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    Nancy Drew Reading?

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    Today is the first day of the Leadership Conference in Branson for Special Olympics. I may be able to call in and do a reading for all you Nancy Drew followers; maybe not. Let's see how it goes. 

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    True Paranormal: Eric Altman on Bigfoot and other Cryptids.

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    Your hosts on True Paranormal are Jonathan Lento and Deb DeRousse.  Jonathan and Deb have both worked in the paranormal field with their own teams, solitary, and on other teams for the past 20 years. Teaching, lecturing, and sharing what they have learned is second nature for both of them.

    Our Guest: Eric Altman

     Eric Altman has been known as a Cryptozoologist, Field Investigator, and Paranormal enthusiast, Radio Host and Producerof Beyond The Edge Radio, and a Lecturer.  Eric is the former Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society. He serves as a member and consultant of several Cryptozoology and Paranormal groups.  For over 14 years, Eric has lectured and presented on Bigfoot, and other Cryptids. 

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    How Van Gogh Inspired me to Paint Again

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    I'm going to tell you a little story about Van Gogh and how he inspired me to paint again. Living our creative passion is so important to our mental, emotional and physical well-being. NOT doing what we love is detrimental to all aspects of our being.

    Hey, I created an online talk radio station called Dynamic Talk Radio. We have great hosts who are here to uplift, motivate, educate and inspire you to have a happier, healthier more fulfiling life. Check us out at DynamicTalkRadio.com

    You can find more of my shows at http://nancyatnoon.com and http://www.dynamictalkradio.com/blog/categories/listings/nancy-murdoch


  • Nancy Drew in Adirondack

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    We continue with Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #29, The Mystery at the Ski Jump. Nancy, her best friends, and their boyfriends stay in a summer house located in the Adirondacks. Will she encounter more trouble? Most likely. Will she have a back up plan? Probably not.Will she solve the mystery? Well, of course - but how?

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    Appreciating The Animal Kingdom with Christopher Reburn & Nancy Howry

    in Spirituality

    Animal lovers, rejoice! The show you've been waiting for has arrived! Join Christopher Reburn and Nancy Howry? for a very special show dedicated to all of our beloved pets. Listen as Christopher and Nancy share some of their own precious pet stories and memories as well as some ways on how we all can further support, love and appreciate the animal kingdom! 

    Get your copy of my new book Holidays at Heaven for $2.99 at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NAGQ4U6

    Want to learn more about your spiritual journey? Consider taking one of Christopher's intensive development courses! Details athttp://www.thepsychicspirit.com/spiritght.html 

    Visit Christopher online to book readings, view tour schedule, prayer and healing center, and much more at http://www.reburn.org 

    Become friends on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/christopher.reburn

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    Nancy Mills: Spirited Women! Lester Greene: Empowerment!

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    Nancy Mills joins the show to talk about her women's empowerment community: "Spirited Woman." She'll be sharing the story of the Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves as well!

    In the second half of the show, NYC Actor Lester Greene will talk abou this new book "Getting Your Act Together."

    Visit The Spirited Woman website by clicking here!

    Like the Spirited Woman Facebook page by clicking here!

    Want to ask Nancy or Lester a question?  Call 323 657-1493!  FYI:  Nancy is NOT an intuitive, but if you have questions about empowering women - call to ask her your questions!

    Live 10pE/7pW!

  • Nancy Drew Audiobook

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    Mystery At The Ski Jump is the 29th volume in the original series of Nancy Drew Detective Stories. Alma Sasse happens to be the ghost writer for this book.

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    Ian Altman - How To Maximize The Value Of Your Business Through Sales Leadership

    in Management

    Bill Black, Host of the Exit Coach Radio Show, conducts this interview.

    Ian Altman is the CEO of Grow My Revenue, LLC - which helps Companies Engage Their Entire Organization to Grow RevenueYou can read his articles about integrity-based sales leadership on Forbes.com. Marketing luminary SethGodin said his latest book is one of two insightful books on B2B consultative selling (the other was SPINSelling released in 1988). He successfully built and sold his prior companies and then served as managingdirector of the acquiring company while growing the value to more than $1 billion. Now he works withorganizations around the world on how to grow revenue and business value with integrity.

    Questions discussed include:1) What is the biggest mistake sales organizations make?2) How do you shift conversations from price to value?3) What’s the one thing owners can do to maximize value of their companies via their sales strate [...]

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    Author Frances Altman visits with Anna's Journey

    in Books

    Frances Altman has published seven books... She loves to write for children.

    Most recently, after years of working on this one... the "SPIRIT DOG" was published.

    SPIRIT DOG is on Amazon.  It is for children and is available in

    paperback from Amazon.com or on Nook, 

    Newest book takes place in the Oklahoma Territory. (3-5 grades)   

    Altman also has "Reggie, the Goat" available on Nook for second graders...

    and more will be coming.  Join Anna's Journey to learn more about Altman and her books

    and her journey of writing and publishing children's books


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    Nancy Drew: The Mystery At The Ski Jump

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    It's Nancy Drew back at home, continuing her case of Mrs. Channing and the FAKE fake fur company. Not to mention, she's still helping her dad on his case. What will happen next?

    This is the 29th volume in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, ghost written by Alma Sasse. 

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    Living Full Out with Nancy Solari/Maximizing Your Potential

    in Motivation

    Although she is legally blind, Nancy Solari is a successful business owner, life coach, radio host, speaker and author. Today, she brings her life lessons to audiences, inspiring people to push through their challenges and live life full out.

    When Nancy was sixteen years old, she was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa and over the years experienced subtle yet measurable vision loss.

    She decided early that she was going to fulfill all of her dreams regardless of her disability. As result, she has worked for Good Morning America and Entertainment Tonight, had a successful music career, and has been a top producing realtor in Southern California since 2001. Besides real estate, Nancy focuses her energy on professional speaking with great success, speaking to large audiences and coaching individuals who want to learn her methods for being fulfilled.

    Currently, Nancy hosts Living Full Out with Nancy Solari on CRN.

    Nancy is an authentic, passionate, and successful example of how you can live the life you want with the right mindset and foundation, regardless of the challenges you face.

    Additionally, Nancy goes out dancing at night, spends time with her friends, goes to the gym, takes her dog for walks, travels solo, and is always reaching out to meet the next challenge in life head-on with a smile on her face.

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