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    NOI Series: Ali S. Muhammad, Boxing Promoter of Muhammad Ali's Last Fight

    in Culture

    An EXCLUSIVE Interview with ALI S. MUHAMMAD

    Boxing Promoter of Muhammad Ali's Last Fight, The Drama in Bahama

    In 1970, Ali S. Muhammad joined Muhammad’s Mosque #15 in Atlanta as James X. Cornelius under the Leadership of the Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad.

    As an owner of a car lot, he provided transportation for Mosque #15 as well as vehicles to members of the F.O.I.for the NOI Fish program that transported Whiting H&G Fish to local Atlanta communities. 

    In his book, “The Last Punch,” Ali chronicled the whirlwind events of his life that led to him meeting Muhammad Ali  becoming President of Sports Internationale Ltd

    In 2013, he made his book a dramatic major motion picture “The Last Punch” that tells the story of how Ali, the film maker, used his street hustling skills to overcome the odds of being on the run from the FBI to becoming a promoter of a major boxing match featuring the biggest name in the fight game – Muhammad Ali.

    “The Drama in the Bahama” became a reality in spite of many seemingly insurmountable obstacles that conspired against it being pulled off. The movie captures the behind the scenes maneuvering and mind games that were an integral part of bringing a major fight into being.

    Today Ali S. Muhammad is a businessman and a Muslim in the NOI under the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan.

    with co-hosts Wakeel Allah and Understanding Allah

    THUR 1/14/16 at 8pm EST

    call in# 646-595-4289


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    MAN 2 MAN with LaQuay Laun'Juel, Mike Muhammad & Mukhtar Kojo Ali

    in Christianity

    We as men often proceed in life closed in and solitary with our thoughts and emotions. This directly reflects on our sense of comfort or competition with our environment and those within it. For this reason, we seek out like minds, like purpose, and like valued people to ourselves in which to build friendship, family, and community. How well we do this, is based on a number of interpersonal skills we acquire along the path of our growth. The path of Manhood! Let's discuss this journey, its many way stations, its pits and falls, and its peaks and heights. It's time to discuss it Man to Man, raw and uncut!!! Grrrr! Join our night's hosts Commander La'Quay Laun'Juel, Michael Muhammad and Mukhtar Kojo Ali on Man 2 Man, hosted by Church in the Raw this Monday, Sept 21, at 8:00 pm. 

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    Eddie Goines Actor out of LA Speaks on his Muhammad Ali Project

    in Entertainment

    The writer and director Eddie Goines is a former NFL football player that is now an award winning writer and actor in Los Angeles. Goines has always been inspired by Ali. He's loved Ali as an incredible and beautiful athlete, a captivating entertainer, and his social relevance in all of society. Goines wanted to salute the legendary Ali and made the short film ‘ALI SPEAKS!’ which was honored at the Muhammad Ali Center in 2013 during their annual Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards. Celebrities such as former undisputed World Boxing Champion Lennox Lewis have lauded it on social media. 

    We will discuss this latest project and more on the show.. YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS

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    Who are my helpers in the Cause? With Brother Jesse Muhammad

    in Self Help


    The Flag of Islam reads under Justice/The Star: "The Stars are witness bearers. Every believer in Allah(God) is like the Stars of the heavens above us. The believers bears witness to his Creator, that He is God, the Supreme Being over all. And since we belong to the Creator of Heaven and Earth we are justified by the Creator as being His people." ~The Honorable Elijah Muhammad~ Welcome to TheGodSquad Radio Broadcast.Get ready for an explosive dialogue with our very own Brother Jesse Muhammad. Who has inspired many with the importance of a tool called social media. "Who are my helpers in the Cause?" Is a question that The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has asked us recently. So we will give our testimonies on how we are helping and not hindering. This Broadcast is to inspire all of us to do more. Please share this epic event with all of your networks. For TheGodSquad t-shirt use our link for facebook to place your orders.Tell a friend to help us in Our great Mission to resurrect the dead by the thousands.

     Thank you in advance.

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    Elijah Muhammad Speaks

    in Social Networking

    The National Brotherhood Conference of the Nation of Islam Radio Program

  • Muhammad on Film with Producer/ Writer Miles Maker

    in Entertainment

    Derrick Muhammad will be talking with Hollywood Producer Miles Maker about his amazing real life drama " If We Left"

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    Elevated Places - "Ask Dr. Ava" with Dr. Ava Muhammad

    in Spirituality

    Justice or Else!!! What's Next?! Join us as we discuss with our guest Mailk Muhammad to discuss boycotts in Dallas, TX and all over the United States

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    Warning To The Hypocrites part 1 - The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

    in Religion

    THIS AUDIO HAS BEEN DIGITALLY REMASTERED FOR BETTER QUALITY!! However BlogTalk Radio conversion rate takes away from such quality.. If you would like an original copy.. please follow us on BlogTalk or like us on Facebook and leave a comment for your request along with an email address and we will email me you the original audio. We will be broadcasting "Warning To The  Hypocrites part 1" ... by the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad Himself .... Thank you to those of you who uphold the teachings of The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad and for tuning in every week.. Call (917) 889-7969 to listen live from your cell phone.. Peace, Peace

    New World Nation of Islam

    P.O. Box 8466

    Newark, NJ

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    Music and Moor With Latifa Ali with Artist Salaam Muhammad

    in Women

    Latifa Ali is a film and radio producer who brings various guest and discussions to the airwaves addressing creative arts of the da with Special Guests Artist Salaam Muhammad.

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    Carl Siciliano of The Ali Forney Center

    in LGBT

    Carl Siciliano, founder and executive director of The Ali Forney Center, talks to Randy about the current #HarlemNoHate Campaign which aims to raise funds to help the Center purchase a church in Harlem to expand it's services for homeless LGBT youth.

    The poetic irony is that the pastor of the church, Rev. James Manning, has spent years spewing vitriolic hate speech towards the LGBT community in Harlem.

    Pastor Manning is notorious for signage at the church with messages such as “Jesus would stone homos” and that all supporters of LGBT people should be cursed with cancer, HIV, madness, and eternal damnation.

    "The biggest reason our youths are driven from their homes is because of homophobic and transphobic religious beliefs of their parents. If we are able to obtain the space it would truly be a triumph of love over hatred," says Siciliano.

    The church is being put up for auction due to unpaid bills and tax liens on February 24th. The goal of the #HarlemNoHate campaign is to purchase the church and make what was once a place that put religious-based hate on broad display, and turn it into a safe haven for young LGBT.

    The Ali Forney Center is the largest and most comprehensive organization in the nation dedicated to housing LGBT youth. AFC serves youth aged 16-24, and provides emergency and transitional housing, street outreach, a drop-in center, medical and mental health treatment, a vocational/educational program, and a counseling project for the families of LGBT youth.

    Listen as we talk about the difficulties homeless LGBT youth face and how you can help.

    You can donate to the #HarlemNoHate campaign by clicking here.

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    Elijah Muhammad Speaks

    in Social Networking

    The National Brotherhood Conference of the Nation of Islam Radio Program