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    Word on the Street: Suveria Mota

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    Suveria Mota was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. At the age of 4 she moved to New York City with her family. A graduate of Lehman College with a degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology and a minor in English Literature, she knew that it s time to listen to her heart and move to Hollywood. Within a few months of arriving in Los Angeles, she joined SAG and AFTRA working as a stand in for various actresses in hit productions such as "Glee", "Burlesque", "Honey 2", "Larry Crowne" and "Spores".
    Suveria Mota joins us to share experience and joyful craziness that helps her navigate this industry called ‘Show Business’.
    Lets ride!

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    Having A Baby Does Not Keep A Man TheWWShoW

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    Having A Baby Does Not Keep A Man TheWWShoW
    I mite say something you mite not like.
    The Willie Williams Radio Show
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    Happy New Jeers! Orale!

    in Comedy

    Did you hear? Many ILLEGAL immigrants are getting US driver's licences. Now they can legally drive stolen vehicles.

    I am having the comedic equivalent of a shart.

    How many more new comedians will do a 'new year, new me' stand-up performance?

    Lot's of new, pasty, thin armed faces in the gym. A lot of big upper body, no calves people as well.

    The old man in front of me couldn't wait to pay for his snickers in line, so he dropped his 2 dollars and walked out. I wached him eat it, and he turned into Cindy Crawford. She sure is grumpy if she doesn't eat.

    Straight men cannot compliment each other's dick print, like women do each other's asses and boobs.

    Going on 5 months of beard, and one month of braces. Someday, I'll hit puberty.


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    Latina Leadership: An interview with Patricia Mota of HACE

    in Women

    Ellie Nieves interviews Patricia Mota, the Director of Membership Outreach for the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE), focusing on leadership development for women and post-secondary outreach. Patricia works on growing and strengthening national networks through the delivery of skill development and networking building programs for students and professionals. Patricia strives to engage experienced professionals as mentors and advisors to create a multi-generational network to support Latinos’ career growth around the country. 

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    NEW SEASON! All new comedy from Billy Borrelli!

    in Comedy

    Yep, brand new episodes of Billy Borrelli Laugh Chat!

    Ebola is still haning around? AIDS isn't looking so bad anymore.

    ISIS is at it again...except this time, their getting rockets and bomb put presicely up their asses.

    Did you know, white people just walk fast in general, with no planned destination?

    We have become more anti-social because of social media...is that an oxymoron?

    Another "unarmed" black teen, gets killed by a white cop. In other news, people are shooting, stabbing, robbing, home-invading, waterboarding, and selling drugs...but nobody is hearing about it. 

    If I wrote comic books, there would be only one comic book ever. All the heroes would die from the things that gave them suprepowers. Let's be real, you and I would not survive a radioactive spider bite.

    I'm going to the gym. I got tired of all those years of being called a punk, , fag and bitch. Now...I have a personal trainer to do that when I'm having trouble with a heavy weight.

    Morgan Freeman as Col. Nathan Jessup, in A Few Good Men.

    Sean Connery as Forrest Gump, in Forrest Gump.


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    Computer America - Both Hours: It's our Consumer Electronics Show!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Charles Tendell is BACK from Black Hat in Las Vegas!

    Both Hours: Sandy Berger.  Sandy is our Consumer Electronics Expert Correspondent on Computer America.  She talks about the latest technology gadgets and trends in the industry with us. On tonight's Show, she covers: Ooma Safety Phone, Ooma Bluetooth Adapter for Cell Phone and Ooma Linx, Mota's G2Pro SmartWatch, CaseMaker Pro by Emio Konnet, Care's Blue Light Vision Portective Shields.  Also she discusses her lates articles that cover Blue Light, Internet of Things, and Future Tech including Internet-connected park benches and cattle!  Be there!

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    Hoops Lounge 063 Derrick Rose & Reloaded Chicago Bulls

    in Basketball

    The Hoops Lounge 063

    Marc Griffin, Phil Boileau, and Mota Elb discuss Derrick Rose and the reloaded Chicago Bulls.

    Should Chicago be concerned D-Rose is playing aggressively for Team USA?
    Does Pau Gasol fit with Joakim Noah?
    Will Doug McDermott adapt well to NBA game?
    How good was Nikola Mirotic in Europe?
    Aaron Brooks a sneaky good pickup?
    Are the Bulls a real contender?

