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    The Free American

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    My Guest today is: Clay Douglas  Rosa Koire: Agenda 21. Open Mind Conference 2013   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ykELwj1Ta8
    Mossad/CIA controls Congress by what ever name you choose!
    Historic Speech in Damascus sends Shockwaves around the World

    Every American needs to understand that the entire national press is controlled, and is simply giving you the "news" you are supposed to have.

    www.freeamerican.com Time to suscribe to the Free American!

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    51 Years Later: Dedicated To John F. Kennedy

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    It's been 51 years since the United States lost it's last real president and Wake Up To The Truth Radio is dedicating an entire broadcast to the late hero that actually defended the American people from the tyranny that we are living in now. We will be playing speeches from President Kennedy as well as taking a deep look into the murder that has been covered up for years. Please join us in dedication to John F. Kennedy. We will be taking your calls as well.

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    Against all predictions, the Syrian government and army are standing strong against the terrorist hordes supported by Saudi Arabia, the US, UK, Turkey, Israel and at least by their silence, all the co-conspirators of the imperial governments that are working together to create a permanent fascist New World Order.

    Ziad Fadel of Syrian Perspective joins us again on Saturday, November 1 to update us on the military and political situation in Syria and the region. It behooves us all to know what the Syrian military is doing to fight for the freedom of humanity by protecting the sovereignty of their nation from the insatiable ambition of those who control the Western governments and their militaries. On their success may hinge all our hopes to avoid slavery for our children and their posterity.

    This show will be rebroadcast on November 15 at AM PST/ 12 PM EST on the Star Com Radio network.

    Take Back America for the People is an educational nonprofit whose mission is to explain the true costs of corporate control of the US government.

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    Hablamos Sobre La Situacion en Siria y Venezuela con Rafael Escalona Tovar

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    Cris Rojas y Al Suarez hablan con miembro colombiano del partido Polo Democratico Alternativo Rafael Escalona Tovar, quien es tio de Cris. Dos temas nos tocamos, lo de la situacion en Siria y Venezuela. Queremos saber primero como Cris y Al tienen su programa desde la Florida en Estados Unidos, como vean los latinoamerianos el gobierno yanqui, en particular, su politica exterior, como la intervencion en Siria. Tambien queremos saber la opinion de Rafael, quien es un politico progresista de la region, que piensa del asasinato de Robert Serra, quien fue deputado del partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela, y que posiblemente, Lorent Saleh, fue parte de la conspiracion, quien es un venezolano fascista quien estaba en exilio en Colombia, pero que fue depotado por presidente Santos. No sabemos donde esta Lorent, puede estar en la Florida, pero queremos justicia por Robert, y todos los victimas de fascismo y terrorismo. Tambien queremos saber que piensa Rafael la pelicula venezolana-espaniola que acaba de llegar a Estados Unidos, El Libertador, sobre el libertador Simon Bolivar, la importancia de unidad Eso es nuestra segunda programa en castellano. La entrevista es una hora.

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    International Program Revolution Radio Discusses Venezuelan and Syrian Conflict

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    And if there is time, we will discuss Ukraine as well. A deputy of the Socialist Unity Party of Venezuela (the party Maduro heads, formerly Chavez) has been assassinated in his home in Caracas, as reported by Russia Today TV on October 2nd. We will discuss his death and the ongoing crisis there as the far right opposition in Venezuela continues to erupt. Also, Obama has struck oil refineries Assad was about to take back for his government, clearly showing the airstrikes are a facade to go after Assad instead of ISIS. We will discuss this for a two hour program. Permitting time, Chris and Al will also discuss the looming crisis in Ukraine with the ongoing attacks on eastern Ukraine by fascist forces backed by NATO. We hope to get calls or questions/comments in the chat box.

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    Knowing When to Listen...

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    Tonight, join an Observer as we discuss politiking within the movement. When to be diplomatic, and when to sever ties.

    Your calls are always welcome.

