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    Three Countries, Two Artists and One Dream

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    Join artist and marketing expert Leslie Saeta as she highlights way to sell your art. Leslie is joined by March co-host Dreama Tolle Perry. Today we are going to share the story of Brenda Pinnick and Sharon Williams. One Southern girl and one Canadian – two very accomplished artists, who met and took the adventure of a lifetime together—-painting France en plein air. We can't wait for them to share their story and all of their tips about traveling and painting overseas!

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    Why Every Artist Needs Other Artists to Be Successful

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    Join artist and marketing expert Leslie Saeta as she highlights ways to sell your art on-line. On today’s show Leslie is joined by AHA February co-host Dottie Leatherwood. Join Leslie and Dottie as they discuss why every artist needs other artists to be successful. We will talk about why you need an “art buddy” and an active “small artists group”. Don't miss out on this very interesting show!

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    If you are a new or thinking about becoming an artist and would like to get your talent, gift and or art “out there”, we want to hear from you!We will also have celebs that can direct you in a positive way. We want to encourage you to be all that is in your destiny, we want you to know that you are somebody in spite of the circumstances. We would love to be your “starting place” in the industry. 


    Evangelist Cynthia Sneed 

    Cynthia K. Smith-Sneed, international gospel recording artist, is on a mission. This dynamic and enchanting vocal artist, is originally from San Francisco, California, but has performed in Italy, Rome, Milan, Amsterdam and other fine arts venues. Cynthia began her performance career at church and school at an early age. At that time, it was discovered that her melodious voice inspired tears in the eyes of some; rejoicing in the hearts of others. Once young Cynthia realized the effect her voice had on listeners, she dedicated it --and her talents as a song writer and minister-- to the service of God.

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    Today's show is for our new and upcoming artists. If you have a art,talent or gift that you would like to be played on the air, please go to our website at www.acaringconsultants.com and lewave it at the contact section. You art, talent and or gift must be one or all of the following; positve, uplifting, encouraging, reaching and teaching for the community. We want to hear from you and at the same time be a blessing to you!

    Our featured artist on today’s show is “Wyze Man” who is a gospel rapper with a message for the community.He is the owner of WyzeHouse/ Life Coach for Lifetime Courses International. You do not want to miss the message!

    Remember that we want to be an avenue of release and uplifting, a source of exhaling and healing for the Mind, Body and Soul. Listen today and be encouraged! be enlighten! but most of all be blessed!! We are here for you.


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    Your favorite NEW ARTISTS? (Michelle Chamuel, Mary Lambert, & ???)

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    Call 347-215-7225 & share who is your favorite NEW ARTIST & WHY?  (mine include Michelle Chamuel & Mary Lambert)

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    New Twist Show

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    The return of THE NEW TWIST SHOW!!! J-Chris and Miss West are BACK!!! Bringing all the intelligent ignorance that you enjoy! Join them exclusively on New Twist Radio. A couple of the issues we will take on this week will be.... Where does the transgender MMA fighter belong, why was it thought to be acceptable for a college baseball player to degrade a teenage girl on Twitter, and how much would you be willing to spend to discretely cheat on your significant other? That and plenty more coming at you on the RETURN on the NEW TWIST SHOW exclusively on NEW TWIST RADIO. Tuesday morning @10am. Tell a friend to tell a friend.  

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    ** The ARTISTS Show **

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    ASA~ Family, peace to everyone~ Please join me as we launch a New show on the Hereafter Is Now Netwok called: The Artists Show.. This show will Feature many of our Great Artists in the Nation of Islam and beyond ! I Am very honored to have as my first guest Bro. Kelvin Grayco Gray X ,,, Getting to know him is easy. Just listen to his music. From his first solo album release to the latest project, his honesty is undeniable. He is who he says he is.

    Kelvin Grayco Gray X is a follower of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his music reflects his belief system. When asked his purpose in music, Grayco responded, "To shed light where there is none."

    Grayco brings a necessary component that is lacking in hip hop. He offers a raw and unadulterated message that encompasses humble wisdom. He is a reminder of what hip hop once was---- original, innovative, and fearless. We need what it is he has to offer. . . And that is "Light."

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    Calling All Of My Female Artists

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    Calling all out my female artists to display their skills on the show and to play their music.  #female artists,#hype, #rappers, #girlsrock#female artists rock!

    email me at opentalk2@yahoo,com

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    Is Blogging Still an Important Marketing Tool for Artists?

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    Join artist and marketing expert Leslie Saeta as she highlights way to sell your art. Leslie is joined by September co-host Mary Maxam. Today’s show addresses the importance of blogging. Because of the emergence of popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus, it seems that a fair number of artists are questioning the importance of having a blog. Tune in today to find out if blogging is a thing of the past or something you should do!

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    i started rappin at the age 12 i was inspired by someone whos suscessful till this day i fell in love with rap so much i became one and every since then i been coming out with the hottest music ever just been taking my time tryna seek something new for the industry never before heard and seen and i wanna be suscessful in the music business i look foward to callab with new artist and create big arts in the music life i can see myself real big bigger then what people think my mind is in my music but my heart is in every beat i rap because of the love i have for it i been feature on online radio stations and on mixtape webites i been on every website there is over 242 major and idie sites i dont just rap i promote myself so i can reach out to new fans out there who dont know who swaggaman man is how i got the name my farther was the one who gave me the name swaggaman when i talk to him the first time on the phone he lives in ATL i have a daughter she is 15 months and she is my motivation that's what made me into a better artists and by me writing raps everyday but know i write to fast when im writing songs so now i just freestyle every song to better myself and to prove that i can be a better rapper each day when i get my first grammy ima show it to my mom and put it with the rest of the accomplishments i done in life everybody wants to hate on me because im different then them like do we have to rap the same lol but ima about to drop my first album on reverbnation oct.31 just to give them fans a better look on how serious i am and i just wanna reach out to the people that was there for me when i didnt have nothing when i do make it in the industry thank yall and much love from swaggaman without yall there would not be me all the djs that spin and play my songs at the club thank you all my life i been dreaming to become famous and a super star and ima make sure that dream comes true no matter how it come at me 

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS; Senator Melendez(New Jersey) facing federal public corruption charges---Melendez is originally from Cuba\

    Which federal-state or local legislator will face or maybe facing federal corruption charges?  Nancy Pelosi?  Willie Brown?  Rose Pak?--Ed Lee? Rosario Anaya?  or?

    Former Russian Policeman caught spying for the US--Roman Ushakov received 15 years in the gulag?

    Ushakov is not sharing the fate of Col. Oleg Penkowsky, who was executed for spying for the US and Britain

    Other spies

    Political fiction--Only Russians--British and Americans spy on each other

    Church Steeples now sought for wi fi transmission

    Warming to all employees--Monitor your pay check deductions and make sure these deductions are promptly remitted to the proper govenment agencies--Income Tax--Unemployment Insurance--Disability Insurance--Social Security

    MARCH 6TH BIRTHS-DEATHS & EVENTS--  Relevant to US(a) (1810) Illinois was the first state to mandate vacination--Anton Cermak Chicago Mayor assasinated in Miami Florida,

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