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    Troubling Trends for Comets, Seismicity and Volcanism

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    Guest: Jessie Waltman, Youtube.com/MrCometWatch
    There are times when the universe, G-d, Yahweh (or take your pick), reaches out and taps us on the shoulder. Such as it was, when Jesse Waltman, was thusly inspired to start his MrCometWatch channel on Youtube.com in August 2011.

    A highly successful, FCC certified radio engineer and audio engineering consultant, he's a man on a mission now. But don't let his mild-mannered, Central Mississippi accent fool you.

    Jessie's got an eagle eye for details. This is why his breaking news videos on public concerns such as a possible La Palma erruption, have caught on in a big way.

    As a researcher he hits walls like everyone else, yet he's built a large following -- and quickly. This is because he doesn't, patronize, preach, insult, whine or whimper as we see so many others do. Rather, he shares and encourages others to do the same.

    Consequently, his simple, home spun videos have garnered over 723,000 views since the August launch. So what has got Jessie's attention these days? The troubling new trends for global seismicity and volcanism he sees. Tune in and you'll lean why.

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    The Ring of Fire is Coming to Life

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    Youtuber MrCometWatch (Jessie) has noted that since the X-Class flares of March 2012, equipment issues have developed for several solar observatories.
    The result is that present reporting is not reflecting the full extent of solar activity. This is critical as we're also seeing what many would call an overheating of the Earth. The result being a marked increase in severe seismicity and volcanism events.
    Even mainstream media is tackling the issue now. For example, the Weather Channel just released a video report titled Is the 'Ring of Fire' coming to life?
    According to Jessie, it is and the concerns of a major event involving nations along the ring of fire are likewise rising and with good cause.
    So join with Marshall and Jessie as they ask the question: With December 21, 2012 just months away, could we begin to major disasters sooner than expected?

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    Planet X Special Report: 29-Oct-2011

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    MARSHALL: Yowradio.com, Yowusa.com, Youtube.com/Yowbooks
    JESSIE: MrCometWatch.com, Youtube.com/MrCometWatch

    The pace of Earth changes and space threat events is quickening, as never before.  Consequently, those interested in the topics of Earth changes and Planet X, (also known as Nibiru, Wormwood, Destroyer and Hercobulus) now face a daily tsunami of breaking news stories and reports.

    Answering the needs of those willing to stand in their own knowing, are co-hosts, full time researchers and YouTube.com directors, Jessie Waltman (MrCometWatch) and Marshall Masters (Yowbooks).  

    In terms of breaking news,  Jessie's web site, MrCometWatch.com, offers a tactical daily view of what is happening to our world.  His share the knowledge approach has spawned a vibrant community of talented citizen reporters and researchers from around the globe.  

    On a strategic, big picture level, is host, Marshall Masters.  Author of Crossing the Cusp: Surviving the Edgar Cayce Pole Shift and the publisher of yowusa.com.  Hi goal is to help those who get it and who want to get through it, with hope, compassion and useful ideas.