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    The Making of an Artist (part 3)

    in Music

    you have dropped your mix tape/album

    what do you do now?

    how do you promote it?


    How do you do a show?

    How much does it cost?

    all your questions will be answered tonight. 

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    The Making of an Artist (part 2)

    in Music

    Talk about the many mini-steps needed to go from a song on paper to an audible track,

    such as

    1: Beat selection

    2: Introspection


    4: Studio time. Welcome to your new day job

    5: Do you look the part

    6: Finalize the production.

    Then you are recorded mix mastered and produce, whats next? Part 3

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    More Fire (Episode 3) artist exposure

    in Hip Hop Music

    Hot underground music from shan Jones more exclusive beats hot interviews and detailed graphic day to day life in the hood th struggle and grind to make something from nothing idolizing the grind and understanding the nature of the business loud weed loud beats and big dreams coming from the middle of nowhere thank you to all our listeners and callers we need that keep it coming

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    in Music

    More guest artist from our up coming rap competition

    talk about who inspires us in our life and music.

    the death of music royalty, Prince.

    And of course independent music done right.

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    An Artist Speaks Season 5 Episode 4 with Guest Artist Madeline Fowler

    in Art

    Host Michael Harris interviews artist and nursing student Madeline Fowler.  

    Madeline Fowler was raised, for the majority of her life in a suburb of Kansas City, KS. Madeline discovered her love of color and art in high school where she took her first painting and drawing class as a junior. She has spent the last four years working to explore and refine her artistic style and ability.

    “I primarily focus on painting with oils. I really enjoy varying the surfaces on which I paint. I mainly do representational paintings in which I strive to incorporate a variety of color and value. My artwork is composed of a combination of many different kinds of brush strokes. Thick versus thin, soft versus sharp.... etc. These all work together to elicit emotion from the paintings.”

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    AZR Welcome Artist Rusty Gilligan

    in Pop Culture

    Comic artist Rusty Gilligan joins us in preperation for Chase Con!

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    The LizyT show with Singer and artist J Point Austin!

    in Music

    The LizyT show with Singer and artist J Point Austin!

    Born in north Carolina, moved to Detroit, has credentials in studio recording technology. Based in New York.

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    An Artist Speaks Season 5 Episode 3 with Guest Artist Becky Neideffer

    in Art

    Join host Michael Harris as he visits with guest artist Becky Neideffer.  Becky Neideffer is an artist with a life-long passion for art. She was born and lived in Indiana until 1993 when her husband retired and they moved to Arizona. Becky’s landscape paintings reflect her love of the southwest and her mid-west roots.

    “An artist with a life-long passion for art, I have worked all two dimensional mediums, but prefer soft pastels and colored pencils. My art is realistic with emphasis on light in both mediums. My paintings are predominately still life, figurative, animals, and landscapes. Many of my paintings are painted in plein air in locations near Tucson. Art classes and workshops include basic design, anatomy, landscape, charcoal, watercolor, pen and ink, conte, pastel and oil.”

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    GYST DO IT! With artist, teacher and double business owner Erica Larsen-Dockray

    in Art

    Erica Larsen-Dockray is an interdisciplinary artist and animator, teacher, double business owner, freelance graphic designer and web developer. She co-founded Calibraska Arts Initiative, a summer program bringing artists from California to small town Western Nebraska (where she is originally from) to teach multi-generational arts workshops.

    Erica is adjunct faculty at her alma mater CalArts, in the Film/Video School’s experimental animation program, and a teaching artist at Inner-City Arts in Los Angeles, in media arts and animation for 2nd-12th graders.

    Visit eekart.com for more information on Erica's art.

    Her latest venture is launching SCV Adventure Play with her husband Jeremiah, creating spaces for children and adults which facilitate self-directed and unstructured play. They are currently developing a permanent play park in Santa Clarita Valley and planning a conference for the training of play workers. Visit SCV Adventure Play .

    GYST DO IT! is hosted by Kara Tomé for GYST-Ink, a company created by artists for artists, offering information, education, and technology products to support artists in their work and to help them develop diversified, sustainable careers. 

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    First show on the go

    in Music

    Introduce the show and guest cohost

    Introduce artist appearing on show 

    Showcase music of artists 


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    GYST DO IT! With artist and independent curator Thinh Nguyen

    in Art

    Thinh Nguyen is a Vietnamese American artist living in Los Angeles, where he maintains an active visual and performance art practice, informed by his emigration and subsequently formed transnational and non-binary gender and sexual orientation. His work takes the forms of social intervention, performance, sculptural installation, video, and works on paper.

    As a cultural developer Thinh has brought arts exhibitions and activities to Los Angeles and Orange Counties. He helped initiate the Long Beach and Fullerton Art Walks and activated the emerging art scene in Hawthorne through founding thinhstudio, which encompasses his business and curatorial practices.  He also founded a curatorial program called Videotag and is planning to invigorate the San Pedro artistic hub in the coming year.

    Thinh received his MFA from Claremont Graduate University in 2011 and has exhibited internationally. He has also presented interventions at the Guggenheim Museum, The New Museum, Museum of Modern Art, New York, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, and others.  

    GYST DO IT! is hosted by Kara Tome for GYST-ink.com, an artist-run company providing information and technology solutions created by artists for artists. Visit GYST-Ink.com to access hundreds of pages of free information on everything you need to know about the business of art. 

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