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    Explore the Names of God with John Avery

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    Why is a God of love called the "Jealous God"? Bring your curiosity. Maxine and Jeannie talk with John Avery about the multifaceted character of God. John's new book, The Name Quest, takes us on an insightful journey into deeper relationship with God through the biblical names of God. Interesting, informative, and totally delightful is an apt description for this show. www.NamesForGod.net/name-quest




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    Spiritual Warfare: The Names of Satan

    in The Bible

    During this episode we will continue to look at Satan. However, we'll take a look at the names he is known by.

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    Full Moon Names and Their Meanings

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    Full Moon Names and Their Meanings

    Full Moon names date back to Native Americans, of what is now the northern and eastern United States. The tribes kept track of the seasons by giving distinctive names to each recurring full Moon. Their names were applied to the entire month in which each occurred. There was some variation in the Moon names, but in general, the same ones were current throughout the Algonquin tribes from New England to Lake Superior. European settlers followed that custom and created some of their own names. Since the lunar month is only 29 days long on the average, the full Moon dates shift from year to year. Here is the Farmers Almanac’s list of the full Moon names

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    269 names of kinds of fabric and cloth

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    Today's Topic is on the category, listing 269 names of kinds of fabric and cloth. There is an enormous variety in fabrics, with many different national, historical and regional varieties. It is interesting to note, however, that almost all of the types of fabric listed below are variants or blends of just five basic fabric types (silk, cotton, linen, wool and worsted). Many of the terms are foreign in origin;


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    Spiritual Warfare: The Names of Satan Part 3

    in The Bible

    In this lesson, we continue to look into the names of Satan as we dig deeper into understanding the enemy.

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    More Wonderful Girl and Boy Names and Their Meanings

    in Spirituality

    Please, all guests call in (347)637-3928 Blog Talk Radio with your unique baby names and please, download our Episodes on Thursday August 14, 2014 at 4:00 PM-4:15 PM Eastern Standard Time;we will be discussing more unique girl and boy names-it is so important to take the time to give our children an inspiring name and one that distiguishes them from other people and allows them to stand out for their attributes in life. I prayed before I name my son and I do believe that G-O-D directed me to the proper first name and middle name; David, his first name and Allan, his middle name and Allan is derived from Celtic harmony and originally a Saint's name, it also means fair, handsome, noble, bright. People with the name Allan have an inner desire for love and companionship and want to work with others to achieve peace and harmony; also they have a pratical nature, good at saving money, and building things. My son is doing his best to help our world by bringing world attention and solutions to help our poor and middle class and he is a Leed Green Junior Architect and he has designed all over our US country already. 

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    Spiritual Warfare: The Names of Satan Part 2

    in The Bible

    In this lesson we will delve further into the names of the enemy.

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    More Wonderful Girl and Boy Names and Their Meanings

    in Spirituality

    Please all listen live and also guests call in (347)637-3928 to our Blog Talk Radio Episode Host Barbara Iris Alsieux, Miraculous Heal, Parental World Knowledge on August 21, Thursday, 2014 at 4:00 PM-4:15 PM Eastern Standard Time, NJ USA and also download all our Episodes. I will do a Miraculous prayer healing for all and we will discuss proper unique names for your child or children. I hope that you carefully pick a suited name and agree with the father or mother of your child. Please, pray before making your final selection. 


    Barbara Iris Alsieux, the Founder and the Owner!

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    SERIOUSIDE: Do nothing Congress, Ghetto Names, Driving While Black

    in Radio


    Just when you thought that Congress would support the President’s decision to wage war on the Islamic terrorist, think again.  Speaker Boehner announced this week that Congress will not vote on the measure until next year?    Moms…and you thought that your kids were lazy!!


    Syntheea, Da’quon, Shaniqua, Kisha, when you hear or read these names, could you guess the race of the person behind the name?  You just proved our point, we will discuss.

    SEGMENT 3:  D.W.B

    He followed the commands of the officer and he still was shot!  American has a problem that must be addressed:  DWB-Driving while Black!!

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    Jesus ~~~ the Name above all Names!

    in Christianity

    Names of Jesus - The Significance
    What's in a name? Do the titles and names of Jesus hold a significance? In the days when the Bible was being written, the Israelites often chose names for their babies based on the child's character or appearance, i.e. Esau (hairy), Korah (bald) and Zechariah's name (God has remembered). The condition of the mother also frequently inspired a name: Leah (exhausted) and Mahli (sick).
    Jesus was named prophetically. Matthew 1:20-23 says, "But after he had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, 'Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.' All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet: 'The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel' - which means, 'God with us.'"

    Names of Jesus - The List
    Why are there so many different names of Jesus? The names serve as a description of who Jesus is and how He works in the lives of individuals. Some scholars have located over 700 titles and different names for Jesus in the Bible.

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  • Angel names: Which angel do I pray to for powerful results?

    in Spirituality

    Knowing the name of the right angel to answer your prayer creates a powerful link between you and them. Are you stumped with the name of just the right angel to pray to? Would you like to know these names for maximum benefit from your prayers? Help is at hand!

    In this 30-minute podcast, New Zealand angel specialist & intuitive Leesa Ellis will reveal the names of useful angels to take action on your prayers.

    Angel names for business and money...
    Angel names for love and relationships...
    Angel names for healing...
    There's an angel for everything you can imagine!

    Join Leesa on this podcast to learn all about the right angel name for the right situation. BTW, if you can't find your keys or glasses, pray to Angel Rochel - he's your go-to angel for lost property!


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