of the Charleston church murders and the exposing of American Terrorism and hate, we need to ask the question, “Are we being sidetracked by burgers, guns, and Confederate Flags?”  Let’s talk about it tonight at 9PM EST on the “Chop Shop.” Call in at 646-595-4495 and give us your real opinion. 

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    Mothers And Guns: Should Women Arm Themselves For Safety?

    in Women

    Safety is an issue that mothers worry about. How to keep their children safe is a subject they may disagree on. Is it better to carry a weapon to protect oneself, or is it better to get rid of all weapons so that one does not have to protect oneself? The pro-gun/anti gun sides discuss the issue of violence and how to stop it and prevent it

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    It Is Finished! 22JUN15 Power Grid, Obama & Guns, B Graham Grandson's Steps Down

    in Christianity

    The United State's Power Grids are not protected against an EMP Attack. Is there a danger? Obama seems to be using the latest church shooting to his advantage to take away guns from law abiding citizens. Billy Graham's Grandson steps down due to marital affair, and more. News that You can Use as it relates to the Bible and End Times.

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    *Moving America Forward Race, Politics, Religion & Guns

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    As difficult to fathom America is now catching up with the rest of the world with last week’s horrific killings at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina.  Americans barely blinks when mosques are blown up in distant lands or Christians are burned alive as they huddle together seeking safety in war torn nations.  Now in this country the carnage has moved from schools building to Bible study classes in the basement of historic Black southern churches.

    The Honorable Rev. Clementa Pinckney will be buried tomorrow and eulogized by President  Barack Obama.  The other eight victims will be buried in the days to come. The services will be huge and no doubt televised.  The tears will flow and the ultimate question, “Why?” will be asked. 

    And in the wake of last week’s massacre remains a demented 21 year old “soldier of death,” who still waves his Confederate flag in his twisted mind. White, young, hateful with a gun.  A deadly combination. 

    Today we will explore the challenges and opportunities that America faces as it wrestles with the contingency of dissonances that just cannot embrace a globally connected multicultural nation.

    And we will celebrate the Supreme Court’s ruling today that upholds the Affordable Care Act…otherwise known as Obamacare.