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    The Joey Harris Show

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    Joey brings the show from the frozen Tundra that North Carolina has become.  He brings you up to date on what he has been doing since the last show.  He also shares something that he has been dealing with the past week.

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    ~~Nicole Red is the author of Free To Fly: After The Love is Gone. Free To Fly is a novel inspired by actual events. It is geared to encourage and empower victims of domestic violence. Nicole, spent her childhood watching her father verbally, mentally, and physically abuse her mother. Free to Fly: After The Love is Gone tells a chilling story how the affects of the abusive relationship between her parents transcended into her very own marriage.

    Being a victim of domestic violence, Nicole shares how she escaped her abuser and became determined to reclaim her dignity, reconstruct her life, and rediscover what it is to live a life of peace.
    Domestic violence is real. It happens to women all over the world from all walks of life. Everyone's journey is different, but the story is the same. Nicole hopes Free To Fly will make a difference. It is her hope that this book will help encourage women to take the steps needed to stop being a victim, see their worth, break out of the cage, and gain the courage to be free to fly.


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    The Joey Harris Show

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    Joey is back for another show. Join him as he updates you on his week, shares some details about a recent procedure he had, and celebrates the life of the best coach in college basketball.

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    The Joey Harris Show

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    Joey is back to talk about his week.  Listen in as he shares about haircuts, free soup and salad, and an unexpected trip to the hospital.

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    The Sibe Vibe presents Nicole Forto

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    Join host, the Five Sibes Mom, Dortothy Wills-Raftery as she welcomes Junior Iditarod musher, Nicole Forto to The Sibe Vibe.

    The Sibe Vibe is part of the Dog Works Radio Network.

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    Guest: Nicole Newman, CEO, Newman Networks

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    Nicole Newman, CEO, Newman Networks

    Newman Networks is known for cost-effective business solutions for small businesses generating 50K to 500K to increase their profitability.


    Nicole is an inspiring motivational speaker, technology writer for the national on-line newspaper, the examiner and exceptional business networker. She was recently honored with Universal Muslim Business Association Outstanding Leadership award, The 2011 Madam CJ Walker award presented by the National Coalition of 100 Black Women (Pennsylvania Chapter) and The Business Center’s 2010 Awardee for Best Practices in Creative Marketing, in addition to The Philadelphia Tribune’s 10 under 40 to watch of Influential African Americans.



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    SWAG Radio Presents: The Sting with Michelle Nicole

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    On this episode of SWAG Radio, Yara Kaleemah will be talking with Ms. Michelle Nicole.

    About Michelle Nicole:

    Michelle Nicole was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Newark, New Jersey. She began writing poetry at the age of 15. Her writing style developed into short stories as a young adult. With over 20 poetry pieces written and three books self-published, she plans to continue her independant writing career for as long as God gives her the strength.

    Not only is she a writer, she is also the founder and CEO of a nonprofit organization which focuses on healing and positive engagement for youth that are affected by domestic violence. Within this organizational umbrella, services provided span from community outreach, youth workshops that cover topics such as teen dating violence, bullying and suicide prevention, and camps that focus on music and literacy development.

    With all of this, Michelle Nicole has also returned to school to complete her degree in Psychology. She plans to complete the Ph. D program in the future and use her skills and knowledge to work with youth in crisis.

    The Sting - Released August 2014

    Can one man make one woman do things that she knows deep down inside is wrong? Manipulation is a terrible thing. It can make one really good person fall victim to one really bad act. This can be simply stated as random moments of insanity. In the end, the really good person is the one who pays for the sins of both. When you have a weak minded person and a strong minded person, someone is bound to get hurt. Stacey is no exception to the rule. She put herself in a situation that could have been avoided if she would have just followed the path God had for her.



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    The Joey Harris Show

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    Joey is back with an all new episode.  He explains the technical difficulties in the last episode, and gets into a discussion of what makes a gentleman.

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    Nicole Sandler, Julianna Forlano Go Gaga On Patricia Arquette's Jigaboo Feminism

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    Nicole Sandler and Julianna Forlano Go Gaga On Patricia Arquette's Jigaboo Feminism

    So Nicole Sandler is at it again, bringing out the white supremacist side of her liberalism. 

    We've heard her tell Imani Gandi (angry black lady) that it's too bad she "doesn't feel comfortable in her own skin". 
    She couldn't help but quip about the "blacks" giving their kids "weird names". 
    And thought she's quite white and often self identifies as white, she has to remind you that she's Jewish whenever she disagrees with an uppity colored. 

    Julianna Forlano is convinced that big scary black bucks like Elon James White from This Week in Blackness are attacking her... (nice dog whistle). 

    It's another classic case of white folks reminding black folks where their place is and telling those talking negro chicks on twitter to tone it down and behave themselves. 

    We'll discuss, we'll laugh and we'll dig into that Fox clip about Jigaboo music. 

    Maybe after all of that, we'll have time for some news and comment. 


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    Dr. Jacqueline & Irvin Harris hosted by Peter Mingils

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    Dr. Jacqueline & Irvin Harris hosted by Peter Mingils.

    Like many others, they find success is tough on family life. It takes time to be successful. And some times, it means being away from the people that mean the most. Listen in to hear how they are building a business from home! 

    Check out the Dr. Jacqueline and Irvin Harris segment at http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com.











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    Becoming a Cosmic Citizen with Paola Harris, Don Daniels and Sierra Neblina

    in Spirituality

    This week we have a special guest, Paola Harris, an internationally acclaimed journalist and writer on UFO topics. We are going to focus mostly on the topic of “Why all the Secrecy and Denial”. We may also get into the Disclosure project a bit. We will return to Communication Through Inspiration after we cover Secrecy, Denial and Disclosure. Be sure to call in to share your experiences and ask us questions at 646-478-3085. Be sure to press 1 to ask a question. 

    First we will talk about why all the secrecy?  Clue, do you think the UFO’s are filling their tanks buying jet fuel at the local airport?  We will discuss some deep insights by people who worked in the projects, and why they feel disclosure is the best way for humanity, who might be opposed to disclosure, and who might not handle it well. This is why we prep for these events and in large part the purpose of this course. 

    We will gain insight from Paola and her research. Paola was friends with Philip Corso and Jessie Marcel Jr., so she has some inside information on the Roswell events, as well as connecting the dots on many other issues. It should be a very interesting evening.  

     Then, we will get into the Disclosure Project and the National Press Club events of May 9th, 2001. I will give you my inside perspective on the history that was made that week, and why it got squelched by high level “Editors” in the major media, as well as what sneaky tricks they played to push us off the news cycle. We will talk about what information was given to every single member of congress (get your own free copy at http://disclosureproject.org/access/briefdoc.htm and read up exactly the same document).


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