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    Nadia Bjorlin and Brandon Beemer star in the E! reality docu-series, DIRTY SOAP, a show where we follow the lives of today's hottest soap stars. Fans of daytime dramas, and others outside the daytime realm, seem to have fallen in love with the series.
    Nadia may be best recognized as Chloe Lane from NBC Daytime's DAYS OF OUR LIVES, where Brandon is known as Owen from THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, as well as Shawn-D Brady from DAYS.
    We speak with both Nadia and Brandon on how they got involed with doing DIRTY SOAP, as well as a little tease as what is to come with this week's new episode.

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    Readings on the Corner ReBroadcast with M. Nadia, CM Ali, and Prof Porterfield

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    A special re-broadcast of a show from 2014 of Readings on the Corner in which Candelo is joined by Madame Nadia, ConjureMan Ali, and Professor Charles Porterfield, provide live readings on the air for call-in clients.

    Tonight you can listen to the show online using a browser, or call 646-478-5072 and listen by phone. Since this will be a re-broadcast, calls will not be taken for readings tonight on air, and there will be no chat accompanying the show, but Candelo's Corner will return next week, live, at its ordinary time.

    Tune in every Monday at 5pm PT/8pm ET to Candelo's Corner on the LMC Radio Network where Candelo Kimbisa and Malik Kimbiza welcome all spiritualities to the Corner to share and compare notes, tackle the tough questions, and challenge many traditions with frank talk about features and controversies they're facing.


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    Nadia Ruiz, youngest person to run 100 marathons

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    Nadia Ruiz began running during her freshman year in high school.  She comes from a first generation immigrant family from Ecuador. Her parents raised their children with the principles to work hard, dedicate yourself to ones education, and always aim for ones highest personal integrity. 

    Unfortunately in middle school, she fell victim to bullying possibly for her academic achievements and late development. Her mother enrolled her immediately in the community boxing and Nadia had the opportunity to discover there as an endurance bug within. 

    She learned immediately that there was something special that running brought to her life so she decided to register for her first marathon at the age of 14. 

    Sixteen years later, she has completed over 120 marathons (3:16 PR), 55 half marathons (1:26 PR), 11 ultras, and 4 Ironman triathlons (12:34 PR) frequently in the top of her age group or Top Overall women. 

    Nadia graduated with her BS, M.Ed, and Teacher's Credential from UCLA at the age of 20.  Nadia has been a HS Biology educator, coach, and marketing consultant for 10 years.

    Nadia shares her passion of fitness, health, and education with her family and friends in hopes to continue to encourage others to seek their goals, especially young aspiring Latinos who dream of achieving their dreams. 

    Nadia shares, "I will live my life as I choose. I hope to continue to follow where my heart guides me exploring and challenging myself in new terrain as long as I can while encouraging others to do so as well."

    Nadia states, "In order to reach others, I have created some profiles on social media where I share my struggles, triumphs, and challenges throughout my life to demonstrate to others that they may other overcome their struggles to reach their goals."

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    Call In Friday is Back! Have a Question? Call in at (347) 945-5998!

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    Call in with your questions and lets see what happens. If you cannot call in, write your question in the chat and I will try to get to as many questions as I can in Half an Hour. It's a great opportunity to suggest show topics as well. If there is anything you would like to see a show on, this would be a great time to suggest it! Tune in or Call in Tomorrow Morning at 5:30 Pacific Time!


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    How Do You Know You Love Yourself?

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    This week we covered respect, we covered being in the moment, yet what happens before we get to respect, to understanding ourselves, we live in self accounting, what can you do today, this moment to starting the building of your life from this day forward? It is an open ended question simply because life is open ended. How do you start, how do you live, how do you stay in a place that grows your soul when you feel like you feel like, not today....I just recieved mail from a very strong soul, who feels like there is no light. How can we see light in the worst of what we face, and in the best the life shows us? Self love is Iron Clad, how do you know when you truly understand loving your very own soul? 

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    Why are There Colors and What Effects Do Colors Have On Our Lives?

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    On the Christisms Page on FaceBook, the conversation about Colors is worth repeating. I did a show on it before and it sounds like it is time to do it again! As this quote being the last on the conversation, "Right on Emily. Everything is vibrational and we are just really good at interpreting Vibrations. That's all our senses do. What's the relationship between colors and energy? Not only a GREAT question but I think should be our next one for Nadia. Why don't you give it a shot?" Let's give it a shot a today! Tune in Join in on the Conversation today at 5:30 AM, PST!  

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    How to Accept and Hang onto the Happiness that You Feel

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    Sometimes we hold off on Happiness because we are uncomfortable in our own happiness that we work towards our happiness, yet not competelty accept happiness once we feel it. Why do we do that? When do we feel happiness will go away if we feel it? Do the other shoe have to drop? We can be and live in and enjoy the happiness that we strive for. Tune in and Join in on the Conversation tomorrow morning at 5:30, PST! 

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    How Does Self Respect Look, Feel, Sound Like in Everyday Life?

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    We respect each other when we understand how it feels to respect our own souls. Respect takes trust, acceptence and self love to begin to feel the respect for the power of our souls and the capabilities that we have. Self Respect is a subtle yet one of our most powerful tools to build the life we want to grow from thinking about doing something to doing it. Tune in and Join in on the Conversation Tomorrow Morning at 5:30 AM, PST! 

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    How to Separate Egos Voice From Your Voice and How to Tell the Difference

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    Ego comes in the vulnerability that is the size of the width of a hair. Ego's job is to take us away from love even when we desire love the most. How does Ego do it and why does it do it? What about Ego needs to do the work it does and what about us is meant to overcome Ego? Why can we not overcome Ego easily and how do we regain our strength when we are attacked in the heavier times of Egos work? Tune in and Join in on the Conversation Tomorrow Morning at 5:30 AM, PST! 

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    Call In Friday! Have a Question? Call in at (347) 945-5998 Or Write in Chat!

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    Call In Friday's is Back!  Call in with your questions and lets see what happens. If you cannot call in, write your question in the chat and I will try to get to as many questions as I can in Half an Hour. It's a great opportunity to suggest show topics as well. If there is anything you would like to see a show on, this would be a great time to suggest it! Tune in or Call in Tomorrow Morning at 5:30 Pacific Time! 

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    Biija (bee-zjah), a Sanskrit word meaning “seed”, grew up in the Washington, DC, New York, Los Angeles, and Paris, France metropolitan areas. Her first memory of painting was when she was about four or five years old. She would doodle on her wallpaper, once her parents discovered the doodles, she was promptly punished. This did not deter her; she simply pealed the wallpaper up and doodled underneath.

    Throughout college, she studied art at numerous art schools, as well as privately with world-renowned professional artists to master, broaden, and perfect her skills. In the Washington, DC area, she established a thriving commercial faux, decorative and mural business for many years, until she was called to pursue her own self-expression through her fine art. Leaving everything behind seven years ago, she drove across country to create Biija Fine Art, LLC as a fine art business and brand, specializing in large-format abstract oil paintings. She creates original paintings, prints, clothing and home goods for sale, lease and commission. Originally, trained in photorealism, when given the opportunity to paint whatever she liked, she chose abstraction. Biija feels that abstraction transcends above time, culture, language, and other conceptual and intellectual barriers that may otherwise alienate the viewer. Biija explores perception, reality, the cosmos, and the Creator with the specific intention to contribute to the positive elevation of her audience. Her perspective is to reach, touch, and inspire all people of the world, regardless of social, cultural, political, or other obstructions. Biija’s work has been collected nationally and internationally. .

    biija@BiijaFineArt.com www.BiijaFineArt.com 323.393.3586