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    Gaming Gone Social - Episode 26: MW3

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    We are less than 2 days away from (projected) the largest game launch in the history… Modern Warfare 3. This show we’ll talk about gaming in general but the majority of the show will be about the upcoming release of MW3 and what we are looking forward to. As always, there will be cool stories from Ryan. Don’t miss this show, it will be great!

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    K-9! GAMING ON MW3

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    Discuss MW3!

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    Episode 98 - Halo 4, Fez, PAX, MW3

    in Video Games

    In this episode Uriyya catches up on the news and shares his excited about PAX and Halo 4. Also joining him is Venomous Fatman from Shifted2u.com. Uriyya gives the answer to the age old question "Are you Indie" and even catches up on his recent movie list. For more information about The Show visit TheShowRadio.Info. 

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    TRICKNOWLEDGY ep14 Call of Duty MW3 Censored!

    in Technology

    Headlines in tech and politics 
    1. AT&T supports Rick Perry for president?
    2. Union calls Apple, Inc unamerican!
    3. Game consoles for soldiers?
    4. Plot thickens on missing iPhone 5 prototype!
    Segment 1: Call of Duty Censored! War video games like Call of Duty has extreme violence, fantastic weapons and hi rez graphics, but what did the gaming industry censors have removed?
    Segment 2: How much history in war video games is true?

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    Episode 2: Late Night Gaming-Call Of Duty Dead?

    in Video Games

    Is the COD Franchise dead? Should they make a new game? Tune in as we have 2 gamers who play and played the COD games. Why they continue to play and why they stopped!

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    Episode 90: Amy, MW3, Asura's Wrath, BLOPS and some CES

    in Video Games

    In this episode Uriyya catches up on the news and mentions a few things that got his attention during CES. Also joining is Real Otaku Gamer CM Venomous Fatman (realotakugamer.com) and Tyrone Hawk (wouldyoukindly.com). For more information on The Show Radio, visit TheShowRadio.info. Thanks for listening

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    Welcome to ONE FULL HOUR of MAYHEM NEWS LIVE!!!! We are bringing you the news you need and rewriting the book on MAYHEM!!  It's 2013 and what do we think will be the top 10 things that need to happen in the WWE, TNA and the Gaming world for 2013 to be AWESOME?  WWE: The Shield story line needs to be revieled or clarified (mainly because they look too much like Ace's and 8's).  Also if The Shield is to remain part of the ongoing story lines and alternate Faction. Who could that be...let's see..Ryback, Orton, and Sheamus?, Punk needs to lose the WWE title to Ryback (Punks battle to re-claim it would be epic).  The WWE needs to o SOMETHING with the Diva's division...SOMETHING. The Diva's division need a Corner-Stone star..someone the division can build on.  They need to attempt to compete with the knock out division of TNA..NO MORE BARBIE's  WWE needz to build up the tag division..they have a stable Team Hell No and Rhodes Scholars..now let take 3MB and have the explosion the tag division has needed for a while. The Rock Triple H and The Undertaker needs to return and wrestle.  WWE needs to stop using TNA material..Champion Night on Mondays Raw..Really? TNA: Ace's and 8's needs to GO AWAY!!!  Bully Ray needs to be Heavy Weight Champion..I mean if you would have asked me if he would be mainlining a story line earlier this year I would have said no.  The X-division needs it's edge back..and if RVD is going to be champ he needs an update.  Gaming:  MW4 needs to be better than the trash we call MW3.  We will talk to the guys from xFaMxHD or Forever A Moment  HD.  They are a WWE13 wrestling outfit and air their shows on their YouTube channel (Their YouTube channel is xFaMxHD).  

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    SPENTradio.com Monday Warm Up:MiB3Stooges, NBA partnerships, UFC 140 results, MW3, Conscious Daughte

    in Pop Culture

    -Full UFC 140 Results and rundown

    -UFC adds 125lb. Flyweight division, first fiights scheduled for March 2012.

    -New movie trailer reviews from Men in Black III and Three Stooges

    -NBA renews three big ad partnerships

    -'Modern Warfare 3' Beats 'Avatar' to $1B

    -Special One of The Conscious Daughters Has Died

    -MC Hammer sued for back taxes

    Come join the fun at SPENTradio.com Monday Warm Up Show. We will be covering the weekend film releases, weekly sports recap, new music releases, and several guest segments.

    Join the magic carpet ride hosted by @spentradio JD Staley, and @BNosanchuk B Nosanchuk, with several other off color characters.

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    Mayhem News Live Episode #1

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    Welcome to ONE FULL HOUR of MAYHEM NEWS LIVE!!!! We are bringing you the news you need and rewriting the book on MAYHEM!! Topics: Wrestling News starting with WWE.  #WWENOC comments.  Jerry Lawler post heart Attack update with Comments on New Jack asshole's negative comments toward The King.  Kane/Bryan as a tag team.  How is A.J. Lee and Booker T doing as a GM.  Thoughts on Ric Flair rumors.  TNA: Bound For Glory Series with Aries vs Hardy. Aces and 8's..are they just a NWO clone or a SOA rip off.      Styles and Angle as a Tag team.  Indy: Dustin Rhodes is bringing in the crowds at the Indy shows around the country and opens a new website (dustinrhodes.lockerdome.com). NASCAR: @BIG_THOR_DAWG give his NASCAR report.  Weekly Mayhem News Site Overview: Overview of the post from the week.  Gaming News: XBL Is on crack.  New Forza game demo is out and The Walking Dead Demo kicked ass.  MW2:  How about some new maps for MW2..just saying.  MW3:  Can you fix the spawn..just saying. BIAClan News: BIAC doing what we do KICKING ASS.  

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    in Fun

    Tonight we'll talk about call of duty MW3, creepy vans, and is santa claus real?