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    Martice Sutton: Girls Going Global

    in Travel

    If anyone could travel the world in 80 days without breaking a sweat, it would be Spelman alumna Martice Sutton. The 25-year-old globetrotter’s passion for all things international has taken her from Johannesburg to Istanbul to Paris and back. 

    Sutton has worked in Hyderabad, India as a social enterprise consultant for Hyderabad's Affordable Private School’s where she worked with education entrepreneurs to develop a blueprint for change. Her greatest accomplishments in India include a TOMS shoes giving event in which 700 students of Grace Model School were given a pair of school shoes as well as championing the first place Design for Change International Education Competition.

    It was while working to create better experiences for young girls in India, that Sutton realized young African-American girls in America, needed someone to champion their causes too. Sutton's fierce desire to explore every inch of the planet also serves as the catalyst for her new venture -- Girls Going Global, a growing social enterprise designed to expose African-American girls to the cultures of the world. To date the organization has hosted a Passport To the World global engagement summer camp in Philadelphia, sponsored first time passports for girls 10-16, and have created two educational travel experiences to Toronto, Canada and Turrialba, Costa Rica. In July 2015 GGG will be embarking on it's third international travel experience to Belize!

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    GYST Radio_LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division)

    in Art

    Guest is Shamim Momin, co-founder, director and curator of LAND.

    Los Angeles Nomadic Division is a non-profit art organization founded in 2009 as a public art initiative committed to curating site- and situation-specific contemporary art projects in Los Angeles and beyond. 

    LAND believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience innovative contemporary art in their day-to-day lives. In turn, artists deserve the opportunity to realize projects, otherwise unsupported, at unique sites in the public realm.

    LAND supports dynamic and unconventional artistic practices through commissioning public projects of site- and situation-specific works, collaborating with a variety of institutions and organizations, and offering additional programs such as performances, workshops, residencies, discussions, and publications.


    Hosted by Kara Tomé, independent curator and GYST Radio manager.

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    BrownGirlsFly....Sisters Cultivating Travel for Women of Color

    in Lifestyle

    Join us on our next show where The Nomadic Chick interviews sister team Chelle and Crystal Roberts from Brown Girls Fly...

    Chelle and Crystal Roberts are two sisters with a melanin-infused perspective on travel. They created BrownGirlsFly.com a travel site offering practical travel tips, destination profiles, and inspiring traveler stories. Their goal is to inspire as many women as possible -- especially women of color -- to travel more frequently and to places further outside their comfort zones.

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    Episode 54

    in Radio

    NOMADISM : The journey part 4 

    To become mobile and enjoy the ever changing horizon is one of the most empowering solutions out there... to this insane world we call life. Luemas tells one of many tales being free and nomadic. Miraculous life changing journeys full of synchronicity. Rant on the internet. Callers welcome. 







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    Nomadic Veterans Update June 17 2014

    in Military

    The Nomadic Veterans are nearing NYC!  Listen to the update, see the video at www.vetsonmedia.com/tnav.

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    Interview with Dr. Stephanie Evans from Clark Atlanta University

    in Lifestyle

    Dr. Stephanie Y. Evans is Chair of the Department of Africana Women's Studies, African American Studies, and History (AWH) at Clark Atlanta University. She is the former Director of African American Studies and Associate Professor of Women's Studies at the University of Florida. She is the author of three books: Black Passports: Travel Memoirs as a Tool for Youth Empowerment (2014), Black Women in the Ivory Tower, 1850-1954: An Intellectual History (2007) and a co-edited book, African Americans and Community Engagement in Higher Education (2009). She has also co-edited Africana Studies at the Graduate Level: A Twenty-first Century Perspective, a special issue of the Western Journal of Black Studies and published in journals including Peace Studies Journal, Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, Feminist Teacher, Florida Historical Quarterly, and African American Research Perspectives. 



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    Cultural Misunderstandings: Working with Different Leadership Styles

    in Management

    Amid accelerating change and globalization, companies are faced with the difficult challenge of thinking globally while acting locally. Companies are in dire need of leaders who possess an exceptional ability to accelerate business in complex and multicultural environments. However, working in a multicultural environment is complex and causes many misunderstandings. Even if you never leave the US, the increase in the rate of globalization will likely have you working with a peer, employee or boss from a different national, cultural background. Join us to find out how these cultural misunderstandings take place and how you might prepare yourself to overcome them.

    Dr. Katrina Burrus, PhD, MCC has a proven track record in coaching numerous international leaders. Her coaching career has taken her to Europe, Asia and the United States, and she is recognized for her distinctive capabilities with leaders and teams from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. MKB Conseil & Coaching specializes in leadership coaching for Global Nomadic Leaders, Brilliant and Abrasive Leaders and Talents. Katrina is passionate about supporting leaders, increase their performance and find more meaning in what they do. Katrina teaches postgraduate courses at various universities and speaks and facilitates workshops on “Global Nomadic Leadership”, on “Brilliant and Abrasive Leaders”, and on “Successful Integration into a New Role”. She was the first ICF (International Coach Federation) Master Certified Coach in Switzerland, founder and Board Member of ICF Switzerland. She has published two books, “Global Nomadic Leaders” and “When the Visionary is Blinded.”


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    Sebastian Junger, Nomadic Veterans and The Power of One

    in Military

    Karl talks with Brian Schiele to learn about Utah's "Call Your Military Hero" Day; then gets a final update from one of the Nomadic Veterans; then interviews author Sebastian Junger about War, Restrepo and Korengal.  Photos provided by Sebastian Junger, Marty Skovlund and Brian Schiele.


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    Ask Andrew Anything - Home: A Nomadic Exploration

    in Art

    This week Andrew speaks with Blake Morris.
    Blake Morris focuses on the production of memories, rather than objects, in order to highlight the transformative nature of art and its importance as something experienced rather than consumed.
    Morris uses walking as his primary creative and research practice. Projects have included a yearlong exploration of the public works of Robert Moses, which resulted in over 50 walks throughout the NYC area, and the [untitled] Walk Project, a series of walks that culminated with a walk from Brooklyn to Washington DC. He is a founding member of the Walk Exchange.
    We will discuss his latest project Home: A Nomadic Exploration in which he has walked to over 30 homes and lived in them for 3 days each, covering over a hundred miles and staying with friends, acquaintances, and total strangers.
    If you would like to call in and join the conversation please dial 914.338.0532 and press #1. You can also email us at AskAndrewEveryhing@gmail.com

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    in Health

    "THE NOMADIC WOMEN"!  Who are they?  Why do they choose this lifestyle?  What are the benefits? This podcast will answer those questions and more.  Pat Betram, author of "Grief: The great Yearning", says a large percentage of modern American nomads are women and most are simply seeking a new life or a new adventure.  Are you totally comfortable with your "Matrix" lifestyle?  Are you looking for more excitement in life and finding a home within?  Join us for an exciting discussion on this unique way of living.

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    ISIS: Chickens come Home to Roost. And Beck

    in Radio

    Finally ISIS are racking up their own fatalities and losses. About time. But this is a Nomadic enemy who is willing to fight anywhere. We will never defeat an enemy who is willing to die for their Cause. They are stronger in thier Faith than Christians. And just like with the Kamikazes in Pearl Harbor, we are at a disadvantage. Join me Tonight for what will be a "Spirited" Conversation to say the least.