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    Enlightenment, Nirvana, and Scientology

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    Enlightenment: The "full comprehension of a situation".  It translates several Buddhist terms and concepts, most totably bodhi, kensho and satori.  Related terms from Asian religions are moksh (liberation) in Hinduism and Kevala Jnana in Jainism.  In Christianity, the word "enlightenment" is rarely used, except to refer to the Age of Enlightenment.
    Nirvana:  A transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self, and the subject is released from the effects of karma and the cycle of death and rebirth. It represents the final goal of Buddhism.
    Scientology:  L. Ron Hubbard's successor of Dianetics. Its method of spiritual rehabilitation is auditing, in which practitioners re-experience painful or traumatic events in their past in order to free themselves of their limiting effects.  Auditing sessions are available to members on a fee-for-service basis, described as a “fixed donation.”   Scientology  is often characterized as a cult and it has faced harsh scrutiny for many of its practices which, critics contend, include brainwashing and routinely defrauding its members, and harassing its critics. Scientologists have argued that theirs is a genuine religious movement that has been misrepresented, maligned and persecuted.  Controversy has focused on Scientology’s belief that souls reincarnate and have lived on other planets before living on Earth, and that some of the related teachings are not revealed to practitioners until they have paid thousands of dollars to the Church of Scientology.  Scientologists believe that psychiatry is destructive.

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    Dylan Nirvana!

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    Dylan is the singer of Dylan Nirvana and the Bad Flowers. They are a band based out of New York City. They have played at many great places such as Otto's Shrunken Head and the well loved CBGB's. A few of their great tunes include "Ganymede" and "Try". One of my personal favorites is "Rebound Girl" :). They are also in the middle are making a new record.

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    CONCENTRIC CIRCLES: Position Yourself for Nirvana

    in Spirituality

    Position Yourself for Nirvana
    featuring Teresa Ann Foxworthy

    Cultivating a life which brings you an experience of Joy is multi-faceted. Yogananda, the celebrated Hindu who brought Yoga to the West, always advised his students & friends to choose their companions wisely. Concentric Circles is my program to help you define Nirvana in terms of your lifestyle, relationships, & meditations in ways that serve your spiritual growth, as you create an environment which supports your inner harmony & soul's activation. Understanding who you are & which companions will be most inspiring in your inner most social circles, plus how to create sanctuary in your home, and discerning major life choices, can alleviate the unnecessary stresses of daily life. During this slow-paced, introspective discussion & guided meditation, you will learn to recognize which decisions you make have the greatest effect upon expanding your Light Body & accelerate your spiritual evolution! Learn to shine your inner light brighter than any shadows in your life. [Please excuse a two-minute span of dead air due to technical difficulties about 15 minutes into the show. The remainder of this 90-minute program is smooth thereafter.]

    Join Teresa for another episode of TOOLS for TRANSFORMATION: Reclaim Your Throne of Power, as she discusses various traditions of spiritual growth & development. For men & women, whether new to their spiritual path or long-time journeying, you will discover secrets to the blossoming of your conscious awareness as you heal, balance, & activate each of your chakras, and ignite your full lotus potential as a self-realized being. Using the metaphor of spiritual beings having a human experience, traversing from animals to angels, Teresa explains how to relax into your fullness and awaken your higher operational functioning for a more fulfilling life.

    Law of Attraction & Ascension Work: Emotional Hea

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    Cinema Nirvana: Enlightenment Lessons from the Movies

    in Movies

    Cinema Nirvana: Enlightenment Lessons from the Movies with author Dean Sluyter

    Movie fans and spiritual seekers, unite! In Cinema Nirvana, meditation teacher and award-winning film critic Dean Sluyter illuminates the hidden enlightenment teachings of Casablanca,Jaws, The Graduate, The Godfather, Memento, and ten other classic films, revealing spiritual wisdom in everything from 007’s secret weapons to the colors of the Seven Dwarfs’ eyes.

    Dean Sluyter has taught natural meditation since 1970. He has given talks and led workshops throughout the U.S.  Dean has appeared in various media, including Oprah & Friends Radio and National Public Radio and his work has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly.  Also, this month Dean is featured in 3 national magazines, InStyle, Dr. Oz Good Life and Mantra so be sure to check out those out.

    For more information about Dean, visit http://naturalmeditationbook.com/

    So grab your popcorn, sit back, and prepare to have your mind opened while we discuss Cinema Nirvana a funny but wise.. practical but wildly entertaining guide to finding enlightenment—one movie at a time.

