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    Tonight's Guest: Massive Damage!

    in Wrestling

    Massive Damage has been mowing down the competition on Western Canada for many years and it's no surprise that he's one of the most popular wrestlers wherever he goes!

    Tonight, Massive Damage joins Jeff & Bobby for some great stories and conversation.

    Don't miss it!

  • 00:39

    Karina Nascimento

    in Sports

    Join me Sunday February 7, 5PM EST as we talk with Iffbb Pro Karina Nascimento about competing this year and her upcoming Ifbb and Npc classic in Florida,listen in by clicking on the active link or call into the show(347)215-6772.Follow me on Facebook@The Mouth And The Muscle Show page on Twitter@Mouthandmuscle.

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    Classic Physique conversation

    in Sports

    Join me tonight as I and Ifbb Pro Gloria Faulls review last weekends bodybuilding contests and the introduction of the new Mens Classic Physique division.call in live to talk to the hosts or to listen in(347)215-6772 or click on the active link. Follow me on Twitter@MouthandMuscle,facebook @The Mouth And The Muscle Show page. InstagramFrankierb

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    How to Excel in Achievement, Productivity and Mindset

    in Goals

    Today's Massive Momentum Guest:

    Olivia Charlet grew up in quite a peculiar way! She was born in Tokyo and lived in Dusseldorf, Johannesburg, Vienna, Hamburg, Boston, Auckland, and London! Her parents are French and Belgian and yet surprisingly she has a strong American accent from attending international schools. After completing a 4-year Bachelors in Business Management at Boston University, Olivia Charlet worked in Sales at Bloomberg in London for 3 years. She then quit her job to do a Master's in Organisational Psychology and a Coaching Qualification with The Coaching Academy. She started her first dating events business for global nomads in London as she saw a need for this platform. She started her second business 11 months later coaching brand new women entrepreneurs online!  She helps these women make their impact in their unique way by implementing systems and structures to create an authentic brand, attract dream clients, and make money doing what they absolutely love.

    Complimentary Gift for the Massive Momentum Community: Olivia would like to offer any of our listeners a complimentary 45-Minute Deep Dive Coaching session over Skype.  If you’re an entrepreneur who’s feeling stuck, unproductive, unclear on how to effectively create results, anything from audience engagement, relationship building, or a lack of sales in your new business, you can reach out to her on her website www.oliviacharlet.com and mention this Radio for a complimentary 45-Minute Deep Dive over Skype. She’ll then schedule that in for you!



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    P4P Real Talk with Kori Propst, Diet Doc Queen

    in Sports

    The Wellness Director and Vice President of The Diet Doc, Kori Propst, PhD, LCMHC, LPC, is going to get real about the psychology of competitng. A Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a Licensed Professional Counselor, Dr. Propst is going to delve into the mental mishaps often associated with stage appearance vs. normal life, and how, if we're not careful, these mishaps can lead to bad health and failure. 

    Oh, and did we mention, Dr. Propst is one of Kaelin's favorite people? What did he call her..."the perfect blend of brains, brawn and beauty," as well as a "more than genuine, overall nice person!" "The woman can do work in the gym, at work, and in life and still be herself while doing so. Nothing fake about her and that's what makes her so real." Real enough for some REAL TALK.

  • 00:33

    P4P Real Talk with Mandy Embury

    in Sports

    Mandy Embury's "intro to bodybuilding" story is not unusual. It basically goes like this: she wasn't an athlete growing up; didn't start lifting heavy until later in life; competed way too much when she first started, losing muscle in the process; took time to build and made it to the Yorton!

    While this sounds like a pretty cut-and-dried journey, there were several twists and turns along the way. Tonight, Mandy is joining Desiree and Kaelin to focus on the "took time to build" aspect of her adventure and dive into the importance of a planned improvement season and the difference it can make.

  • 01:02

    P4P Real Talk with Posing Coaches Jenny and Bridget

    in Sports

    Desiree and Kaelin are will be getting real about posing! Too many athletes are giving away placement points when they don't have to. If you're not focused on posing, you're not focused on placing. Posing coaches Jenny Leonard and Bridget Schmitt will be sharing their tips on how to strut your stuff!

  • 00:29

    Hot Mess to Spiritual Business Success!

    in Self Help

    If you have been called to bring in more spirituality in your business, the first step is to honor your personal gift, accept self and move in to the flow.

    Today's Massive Momentum Guest:

    Cindy Sharp’s 20 year experience in the corporate world as a sales trainer, sales coach and AVP with JPMorgam Chase, made one thing clearly evident, that helping others grow their business was a gift she was born with. As a quirky, rule breaker, change maker and a light to all that know her - her moving stories of being born with a rare birth defect, wealthy at times, abused, homeless at 17, on occasion very rebellious and eventually self-loved. She shines a bright light in a fun filled loving way. Out of the pain of a life-changing stroke in 2011, as she calls her “stroke of light.” Cindy decided to take her god given talent to help others succeed and she turned to face a more spiritual path and now teaches other to do the same.

    Our listening audience will receive a complimentary one on one coaching session with Cindy. Visit her online at www.sharpeningyourspirit.com.

  • 00:59

    P4P Real Talk With Diet Doc creator, Dr. Joe K

    in Sports

    On this episode, we talk with the man who has almost singlehandedly destroyed broscience with his science backed factual data. One of the true pioneers and men who salvaged damaged and mistreated metabolisms. I'm talking about the man fondly referred to as Dr. Joe. This is one episode you don't want to miss!!

  • 00:28

    Rules, Rituals and Routine… A New Year’s Resolution’s Nightmare.

    in Entrepreneur

    About our Massive Momentum Guest:

    Carol Shaw believes it would be reasonable to think that women whose world revolves around day to day rules, rituals and routines would struggle achieving success with any New Year resolution.

    Carol Shaw and her husband both agreed that one of them should stay at home to raise their family, giving them their values prior to them going to school and getting consumed by other people’s values, including their peers. 

    At the time, what she didn’t foresee was moving away from their family and friends to leave the other side of the country, have her husband working away from home for long periods of time, providing minimal in-the-moment support and having no time to just be herself for herself!

    She regularly felt exhausted, frustrated, very lonely and sad.  To others, she seemed strong – the rock of the family – but for her, she was the rock that was often picked up and thrown from one side of the pond/lake to the other or thrown with great force towards an unknown target. 

    Things had to change …She had to change!

    She became determined to source strategies to grow and develop her own identity. 

     For more information visit www.liberatingvibrantwomen.com. Today's listening audience will receive a complimentary personality profile. Submit request to info@liberatingvibrantwomen.com.


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    New bodybuilding divisions and requirements for the 2016 competitive season talk

    in Sports

    Join myself and Ifbb Pro Gloria Faulls Sunday January 17th 8:00PM EST as we discuss the new divisions and requirements for the upcoming competitive bodybuilding season with Judge and promoter Gary Udit.Click in the active link or call in to listen to the show(347)215-6772. Follow me on twitter@Mouthandmuscle, facebook@The mouth and the muscle show page and on instagram @frankierb

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