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    New York Jets Roster Analysis and Predictions

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    With three preseason games in the books the New York Jets are about to trim their roster to 53 players. We will analyze who should make the cut and who should be released. Also we examine the quarterback situation as the Jets head into the season. Positions of strength and weakness will also be discussed. Should the Jets look to free agency for some help? And of course we will take all of yours calls live.. 929-477-2651 as well as on Twitter: @TalkJetsRadio

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    New York Jets Vs. Texans More than losing a game

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    The New York Jets in a Must win situation - did'nt. They're no longer in the AFC Wildcard Picture. The Texans have Some quality Defensive Players and one special wide reciever named DeAndre Hopkins.

    The Jets lost more than a game, more than a playoff spot. They lost their star Defensive back Darrelle Revis to a concussion and Center Nick Mangold to a right hand injury that required stitches.

    Each week the New York Jets have had a new and different problem costing them the game; excepting their Special Teams which have been a problem from the start of the season. This Team needs Offensive line help. A pass Rush and a sense of urgency. 

    Ryan Fitzpatrick and his injured companions had player execution problems again this week; Kenbrel Thompkins was inactive in favor of Devin Smith, who again could not deliver. Does Todd Bowles have what it takes to win situational Fooball and are he and Chan Gailey on the same page?

    Let's talk Dolphin's. Yes, they're 6 -4 but that does'nt mean this Jets Team will beat them this Sunday.

    Join Hosts Herb LaLane (@ThaKingofQueens) and James Boyd (@OneJetDrive) as we break it down and talk about our position in the AFC East and conference.

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    Recap of New York Jets loss to the Patriots; Raiders Preview

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    The New York Jets fell short against the New England Patriots on Sunday leaving the team with some questions on an off the field. We will look into the positives and negatives from the game and identify any areas of concern. Also we will look forward to the match-up against the Oakland Raiders and review some of the keys to the game. Will the team suffer a letdown? Lastly we will take calls at 929-477-2651 and answer messages from the Twitter account @TalkJetsRadio.

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    New York Jets Return From The Bye Week; Preview Of Redskins Game

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    The New York Jets return from the bye with a home matchup against the Washington Redskins. Will the Jets come out inspired at home? How will the return of Sheldon Richardson impact the defense? How many reps will Richardson play? Also what are some keys for the Jets as they try to make a run at a playoff spot? Areas of concern? Positions of strength? And we will also take your calls and answer your tweets. 929-477-2651 @TalkJetsRadio on Twitter.

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    New York Jets Training Camp Analysis

    in Football

    With the first week of training camp in the books we look back at all of the action that transpired. Who are some of the early stars on offense? Who are some of the disappointments? How significant is the Devin Smith injury? On defense who has stood out? Anyone that has a chance of losing playing time? Is the Mo Wilkerson injury serious? Then finally we will discuss Sheldon Richardson. What is the next step for him and the New York Jets? We will take your calls live!!

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    New York Jets Preseason Game #1 Preview

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    As the New York Jets head into their first preseason game there is plenty to talk about. How did the Green and White practice go? Who is injured? Who is making a name in camp? Who is currently on the roster bubble? Also looking forward what should be expected from game one of the preseason? Are there any significant positions of concern? Are there areas of strength where a trade should be considered? And finally we take all of your calls live. 929-477-2651

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    New York Jets Face Adversity With First Ugly Loss

    in Football

    The New York Jets had their first clunker of the year as they lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in ugly fashion. The Jets offense was the major culprit as Ryan Fitzpatrick struggled. We will look at the reasons why the Jets lost and areas for concern. Also we will look forward to the matchup in London versus the Miami Dolphins. This AFC East battle is huge when it comes to tiebreakers and the division. In addition we will take your calls and tweets @TalkJetsRadio on Twitter.

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    New York Jets Roster Predictions; Preseason Game 3 Preview

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    As we approach cutdown day it is time to look at the New York Jets players that will be making the roster. Will the team keep four quarterbacks? 4 running backs? How many wide receivers? How do the injuries complicate matters? Also we will then preview the final dress rehearsal of the season as the Jets take on the Giants. What are some of the things that you want to see on offense? can the Jets reduce their penalties? Will the defense begin to gel? And also taking your calls live 929-477-2651

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    New York Jets Vs. The Miami Dolphins AFC match-ups that count, need to be won.

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    The New York Jets (6 - 5), beat the Miami Dolphins before facing The New York Giants and OBJ. Looking like the team that appeared in the first four games of the season, they did just that. The #AFC Wildcard picture remains in focus for the time being.

    The Jets have set a new Franchise Record for Defense , only allowing the Dolphins a total of 12 rushing yards as the Jets Sweep the Series.

    Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick Threw for 4 Touchdowns, no interceptions. The Jets came together as a Team in this win.

    Devin Smith is out of the Dog house with two great plays, one for his first #NFL Touchdown.

    Jeremy Kerely, while again not used as a Wide Reciever , put up respectable return game numbers.The secondary, minus Revis allowed far too many passing yards.

    It was Ring of Honor week with SBIII Great as Matt Snell and Emerson Boozer inducted. Boozer was surrounded on the field by former members of the Sack Exchange as Matt Snell honored his vow not to attend.

    Join us, by calling in or listen to the shows archived episodes anytime, as James Boyd (@OneJetDrive) and Herb LaLanne (@thakingofqueens)  continue on our path of trying to discern just what this team is this season and where it will end up by seasons end.


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    New York Jets vs Cleveland Browns Preview Show

    in Football

    The regular season is upon us as the New York Jets take on the Cleveland Browns at MetLife Stadium. We will take a look at all of the Jets roster cuts and identify the team's strengths and weaknesses. Also we will review the members of the team's practice squad. Finally we will break down the matchups for Jets vs Browns. Keys on offense as well as on defense. Game predictions along with season predictions. Call in with your thoughts 929-477-2651

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    New York Jets dominate Colts; Preview Eagles match-up

    in Football

    On Monday night the New York Jets beat the Colts to move their record to 2-0 on the season. There were several impressive performances on both sides of the football as the defense played top notch while Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall were running wild. We will take a look at the stars of the game, the somewhat questionable calling on offense, as well as the strategy. In addition we will preview Sunday's match-up against the Philadelphia Eagles. Call in with your thoughts 929-477-2651