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    The Solar Storm: Jim Traficant

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    Kyle discusses the life and death of Jim Traficant, the controversial politician from Ohio. "Jimbo" was loved by many, but hated by more than a few. Topics include Jim's incredible accomplishments, Mafia connections, various legal troubles, opposition to Israel, and suspicious death.

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    Arnon Milchan Mossad spy - Richest 100 - Facebook eavesdropping

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    Tonite (11.27.2013) we covered the breaking stories:

    Arnon Michan (Hollyweirdo producer) admits he was a Mossad spy who acquired nuclear tech for the terrorist gang hold up in Palestine. This timely confession is a clear threat by Edom to Iran to NOT build a nuke bomb. The implied threat is that if Iran builds a bomb they Edom will bomb them with one of their bombs.

    The richest 100 parasisites on Earth stole $240 billion FRNs in 2012. That is enough to end extreme poverty around the world four times over. Do NOT hold your breath waiting for this vampire parasites to do the right thing.

    Facebook has a new app that will allow them to eavesdrop on all of your cellfone calls, take pics and videos using your cellfone and get access to your contact list. OUCH!

    Visit - FreeWorldFilmWorks.com for DVDs exposing the CRIMES of Big Brother

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    Truth About Israel: Investigative Journalist Barry Chamish, Israeli IDF Veteran

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    If you really want to understand Israel and The Jews and The State of Israel, listen to Barry Chamish.

    He is a World famous Israeli author & journalist, and will share the latest behind the scenes on Israel!

    Like maybe:

    Who killed Yitzhak Rabin?
    How did Wayne Owens die?
    Who is behind the war on the settlers?
    What is the real story of the Oslo Accords?
    Why are the "peace talks" not working?
    Why are those opposing Oslo having accidents?
    Shabtai Tzvi is still affecting politics?
    What really happened during the holocaust?
    What part does the Vatican play?
    Who is really running Israel?
    Will Israel win this war?
    What is the future of Israel?
    What is the future of the Middle East?

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    Episode 13 - #OpFerguson or Police Militarization Finally Becomes Mainstream

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    Michael Brown, rest in peace, was killed by Ferguson Missouri Police. Just another unarmed black youth gunned down by police. Anonymous, the collective of hactivists and freedom fighters, make a declaration that the nation needs to finally address the militarization of the police. They make a broad demand, that the congressional representatives of the area are to introduce Mike's Law, legislation to reform police tactics dealing with civil protests. 

    In reality, the first amendment of the US Constitution should already cover this, but, what department respects the constitution anymore. In Ferguson, not only were the citizens attacked, but several reporters were arrested, tear gassed, and had their equipment tampered with. 

    Download Radley Balko - Rise of the Warrior Cop EBook

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    Saturday High Noon

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    Program Summary: 26/July/2014

    1st hour

    The latest "Friday Drivetime" investigative report from Bristol Community FM radio (UK).

     Investigative reports: Phone hacking and the police – Royal Family appearing in court, News International – private intelligence operation? The Metropolitan police Special Demonstration Squad, MI5 and MI6, Northern Ireland, whistleblowers. Clean up of Sellafield to cost £70billion – Hinckley, Nuclear Waste, depleted uranium. ISIS leader trained by Israeli Mossad; BBC Russia delete crucial MH17 interviews including eyewitness testimony; Ukraine – Prime Minister resigns, Ukraine military planes seen shadowing MH17 plane, why two Malaysian Airlines down? Possible reasons. Snowden says ISIS were trained by Mossad in an attempt to get all Muslim extremists in the world in one place. ISIS claimed killed three Jewish teenagers, Hamas, Al Qaeda and MI6. Former CIA officer Robert Steel discusses runaway security agencies and the waste of tax payer's money – democracy? The USA is insolvent – the Petrodollar System, the new BRICS bank, economic crash. former CIA officer Robert D. Steele explains how to fight the crooks and war criminals within his old intelligence employers; Clip from Mike Maloney's 'Hidden Secrets of Money' series, part 5. Hitlernomics: how Adolf Hitler came to power on a the 1930s German economic crisis. Economics and Hitler's rise to power.

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