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    Poverty Pimps!

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    "Poverty Pimps" Discussing the issues of people who take advantage of the disenfranchised as a way of making a living rather than offering genuine support.  Core Topics:  Being charitable verses niggardly.

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    Stop Being NIGGARDLY & Nine Other Things Black People Need to Stop Doing!

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    This title grabs you! But it's NOT new, Nannie Helen Burroughs wrote this a 100 years ago and now - KAREN HUNTER has put this important document written by a successful black woman for her people a century ago is now still is very necessary &relative. THIS is the book for African Americans for the DECADE!

    Before you get all caught up in the "N" word, look it up and get ready for Karen Hunter to BE EMPOWERED!!!

    That’s the jumping-off point for this powerful directive from Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and bestselling author Karen Hunter. It’s time for the black community to stop marching, quit complaining, roll up their collective sleeves, channel their anger constructively, and start fixing their own problems, she boldly asserts. And while her straight-talking, often politically incorrect narrative is electrifyingly fresh and utterly relevant to today’s hot-button issues surrounding race, Hunter harks back to the wisdom of a respected elder—Nannie Helen Burroughs, who was ahead of her time penning Twelve Things the Negro Must Do for Himself more than a century ago. Burroughs’s guidelines for successful living—from making education, employment, and home ownership one’s priorities to dressing appropriately to practicing faith in everyday life—teach empowerment through self-responsibility, disallowing excuses for one’s standing in life but rather galvanizing blacks to look to themselves for strength, motivation, support, and encouragement.

    Karen Hunter is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, a celebrated radio talk-show host, and co-author of numerous New York Times bestsellers, including Confessions of a Video Vixen, On the Down Low, and Wendy's Got the Heat. She is also an assistant professor in the Film & Media Department at Hunter College!

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    Karen Hunter discusses What it REALLY takes to get a Best Seller

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    Karen Hunter knows. She has churned out numerous best-selling and critically acclaimed books that made it to the best-seller lists including:
    I Make My Own Rules (1997) with LL Cool J Ladies First (1999) with Queen Latifah
    Al on America (2002) with Rev. Al Sharpton
    Wendy’s Got the Heat (2003) with Wendy Williams

    Her books, On the Down Low (2004) with AIDS activist JL King and Confessions of a Video Vixen, forced a nation to deal with issues that had long been overlooked.

    Karen has also co-authored Raising Kanye with the mother of rapper Kanye West and Balancing Act, a novel with the ex-husband of Terry McMillan.

    Hear Karen Hunter tonight as she talks about HER OWN new book, "Stop Being Niggardly" and her presentation at the NATIONAL CHRISTIAN WRITERS Conference in DC.

    See Meet Karen Hunter Live at the National Christian Writers Conference at Howard University

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    3 Chicks On Lit Features Celebrity Author/Publisher Karen Hunter

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    Join us as we discuss "Stop Acting Niggardly: And 9 Other Things Black People Should Stop Doing" We"ll discuss our take on the title and the roles we play in our community and abroad.

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    The Karen Hunter Show

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    Are you being niggardly with yourself? Well, stop!
    We're going to help you as we talk about this subject with Al Scales Reynolds (former husband of Star Jones who also happens to be a financial whiz). This is the second part of our interview where we will delve into the world of money and finances. Join us as we explore solutions to the financial difficulties many find themselves in today. We will be laying the foundation to your financial freedom!

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    The Karen Hunter Show

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    What have Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Tavis Smiley and other so-called leaders really done for black America over the last 20-30-40 years? Does black America need a leader? How niggardly is black leadership? Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, author, professor and publisher Karen Hunter will get real about this topic. She will delve into history and take a hard look at where we are presently, and then offer solutions to where we need to be in the future. Gritty. Important. Real talk.

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    Mad in the Middle : Race & Race Relations in America

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    Has extreme politics distorted the race debate in America? Award winning journalist Gary Anthony Ramsay hosts "Mad in the Middle". This week's guest include Karen Hunter,author of the upcoming book "Stop Being Niggardly" and Professor J. Angelo Corlett author of "Race, Racism, and Reparations". We'll also talk about other prevailing issues making headlines including the economy, foreign policy and domestic politics. The "left" and the "right" have waged war on each other and damaged the country leaving the rest "Mad in the Middle". Let your voice be heard!

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    The C.O.W.S. w/ Gus T Renegade

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    Gus T Renegade shares his thoughts on the System of White Supremacy. This show should have aired on Friday, February 5th, but I was victimized/niggardly. Gus observed a wealth of Racism/White Supremacy just flipping through the newspapers. I mean... an extraordinary amount of abuse of non-white people. I observed the maltreatment of multiple friends and highly refined Racist techniques. The above image is one such example. I'm including a link so that listeners may closely scrutinize the above graphic for themselves. Keep in mind this is the front page of the University of Washington's school paper. Here is a link to the SEXUAL INSERT which was included in the Friday, February 5th publication. Sexual confusion in high gear. {Link for the article referencing/ praising Victims of White Supremacy for being modern... Black, gay, ecstatic, depressed, tripped-out, and humorous.} Subscribe to The C.O.W.S.