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    Native Trailblazers 5 Year Anniversary Special - On Native American Heritage Day

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    TONIGHT WE CELEBRATE OUR FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! IT IS ALSO NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE DAY (AND MONTH) We'll be talking about the year and Native Heritage Day with Vincent, Delores and our esteemed guest and award-winning Cherokee Folk Musician Michael Bucher! We'll also be releasing a new song from Michael - TO BE ANNOUNCED!! ITS ANOTHER WORLD PREMIERE!! www.MichaelBucher.com 

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    2014, #1: LANL Community Connections Podcast: Native American Entrepreneurs

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    Did you know there is a devoted venture acceleration fund for Native American entrepreneurs in Northern New Mexico? Kurt Steinhaus, director of Los Alamos National Laboratory's Community Programs Office, talks with Elmer Torres. Elmer is a lifelong resident of San Ildefonso Pueblo who had a 39-year-long career with the Lab. Now, in retirement, he has opened a fine art gallery representing all 22 tribes in New Mexico – Than Povi Gallery of Pojoaque. Learn more about the Native American Venture Acceleration Fund at the Regional Development Corporation's website: www.rdcnm.org.

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    Native American Heritage Month Special and Fireside Chat

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    TONIGHT - Native American Heritage Month Special and Fireside Chat!

    She:kon and Thanks for joining the award-winning Native themed online radio show Native Trailblazers! Listen in Every Friday at 7pm EST with hosts Vincent and Delores!

    Join us live in our chat room - Here's how 

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    Russ Jensen: Oklevueha Native American Church Branch Leader

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    The topics of my discussion fall squarely inline with the recent communications from James Flaming Eagle Mooney concerning the legal status and situation of a number of ONAC members. But equally important and effective for those not practicing members of a Native American Church, and is also very timely for the event coming up in April in Sedona, Arizona - and how these doctrines and principles, Law of Neccesity, Constitutional Law, Law of Nations, Federal and State Legislative Acts and Court decisions, along with an understanding of the Doctrine Of Negligence, many of these doctrines and Laws  most people have never heard of, can be used to establish, individually, and collectively as communities and societies, an UNSHAKABLE FOUNDATION OF LAWFUL AUTHORITY to support, compliment and dovetail perfectly, specifically, purposefully with the plan and message of the Eagle Queztal Condor Conference and the manuscript of the Elders as detailed and outlined in the manuscript the 4th Way, which I will also be discussing, and showing by direct correlated examples that everyone can read and determine for themselves, as to how so many of the important founding documents, legislative Acts and other Statutes and Law along with messages from indigenous groups and Elders from around the planet have been purposefully, intentionally put into place for our use in these end time days which we are all blessed and have been called upon to participate in, whether or not that calling is consciously recognized and embraced

    I am  encouraging your audience to begin to read and educate themselves with, because this Planet needs all of us.

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    Native American Spirituality: Ghost Dance Chief Robert Ghost Wolf Ph.D.

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    The Late Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf - AUTHOR - EXPLORER-

    Author of several books on Native Prophecy and Crypto-archaeology and a confidant of several the Hopi and Lakota elders e.g. Grandfather Martin, Arvol Looking Horse, Frank Fools Crow, and Pete Catches et al.

    Twice, he arranged for the appearance of the Hopi Elders on The Art Bell Show, (now Coast to Coast AM) the most listened to radio program, regularly heard my many millions of people.

    Dr. Ghost Wolf, like most truth-tellers - was subjected to ongoing organized efforts to attempt discredit him by a few gainsaying racist Indians who are ignorant of their own past and disdainful of their own elders.

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    Native American International Day Of Prayer

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    Please join us on this historic day of fasting and prayer for all native american indians around the world.

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    Native American, University of Inventing, so you have an idea?

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    T David will talk about powerful step by step methods to help elevate your idea to money making opportunities. The Internet has made the world of inventing so much easier than ever before, T David will give you ways to leverage the Internet into successful ways to help take your invention to the market. The show will give you ideas to create more options that gives you more chances of success. T David will talke about inventing is not just for dreamers, its for doers, and the difference sitting on an idea, and acting on an idea. This radio blog show is for everyone wanting to create a product or service. 

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    Native American Magic

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    Join us as we discuss Native American lore,tradirtion and magic.

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    Seminole Medicine Man James WFE Mooney Oklevueha Native American Church Founder

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    James ‘Flaming Eagle’ Mooney is an American Native Black Seminole, and a bloodline descendant of Seminole Medicine Man and War Chief Osceola and his escaped African American slave wife. James is also the namesake and bloodline descendant of one James Mooney, Irish-Scottish son of Irish Catholic immigrants, and American born U.S. Citizen.  James Mooney was employed as an Ethnologist at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C. Here is an account of three men doing everything in their power to assist the indigenous peoples and their ancient ceremonies of North America to survive the onslaught of atrocities perpetrated by misguided United States government agencies for more than 200 years.

    War Chief Osceola was an influential Seminole leader who fought the United States to a standstill in the Florida Everglades, during the second Seminole War, also known as the Florida War of 1835.  James’s ancestral family fought the U.S. military in an attempt to stop the expulsion of our First Nations people from their ancestral homeland and bringing about the deliberate annihilation of our indigenous culture.

    In 1918, James’s forefather James Mooney fought a war of words before Congress, successfully halting the passage of a Peyote law that was designed to make illegal the entire American Native way of life. Pointedly, the dominant Christian religious mainstream sought to end our earth-based ceremonies and healing and empowerment rites, supplanting these traditions with those imported from across the seas.  Of late, this codified denial of our constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom was promoted and enforced by a federal agency known as the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).  James’s great grandfather’s successful defense of our sacrament before Congress was a first step in a long journey to restore and maintain our ancient heritage.  

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    Native American Gaming

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    On this edition of Native American Gaming, host Valerie Red-Horse will be joined by Chris Grove and independent consultant consultant focusing in the regulated online gambling market and Victoria Parrott, Founder and CEO of Lucky 7 Angels. Be sure to set a reminder and tune in, this will definitely not be a show to miss!

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    Community Gardens News Updates, USDA, American Community Gardening Assoc. Funds

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    Greetings!  it is another action packed show today.  There is some News about more FUNDING that the USDA and the American Community Gardening Association has available for folks.  Get your pencils out and ready to write down some information.  I'm glad you are here aboard for me to share you this information.


    The USDA is ready to help FUND more smalll Farmerss and Agriculture projects in your town.  So, check out their website.  


    There are some neat Community Gardenes out there in the USA and today I will be mentioning the folks at Aberdeen, South Dakota, and, in Coralville, Iowa.  Hope you can learn from what they do to help increase Community Gardens in their towns.  

    Have a Great Community Garden Day!

    Mary K. Hukill, Author and Radio Show Host

    Email:  communitygardenrevolution@gmail.com

    Books and AudioBooks:  Community Garden Revolution and Community Garden Revolution Notes!

    A "Shout Out" to the Hot Pepper Breeder of Monsanto who sent me some great variety seeds of their 2015 versions of Hot Peppers.  I was able to send some packets to various States and let those folks enjoy! growing the Hot Pepper Seeds.  One Communitiy Garden leader stated she was looking forward to having some Salsa this year!  Hole'.  Hope she enjoys!  the Hot, Hot, Hot Peppers!  

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