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    Naruto 4 Life Radio Bringing the Heat

    in Video Games

    Hello Naruto Family,   BiggNateTGN here ready to try the very first real show of the NARUTO 4 LIFE RADIO.   For those that don't know about what we are doing here it is.   This show is all in support unofficially the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 League on TGN at www.hiddenarena.com   It is here were 16 captains help to structure four person teams in a tournament style composition. The Captains build the Team Roster each week and try to defeat the other team they are schedule to face. If you would like to support a team of your own just head over to the forums on the above to do so.   NarutoRocks and I will be going over the nuts and bolts of the prior weeks matches and then we look at the matches to come for that current week. Much like a fantasy football league we look at stats and records to predict where teams might fare.   So please join the show at   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/naruto4life   Tuesdays at 8:00PM PDT

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    Remembering Naruto, It was an amazing ride

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    The Naruto manga has finished and it has left many fans and myself a bite sadden. It was an amazing ride to read every issue and have the chance to watch it in action in the animation. The anime still goes on but even that will soon finish. So, I, Bayne Duum, sit before you today to talk about the amazing times I had with Naruto. Listen in to hear about how a Manga/Anime made an impact on my entertainment life and even my personal life. Let's celebrate an amazing master piece and give it an amazing sound off.

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    Naruto Shippuden Live: Episode 1

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Naruto Shipuden Live. Today we'll be doing our first episode and its a big one! We interview Hobby sales and Marketing Manager for Bandai, James Takenaka. We'll be asking him your questions posted on the Bandai Forum as well as letting you call in to ask them yourselves! And stay tuned for an exclusive announcement from James himself. Lets get ready to start things off with a Bang!

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    The End of Naruto, Neverending Sith News, Kim K, Black Dynamite and more

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    Soooo on this episode of The Black Geeks Radio Show, we talked about The End of Naruto...

    We has a really Sith News Segment.

    A high level and low level discussion about Kim K and her shiny.... photo.

    Some of the Geeks feel Tyrese is just WEAK on The Walking Dead

    Some how we going into a conversation about Black Dynamite.

    Lastly we talked about What are the Black Geeks watching on TV?

    Our intro today is a tribute to Big Hank from The Sugarhill Gang. 

    Check out: www.TheBlackGeeks.com
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    Naruto Shippuden Live Episode 30: Path of Previews

    in Entertainment

    Hey everyone, This week on NSL we'll be talking more about the amazing previews from Path of Pain with Naruto Super Star Brandon Sherlock. Be sure to tune in to hear our 2nd exclusive preview as well as get your chance to win a copy of Clash!

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    Naruto Shippuden Live Episode 16: TP1 continued

    in Entertainment

    Hey everyone, welcome to another episode of Naruto Shippuden Live. This week we'll be continuing to talk about the TP1 previews and their impact on the game. Will we see another broken card? Will toads make their return? Will Anbu be a viable deck type? All this and more with our 2nd special mystery guest. Be sure to call in for your chance to win prizes and earn a chance to win a playmat

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    Naruto Shippuden Live Episode 13: The Waterfall

    in Entertainment

    Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of Naruto Shippuden Live. This week we'll be discussing things brand new! The new Rogue List an how it will impact the game, along with discussions about the new Set 17 and its release as well as our experiences with this just released set. Expect to hear lots of talk about draft! This week we'll have a Mystery Guest. So be sure to tune in to find out who it is!

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    Naruto Shippuden Live Episode 8: Previews Galore

    in Entertainment

    Hey everyone, This week we'll be full swing into the preview discussion with previews from all over the Naruto Community. We'll be discussing things with our special guest Faytusomi and as always we'll be taking live calls through out the show

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    Geeks Under Glass Episode 6

    in Pop Culture

    Today we get a little dark as we discuss something that we'd agreed to leave alone.... #GamerGate

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    Naruto Shippuden Live Episode 27: Untouchable Tin Preview

    in Entertainment

    Hey everyone, and welcome to another episode of NSL. This week we'll be discussing the Untouchable tins with Special guest Matthew Low. We'll also talk with him about his experiences with Naruto over all. As always we'll be taking callers and this week will be your first chance to win a copy of the Comic Con promo Clash!

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    O.G.T. Jarvis Database: Choose your fighter

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             Welcome listeners to a special edition of the O.G.T. Jarvis Database, this week seems a little lack in gaming news so tonight's show will cover character battles of any kind.  Pick your favorite universe: Marvel, DC, Outlaw Star, Naruto, Marvel vs. Capcom, Mortal Kombat, Dragon ball Z, The Matrix, Marvel Cinematic Universe, god of war, Devil May Cry, Pokemon, Card Captors, Yugio, Jackie Chan Adventures, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and pit them against opponents outside of their respected universes.  for some of these characters it's basically provolone vs government cheese take your pick.

            I Robertron Transcendent will give off my favorite dream matches and who would take charge in this multi verse collision course.  In addition to tonight's main event the top of the hour will cover some interesting news:  What do Blizzard and the iPhone have in common? The new Fantastic Four movie is out and rocking or is it rolling? Iron man's armor takes another evolutionary step as Secret Wars comes to an end.  Robots in malls sounds cool right but what happens when it gets beat up by kids or the hitchhiker robot that was intended to walk around the world but it's last stop was in Philly, find out why. This leads up to a major petition sign by some of the smartest minds such has Steven Hawking, to ban killer robots before they become weapons of mass destruction.  The future definitely is being written as an interesting preface with more in store.  Back to the gaming news World of Warcraft announces legion at Gamescon 2015 with an introduction of a new class. All this and more coming up on Tru Radio Network's O.G.T. Jarvis Database.