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    The Hoops Lounge 062 Should NBA guys play International Basketball?

    in Basketball

    The Hoops Lounge 062

    Marc Griffin, Phil Boileau, and Mota Elb discuss if NBA Players should risk injury and play international basketball:

    How horrible of a scenario is Paul George injury for USA Basketball and the global game?
    Mark Cuban says its too much of a financial risk.
    NBA create its own World Cup?
    Larry Bird says injuries take place “anytime, anywhere”.
    Steve Nash & Tim Duncan cross-train and don’t play basketball in summer.
    Go back to having amateurs in Olympics?
    The value of patriotism and playing for your home country.
    Will Paul George be back for Team USA next summer?

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    Hoops Lounge 060 The LeBron Wiggins Love Triangle

    in Basketball

    The Hoops Lounge 060

    Marc Griffin, Phil Boileau, and Mota Elb talk Andrew Wiggins, Kevin Love, Klay Thompson mega trade rumors in NBA Free Agency:

    What is the Cavaliers best move?
    Who does Flip Saunders and the Timberwolves want most?
    Why is Klay Thompson asking for a max extension?
    Why is Andrew Wiggins not signed yet?
    Why did LeBron not mention Wiggins or Anthony Bennett in his Sports Illustrated article?
    How about a 3 team trade between Cleveland, Minnesota, and Golden State?

    In The Post: NBA Playoffs 2014 Mega Trivia:

    Phil Boileau and Mota Elb battle head to thead in NBA Playoffs trivia. 6 questions. 24 seconds on the clock:

    Who lead NBA Playoffs in triple doubles?
    Did Michael Jordan practice with Bobcats?
    Blazers or Nets—who went further in post-season?
    DeAndre Jordan’s Playoff free throw %?
    Who played more total games this year: Andrew Bynum or Greg Oden?
    How many times did Russell Westbrook outscore Kevin Durant in Playoffs?

    Bonus Questions:

    Who led the Playoffs in Technical Fouls?
    What time intensive basketball thing did Stan Van Gundy do when hired by Detroit Pistons?

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    The Hoops Lounge 057 Bruno Caboclo | Jason Kidd | NBA Draft

    in Basketball

    The Hoops Lounge 057

    This week Marc Griffin, Phil Boileau, and Mota Elb discuss the Toronto Raptors mystery draft pick: Bruno Caboclo. Jason Kidd's power play out of Brooklyn towards Milwaukee. And recap the 2014 NBA Draft. 

    Who is Bruno Caboclo?

    How talented is Bruno compared to his competition in Brazil?
    Was this is a calculated or emotional move by Masai Ujiri?
    Is he the next “Greak Freak” Giannis Antetokounmpo?
    Should his weight be a major concern?
    How will he fit in the Raptors this season?

    Jason's Kidd power play out of Brooklyn.

    What the heck happened here?
    Is this a smart move or a rookie move by Kidd?
    Is Milwaukee the right landing spot ?
    Does Brooklyn take down the Jason Kidd #5 jersey hanging in the rafters?

    In The Post: NBA Draft 2014 Recap.

    Did Philadelphia do the right thing by drafting for the MUCH larger picture?
    Does Andrew Wiggins and Kyrie Irving work?
    Will Dante Exum flourish in Utah?
    Who wins Rookie of the Year?
    Does Nik Stauskas fit in Sacramento?
    Favorite moment of the 2014 Draft?

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    The Hoops Lounge 054 | Cramping LeBron's Legacy | All-NBA Hits & Misses

    in Basketball

    Marc Griffin, Phil Boileau, and Mota Elb of HoopsLounge.com discuss LeBron James infamous cramps in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, plus the hits and misses of the 2014 All-NBA selections. 

    Cramping A Legacy:

    Whats does a cramp actually feel like? What's the medical explanation?
    Is the air conditioning in San Antonio to blame for the Miami Heat loss?
    Was Gatorade smart in trolling LeBron?
    Why is there an internet trend in memes against LeBron and basketball?
    Is LeBron now the easiest target in professional sports?

    In The Post: All-NBA Hits & Misses

    Chris Paul was injured much of the season, would you rather see John Wall awarded here?
    Steph Curry is more vital to his team than James Harden, did he deserve 1st Team All-NBA?
    Is Anthony Davis one of the Top 15 players in the NBA?
    Did LaMarcus Aldrige deserve to be higher than 3rd Team?
    Is Boogie Cousins a better player than Al Jefferson? 
    DeMar Derozan recieved double the votes as Kyle Lowry, was this justifiable?

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