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    Fantasy Alarm Podcast - Injuries, Waivers & Trades Oh My!

    in Sports

    Tune in to the Fantasy Alarm Podcast at 9:30pm ET as RotobuzzGuy Howard Bender and the Fantasy Judge Michael A. Stein talk injuries, waivers, trades, closers and more. The month of May is coming to a close which means we've now gone through a third of the season. It's time to take stock in your team.

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    Q&A: Government Waivers, Intuition, Overcoming Failures, and More

    in Self Help

    Philosopher Dr. Diana Hsieh answered questions on waivers to rights-violating laws, the validity of intuition, overcoming past failures, and more in this episode of Philosophy in Action Radio. 

    Question 1: Are waivers to rights-violating laws good or bad? 

    Question 2: Does intuition have any validity? 

    Question 3: How can I overcome my past failure to capitalize on the perfect opportunity? 

    To download or feed a high-quality version of this episode, plus show notes and other details, visit its archive page. 

    For more from Dr. Diana Hsieh on the application of rational principles to the challenges of real life, visit PhilosophyInAction.com.

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    KFFSC & AllPurposeRoto - Fantasy Show - Strategy Show 5 of 8 - Waivers - Blind

    in Sports

    Join Ferrell Elliot and Bob Butterfield as they continue the KFFSC Strategy Series  - Show # 5 of 8

    Every Thursday night the KFFSC provides Fantasy Strategy - host of the 2nd largest live draft in the Nation outside of Vegas - -

    Roll with the High Rollers, Listen the the amazing stories of victory and the flaming disasters of defeat

    Waivers / Blind Bidding and Knowing Your Competition



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    What NCLB Waivers Mean for K-12 Sales

    in Marketing

    The landmark federal program which has come to be called “No Child Left Behind” has pushed billions of dollars into the K-12 market, and fueled sales of K-12 products and services for years. But what can you expect next?  Recent changes in the No Child Left Behind federal program — waivers -- will impact your K-12 school sales and education marketing program in states that have been awarded waiver status.  Yes, the rules are changing again. As you develop your education market sales plan, you will need to account for the states that have been awarded waivers and the key elements of each state’s waiver plan. Get the inside scoop! Listen to this 15 minute interview with K-12 industry funding expert Dr. Jenny House of RedRock Reports.  Jenny will discuss the new rules and answer questions from host Glen McCandless of SellingToSchools.com about information in Jenny's companion article posted on STS. 

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    Fantasy Alarm Podcast -- Game Night

    in Sports

    Tune in at 9:30pm ET for a special Thursday Night edition of the Fantasy Alarm Podcast. Howard Bender and Michael Stein enjoy a little Game Night with a fantasy baseball twist while also dishing on the latest injuries, waiver wire adds and bullpen nightmares. Plus Howard throws 5 Easy Questions Michael's way this time around.

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    Total Education News Show 05-3-15

    in Education

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley and Daniel Blanchard will discuss the latest education news:  


    Boarding Schools

    'Head Lice


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    Educational System is not Teaching Kids so Why are we Handcuffing the Teachers?

    in Social Networking

    Schools are no longer a path to cultivation and a life of the mind; they are on a path of a job. Along the way, as schools became a training ground for corps of workers, they also became a means of furthering national interests. The debate about schools had become part of the debate about national power. Which brings us to the twenty-first century.

    When George W. Bush announced No Child Left Behind (NCLB), his purported intention was to encourage a set of practices and institute a set of assessments that would ensure every child got the same good start at school. Implicit in that formulation was the now familiar premise that it was up to schools to close the income gap between the rich and the poor. In its most beneficent form, it could have made a powerful difference in the lives of many children. If NCLB had ensured that all kids would learn how to read and that no child would become disenchanted enough to drop out, it might have been wonderful. But that’s not how NCLB played out.

    Within just a few years, teachers were rushing to make sure that each child got a higher score on the standardized tests than he or she had gotten the year before. School superintendents also felt compelled to see to it that their schools got higher scores every year. What had been promoted as a means of ensuring that all children received the fruits of our educational system became a relentless push toward improved test scores. With each year, more and more focus was on the scores themselves and less on the education the scores were intended to measure. At the national level, politicians threatened that if we didn’t educate everyone, once again our country might fall behind. The conversation was less about giving everyone access to reading, thoughtful engagement in civic life, or the pleasures of ideas, and much more about seeing to it that everyone could earn a decent wage.

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    Today's Knuckleball Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Episode Four

    in Sports

    With the season now in full swing, Tim King and Greg Jewett discuss ways to help your fantasy team. Whether your team is already bitten by the injury bug or simply not performing up to snub, follow their advice and become king of the waiver wire to save your season before it goes off the rails. Questions you need answered? Tweet @myknuckleballs or to Tim (@TKing978) or Greg (@GJeweet) directly and they'll do their best to steer you right. 

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    KFFSC & AllPurposeRoto - Fantasy Show - Strategy Show 6 of 8

    in Sports

    Join the Kentucky Fantasy Football State Championship and AllPurposeRoto every Thursday as they navigate the Fantasy Football Season. Learn about particpating in a live high stakes fantasy football event  - that you can afford!  Several formats and league styles.

    Kicking off the season, KFFSC and APR cover an 8 part series on Fantasy Strategy.

    Tonight, Lineup Decisions, Matchup Considerations, Defensive and Offensive Team Ranks

    If you missed the first 5 strategy shows , download them on ITunes

    Show 1 - ADP, Mock Drafts and what to wear and eat at a high stakes fantasy event

    Show 2 - Strength of Schedule, Bye Weeks

    Show 3 - Auction Drafts, Handcuffs

    Show 4 - Building a draft board, how to spot impact first year rookies

    Show 5 - Waivers, Blind Bidding,

    Hit up Ferrell Elliot - the Commish - jferrellelliott@gmail.com - or check him out at www.KFFSC.com




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    Consummate Fitness Professional: Starting & Growing Your Training Business V

    in Health

    After being in the health & fitness industry for the past 9 years, I have been asked many questions about becoming a personal trainer. Many health conscious people aspire to be great influencers of change in their world, so it's no surprise that a career in personal training comes to mind first. But, it can be overwhelming just to figure out what education is needed, certifications are required, business licenses to apply for and how to just get going. I'm going to take the next 4-5 episodes to discuss a number of things to consider to be a successful and well-rounded personal trainer. Today I discuss: 

    -More about the practice of personal training

    -Set up and preparation for all sessions

    -Filling out informed consent forms, waivers, doctor's releases (when necessary) and agreements

    -Setting and agreeing on goals, revisiting them frequently and planning ahead for goals

    -Take measurements appropriate to goals

    -Plan and track all workouts and progress, share regularly

    -Set a schedule, stick to it

    -The do's and don'ts of personal training

    -Miscellaneous wrap up

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    Subrogation Waivers

    in Legal

    Attorney Steve Vondran discusses insurance subrogation waivers (contractual waivers often found in commercial property leases and contractor agreements).  In most cases courts will uphold the language of contractual limits on liability.  Courts do not like to re-write contracts.  However, in some subrogation cases the carrier may be presented with facts that suggest gross negligence (failure to exercise even a minimal standard of care) and such limititations on liability (precluding subrogation) could possibly be held void per public policy.