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    Movin on Up- Internet Dating

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    Sex, Love, Dating, Internet, Marriage, 

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    How to move forward with living your life?

    in Relationships

    Speak life into relationships and determining when it is time to move forward or stay.

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    "Movin' On Up"

    in Religion

    Godly standards are expected in all of His children, and living for God doesn't limit our worship to prayer time alone. The evidence of our faith is expressed in the actions we take. WWJD? We have a daily opportunity to put into action what Jesus would do in our situation. Join us today and let's move on up to the social standards of God's word.

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    Season 5 Discussion: Movin' Out

    in Television

    Discussion of the Season 5 epsiode titled "Movin' Out" including a recap, our favorite moments, and some constructive criticism. Come join us by calling in using our call in number above or skype button to call in from any country for free. You may also e-mail your thoughts to gleeradio@live.com or tweet comments to @gleekspeakradio and @HarleyMitchell.
    Note: The show broadcasts for 30 minutes live and then live feed ends. We usually go into another 15 minutes of overtime for a total of 45 minutes to be recorded. It will be avaliable on the website an on hour after airing at 11pm central time.

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    Motivational Tools

    in Fitness

    Over the span of my career, I reflected upon how I motivated large groups of 25- 30 particpants who stood in front of me demanding me to motivate them to accomplish their work-out goals. From High Impact Classes, Low Impact Classes, SPIN, Aqua-fit to 1:1 Personal Training. Tune in, take note while I share the Motivational Tools I used to keep participants MOVIN'!



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    Keep moving forward

    in Motivation

    when things go wrong and they sometimes will what is the next step and what should you do.  I suggest hold on and keep moving forward.  Today I will be speaking on keeping moving forward no matter what.  Life have it ups and down but you cannot give up just keep movin forward no matter what join me with a brief inspiration of keep move you are almost there.  

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    Rapture Centric At Night

    in Spirituality


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    Frat House Sports' Clean-Up Hitters #6

    in Sports

    We’re movin’ NOW . . . as the MLB season really got cookin’ into Week 2 and there are already some big, BIG surprises . . . and, on the show as well . . .

    . . . as we’ll be joined by Minnesota Twins writer Brandon Warne to talk about early season woes and what is going on with this Stanozolol rash around the league affecting pitchers including Twins’ Ervin Santana.

    Then we’re joined by Jon Blayne, MLB writer for The Inscriber Digital Magazine talking Mets & Yankees as well as pace-of-play and Pete Rose.

    Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price had one of those epic media rants you’ll still be hearing 20+ years from now, but was his message lost on his 77 F-bombs; and. Mike Redmond, yeah of the Marlins, might be the first manager on the unemployment line.

    This show’s so good; it just needs one more thing – YOU, some peanuts, Cracker Jack . . . and your phone calls at 347 – 826 – 9964 with the “Clean-Up Hitters” of the Frat House Sports Radio Network.

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    hoodtunesradio is... movin'

    in Music

    fa sho' its Saturday night yo...hoodtunesradio... 646-478-0944 to call in from 8-10pm tonight hosted by emaxxtheemijj

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    LIVE FROM THE 3041 NORTH ENTERTAINMENT COMPLEX, KB AND THE REVOLUTIONARY RYDERS BRING YOU A VERY SPECIAL EDITION OF CHOCOLATE SITY, FEATURING SPECIAL GUEST JAMAAL E SMITH The city of MIlwaukee is facing an epidemic of epic proportions. Just as every other city in this country the Black community is in disarray. The murder rate is double what it was last year at this point and it shows no sign of slowing down. Poverty and unemployment continue to plague us and the social injustice system just keeps on movin us through the prison system like cattle. To top all this off cops are slaughtering us and Scott Walker won't be happy until he completely destroys the entire black population of Southeastern Wisconsin. What do we as a people need to do right now to prepare ourselves for the coming apocalypse of white supremacy? What must happen right now in the Black Community ? How the does the Blackman get back control of his community so that we can build strong legacies and beat back the advances of our oppressors? JOIN US TONIGHT TO FIND OUT THE ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS AND MORE!!!! SISTERS ARE WELCOME TO JOIN IN TONIGHT AS WE PRESENT A UNITED FRONT!!!!


    CHOCOLATE SITY!!!!     

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