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    Prayer 5 Times a Day

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    The importance of praying 5 times daily in Islam

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    Red Fox - Islam tells ME how to dress in Canada?

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    Remembering Billy Bob of MP91 Freedom Quest.
    Muslima is taken down in Quebec.
    Olympic security trains....3,000+...TEENAGERS?
    Islamist CONVERT tells ME how to dress in Canada.
    Kids' Helpline International: 1 (800) 422-4453
    Celebrating Julie Aftab (thank you, Lindy!)
    Much more, because I never shut up.
    Also, catch me at East Anglians EDL Thurs, Fri, and Sun 3:30PM ET and In Defence of Freedom Mon-Sat 8PM ET.

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    Red Fox - Another Attempted Honour Killing?

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    Welcome to the show that offers no refunds.
    Muslima tries to discipline "unruly" daughter.
    Notes on the UN.
    Please listen to East Anglian's EDL Radio Show Thur. Fri. Sat. at 3:30PM ET, 8:30PM GMT

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    Revealing the Truth about Islam - Usama Dakdok

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    Revealing the Truth About Islam: How to Reach Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by Knowing What Islam Teaches
    On this program we planned to discuss several teaches of Islam.
    However after we discussed some of the current events of the Middle East and Islam, we received a call from a Muslima (a Muslim woman). The rest of the show involved a discussion with her about the teachings of the Qur'an and Hadith of Mohammed.
    This was a very interesting discussion and I hope many will listen and learn from this example of how to challenge Islam while reaching out with truth to Muslims.
    On these programs we discuss current events to expose how Muslims, Islam and Shariah are growing as a powerful influence in America and around the world.
    Visit Usama's Website: www.thestraightway.org for DVD's, the Generous Qur'an (an accurate translation by Usama Dakdok). You can also:
    1. Contact Usama Dakdok to arrange for Usama to speak at your church or organization on "Revealing the Truth About Islam."
    2. Watch the videos, "Freedom or Surrender," and "Revealing the Truth about Barack Hussein Obama."
    Follow Usama Dakdok through his Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Straight-Way-of-Grace-Ministry/233928479963443?ref=hl
    Look for updates on programs for Radio Jihad and DebateTV.
    Also listen to Usama Dakdok M-F 12:30 PM CT on VCY America: http://www.vcyamerica.org/radio

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    Daughters of the Deen Show : ISLAM 101

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    Tune in LIVE Sunday, Sept 11th @5pm est for ISLAM 101: A basic overview of the tenets of faith, the obligations upon every adult Muslima and the importance of having good character. 

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    Ramadan Reflections: Replay of 'Fasting Beyond the Flesh'

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    Tonight's episode 'Fasting Beyond the Flesh' first aired 7/31. With only one or two days of fasting left, let's reflect on our journey through Ramadan to make the best of what remains. Tune in next Sunday for our next LIVE episode featuring our Spoken Word Session! 

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    Replay of Ramadan Fiqh Show

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    Tune in @6:30 for a replay of our first Ramadan show covering the rules of the obligatory fast! 

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    Daughters of the Deen Show : Islam and the Ideal Husband

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    Tune in LIVE at 5:30pm est to Daughters of the Deen Show with your hosts, Umm Sahnun and Ceteria Levine. Tonight we will be discussing the intricacies of the husband's role according to Qur'an and Sunnah. To listen live dial 914-338-0884 or follow the link!

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    Daughters of the Deen Show

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    Tune in LIVE at 5pm est. Dail 914-338-0884 or follow the link. Our guest tonight will be Ameenah Muhammad-Diggins of Hayya Halal, a company on the forefront of making certified halal products available to the masses. 

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    Feature: Muslimah Rapper/Poet Miss Undastood

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    Join us Every other Saturday for a night of soulful connections. Monthly Features and Open mic for All ages!
    Next Up!!!! Muslimah Rapper/Poet/Educator Miss Undastood!
    Miss Undastood is an educator, public speaker, spoken word and Hip Hop artists. Miss Undastood started writing rhymes at the age of 11. By her teens she was rhyming in ciphers in the streets of New York and various nightclubs. She became the first Female battle champion in 2003.

    Back in the day Miss Undastood used to rap with underground artists "Papoose" and "Math" both respected artist in Brooklyn. At the age of 18 onwards Miss Undastood caught Writers block. She no longer desired to write "hard, gangsta, or profane lyrics. Everything that came to her was conscious. People misconstrue things out of context. Hence the moniker Miss Undastood.

    Her first C.D. Dunya or Deen was recorded in 2002. Followed by Muslima wit Attitude, state of the Ummah Address. In 2004 and 2005 Miss Undastood toured in London and Manchester with Mecca2Medina, The Blind Alphabetz, The Planets, Pearls of Islam, Poetic Pilgrimage, and Hasaan Salaam. In February 2010 Miss Undastood performed on the "Don't believe the Hype Tour" with Mecca 2 Medina and Muslim Belal. The tour included London, Sweden, France, and Ireland. Miss Undastood just completed a new CD titled "Hijabi Hip Hop 2010.
    Check out her music at youtube.com/therealmissundastood

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    The Three Fundamental Principles Series Part I

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    This is the first part in a series talks covering the arabic text and translation of the Explaiation of The Three Fundamental Principles. This particular book is critical to the Muslim and Muslima in todays world of sectarianism Islam for us to have the correct, proper, and True belilefs in the Islamic way of life. The scholars of Islam say that this is an indespensible book to our lives and should be studied and committed to memory, Insha Allah.