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    We received lots of good info here...


    Quazar asks some very  pointed questions of Zorra  


    We also discuss a recent post on another site telling people to turn in their dinars!!??  

    What does Zorra say?  And why??  


    The X-Files? WHO are the new writers???  

    What's this about "Planet X?"  

    Is the Zika virus a threat?  

    And the Republic??? - 


    Individual healings respond to Zorra and Saryya's instructions. 

    Listen, and learn how to do these!









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    Episode 120 1990s Rock Albums and NFL Playoffs

    in Entertainment

    What were our favorite rock albums of the 1990s? Pearl Jam, Creed, Guns n Roses, Metallica? We have some would you rather questions. We'll also discuss football playoffs and all that jazz.

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    Food Fun Nation Ep # 55 Pizza Pie That's Amore

    in Food

    Food Fun Nation Ep # 56 Pizza Pie That's Amore

    brought to you www.foodfunnation.com

    .... Pizza makes the world a better place and brings us to happiness food nirvana. Come join us for pizza talk and news..  The Chef & Tech are firing up the pizza oven talk to 600 F to bring the heat and enjoy one of our favourite foods, pizza. We will see you all soon and celebrate food with all of our listeners once again. Food passion and love in the form of a big slice of warm, gooey, cheesey, crispy, saucy yumminess.

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    in Spirituality

    And how be you, Beloved Masters?


    We welcome all who are in need of our healing energies. There will be no Q & A.  We will have a brief update on global events.


    Those requesting healing, please call in on:  1  347-637-2383 - then, touch " 1 " on your telephone keypad to raise your hand.


    Have your requested healing needs written so that you can concisely present them. - No lengthy conversations, please.

    We'll ssee you on the call.



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    Earnestly Speaking Podcast - Rest In Paradise, Scott Weiland

    in Entertainment

    Earnest Christian and his buddy and old musical comrade Michael Ibarra discuss the recent death of former Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland and the impact of his music towards 90's hard rock and alternative. Also they discuss the Beatles and Nirvana, Coldplay playing the Super Bowl halftime show, Phil Collins returning, Kobe Bryant retiring and why they wish the Dan Lebatard Show was still drive time in the afternoon.

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    Much is going on in these final moments at the close of 2015.


    Zorra told us that he and Prime Creator have been in Zorra's ship over Iraq, influencing Parliament. At call time, Zorra's ship and Prime Creator were above Washington DC.


    Quazar did a good job of obtaining specific answers from Zorra... Who/what is holding up the RV/GCR? 


    Who are Zorra, Prime Creator, and Sananda negotiating with? Zorra said these last negotiations will be "Decisive."


    Ashtar will be involved. These are final, hard choices. 


    What % of Earth Collective is now "awake?" 


    What action will enable Twin Flames to connect? 


    "Who" is Mother/Father God? 


    What will begin the Disclosure sequence?


    What a great call!!



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    Jesse Frohman ,Kurt Cobain: The Last Session and so much more!

    in Pop Culture

    While earning a degree in economics at the University of Michigan, Jesse Frohman picked up a camera and never put it down. When he returned home to New York, he had no formal training or experience, but he did have a portfolio of platinum prints, which caught the interest of legendary photographer Irving Penn, who hired Jesse to manage his studio.Jesse has photographed countless celebrities and still lifes.His work is also in many private collections. Jesse lives and works in New York. And whilst he may have shot everyone from James Brown to Woody Allen, The Stroke to Diane Von Furstenberg for Vogue, Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone, it’s his iconic portraits of Kurt Cobain, shot in New York in 93 that linger longest in the memory. One of Kurt’s last ever photoshoots before his untimely passing. It’s now being commemorated by ONETSHIRT for a new capsule collection On the 20th anniversary of his death, a powerful portrait of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana including many previously unpublished image taken during their last formal photo shoot . In August 1993, when Nirvana was in New York to perform at the legendary Roseland Ballroom, Jesse Frohman photographed them for the London Observer’s Sunday magazine Over the course of ninety photographs, Cobain seems an almost feral creature, by turns gentle, playful, defiant, suffering, or absorbed in his music. There’s a diverse range of shots of Cobain with fellow band members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl and on his own, posing, performing, and greeting fans. Jon Savage’s original interview, which appeared with Frohman’s photographs in the Observer is also reproduced, giving us Cobain in his own words. The book is a touching tribute to Cobain twenty years after his tragic demise, and following Nirvana’s recent induction in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The book contains 90 illustrations, 25 in color.